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Buyer Personas: Marketing in the Voice of your Buyers, Not Your CEO


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SPROUT Content Co-founder Debbie Williams discusses buyer personas and how they need to focus on the people who are researching your products and services, not the c-suite.

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Buyer Personas: Marketing in the Voice of your Buyers, Not Your CEO

  1. 1. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent Buyer Personas: Marketing in the Voice of Your Buyers, Not Your CEO D e b b i e W i l l i a m s , C C O
  2. 2. AGENDA ① Welcome and Introductions ② INBOUND Conference ③ Buyer Persona Overview ④ Buyer Persona Questions ⑤ General Q&As ⑥ Closing @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  3. 3. What are Buyer Personas? @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  4. 4. What is a Buyer Personas? @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  5. 5. Buyer Personas represent: 1. Common behavior patterns 2. Shared pain points and challenges 3. Universal goals, wishes 4. General demographic & biographic information @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  6. 6. Buyer Personas are NOT: 1. Target markets 2. Job titles 3. Specific real people @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  7. 7. Identifying Your Buyer Personas • Personas should represent the essential people involved in the research phase, as well as the overall solution, technical and financial decision makers. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  8. 8. Identifying Your Buyer Personas • Don’t just focus on the C-Suite! • A recent Google study revealed that Millennials now make up 46% of B2B buyers. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  9. 9. Identifying Your Buyer Personas Millennials are bringing their buying preferences into the workplace: • The Google study showed that 34% of purchasers used their mobile devices throughout every stage of the purchase. • Of those researching business purchases in 2014, 70% used video across the purchase path. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  10. 10. Buyer personas are the essential first step to creating content and design that is relevant to your audience. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  11. 11. Knowing your audience is crucial at every point in the sales and marketing process. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  12. 12. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  13. 13. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent Content to attract visitors Content to close customersContent to convert leads Content to attract visitors Content to close customersContent to convert leads Personas help you create the right content. The right content will most effectively attract your ideal visitors, convert them into leads, and close them into customers. FLICKR USER INPRAISEOFSARDINES
  14. 14. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent Buyer Persona Development: Guide product and service development. If you know what your personas are trying to achieve, you can create things to help them reach their goals and overcome their challenges.
  15. 15. 2 Buyer Personas 101 @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  16. 16. Identify questions to ask to develop your persona (see handout).1 STEPS TO CREATE BUYER PERSONAS Determine how you’ll research your personas and how you’re going to get those persona-building questions answered. Conduct research, and interview real current and past customers. Look for trends in the responses. Use buyer persona-building best practices to transform your research into a complete persona. . 2 3 4 5 Identify your core personas based on their role in the research and buying cycle.
  17. 17. Buyer personas must be based off of research, not assumptions. FLICKR USER SEEMINGLEE
  18. 18. Interview current customers. Persona research technique:
  19. 19. Persona Detail Questions to Ask Role Whatis yourjob role/rolein life? Yourtitle? Howisyourjob/rolemeasured? Whatis a typicalday? Whatskillsarerequired? Whatknowledgeand toolsdo youuse? Whodoyou reportto? Whoreportsto you? Company/Organization Whatindustryorindustriesdoesyourcompanywork/is yourrolein? Whatis thesizeof yourcompany/organization(revenue,employees)? Goals Whatare youresponsible for? Whatdoesit meanto besuccessfulin yourrole? Challenges Whatare yourbiggestchallenges? WateringHoles Howdoyou learnaboutnew informationfor yourjob? Whatpublicationsorblogsdoyouread? Whatassociationsandsocialnetworksdoyou belong? PersonalBackground Age, Family(married, children),Education ShoppingPreferences Howdoyou preferto interactwith vendors?(email, phone,in person) Do you usethe internetto researchvendorsorproducts?If yes,howdoyousearchforinformation? PERSONA RESEARCH GUIDE
  20. 20. . Always focus on the ‘why’.. FLICKR USER E-MAGIC Motives, not actions.
  21. 21. Focus on the motives behind behaviors. Not just this… This, too! IMAGE CREDIT: FLICKR USER TIMOVE When doing research and building a persona, pay attention to WHY someone is using a particular tool, looking for a specific solution, or trying to reach a certain goal—and not just the tools, solutions, or goals themselves.
  22. 22. Bucket research findings. FLICKR USER SHEEP R US As you do your research, collecting all data in one place reveals trends and similarities in the types of responses people give. These trends or common responses are what should make their way into your Persona.
  23. 23. Persona Development Worksheet
  24. 24. Tell your personas’ story. Don’t just list facts about them; weave those facts into a detailed representation of who this persona is as a person. Stories provide context and deeper understanding of who this person is than a list of facts ever could.
  25. 25. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent Sample Personas
  26. 26. Add your new buyer persona in HubSpot: This can be used to track leads and allows your prospects to identify on your site, so you can create more targeted content for them. Owner Ollie
  27. 27. Add in persona details. Put your research to work: input details obtained from persona research. Type in your persona’s main goals: what are they trying to accomplish? What can you help them accomplish?
  28. 28. Persona contact property automatically created
  29. 29. New persona now appears in Persona contact property
  30. 30. Any time this property appears on a form, contacts can self-identify. They’ll then be added to your Contacts database as a member of the correct persona so you can better segment and target your marketing to them in the future.
  31. 31. Put Your Personas to Work: ① Audit your existing content to be sure you are answering your personas questions and leading them on their journey. ② Develop your editorial calendar around topics they are interested in. ③ Connect with similar personas in social media. ④ Develop a lead generation campaign with this persona in mind. ⑤ Segment your contact lists by persona. ⑥ Match personas with lifecycle stages to map content ideas. ⑦ Create Smart or personalized content to display different messages for each persona. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  32. 32. THANK YOU! @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent
  33. 33. @GulfCoastHUG • @sproutcontent Save the Date Save the Date for our Next HUG West Florida Main Library Thursday, October 15, 2015 Topic: INBOUND Conference Insider Scoop 5:30pm-7pm