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DecarboN8 Carbon Pathways Workshop: Greg Marsden - Introduction to DecarboN8


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An introductory presentation from Professor Greg Marsden to open the DecarboN8 Workshop, 'Decarbonising Transport: Connecting Carbon Targets to Action' held at the Institute for Transport Studies on 07/01/20

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DecarboN8 Carbon Pathways Workshop: Greg Marsden - Introduction to DecarboN8

  1. 1. What is DecarboN8 aiming to do? • Act as a focal point for the policy actors facing the climate emergency • Create a shared data platform with Transport for the North • Stimulate ambitious trials and demonstrations across the North and build leading technological, behavioural and social learning in from the start • Build new interdisciplinary research teams to work on projects • Support the next generation of researchers • Be an honest broker for challenges, progress and impacts
  2. 2. Place Based Decarbonisation
  3. 3. Place Based Decarbonisation Malcolm Morgan – CREDS project
  4. 4. Place Based Decarbonisation Transport for the North John Spink
  5. 5. Who we are and how we are organised Prof. Kevin Anderson University of Manchester Dr. Sara Walker University of Newcastle Dr. Danielle Densley-Tingley University of Sheffield Prof. Monika Büscher Lancaster University Prof. Greg Marsden (University of Leeds) – Network Director Prof. Karl Whittle (University of Liverpool) – Research Programme Dr Samarthia Thanakappan (University of York) – Equality & Inclusion Dr Hongjian Sun (Durham University) – International Event Shona McCulloch (University of Leeds) – Network Coordinator Tina Shield (University of Leeds) – Network Administrator Research Fellow* - T.b.c Carbon Pathways Powering Future Transport Digitisation Demand & Infrastructure Societal Acceptance and Readiness
  6. 6. What sorts of things will we do/support? • £400k of research projects • 1st call December 2019 (£100k) and 2 further calls • Open to all UK academic institutions • Sandpits, bid building and challenge/theme based workshops • Stakeholder Reference Group • Policy cafés and policy briefings • Innovation workshops • You tell us…
  7. 7. Thank you! E-Mail: Twitter: @N8Decarbo Web: