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The 12 Characteristics Of A Horrible Boss by @DanBenoni @Officevibe via @SlideShare. #leadership #management


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"We all have worked a job where the manager was absolutely dreadful. The type of boss that makes your job unbearable to a point where you feel like walking out during any given moment..." ~@DanBenoni #quote

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The 12 Characteristics Of A Horrible Boss by @DanBenoni @Officevibe via @SlideShare. #leadership #management

  2. 2. CONTROL They need control over everything and have a problem giving that control up. 1.
  3. 3. INDECISIVE Good leaders need to be able to make decisions quickly. Indecisiveness is weak. 2.
  4. 4. STUBBORN When they think that they are always right, no matter what, it is bad for business. 3.
  5. 5. RESISTANT Resistant to change, and they fail to understand that change is good. 4.
  6. 6. MICROMANAGE They micromanage every little task, ruining their employees personal growth. 5.
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  8. 8. FEAR They lead by fear, and think that it is an effective way to manage. 6.
  9. 9. VISIONLESS Being visionless will take you nowhere. The best leaders have a clear vision and think long term. 7.
  10. 10. FAVORITISM Playing favourites will demoralize the rest of the team. 8.
  11. 11. ARROGANCE It’s one of the ugliest personality traits. No one wants to hear you brag. 9.
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  13. 13. ANGRY Walking around the office angry all the time only spread negativity among the team. 10.
  14. 14. BLAME The worst leaders take all of the credit, and blame other employees for mistakes. 11.
  15. 15. EMOTION They make decisions based on emotion instead of data. 12.
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  18. 18. THANKS!