What Customers Hate About Shopping


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A quick survey of Australian shoppers on what they "hate" about shopping.

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What Customers Hate About Shopping

  1. Why Customers Hate Shopping<br /> ... A quick survey of Australian shoppers <br />
  2. Here is what customers say ‘bore’ or ‘irritate’ them about shopping<br />
  3. Finding a car space ... and then finding your car once you’re ‘done’ shopping<br />
  4. Wonky shopping trolleys<br />
  5. Waiting in Line<br />
  6. The temperature is too hot or too cold<br />
  7. “<br />All I can say to clothing retailers is lighting, lighting, lighting... I won’t buy if they look grey/green/washed out...<br />”<br />The shop is too bright or too dark<br />
  8. “<br />Bland walls, bland colour, bland service.<br />I need to be engaged visually and not tormented aurally.<br />Retailers stocking the same thing as every other retailer.<br />Find some differentiation and a reason I must go into your shop <br />”<br />
  9. The music is too LOUDor too beige<br />
  10. “<br />Staff who don’t acknowledge you, who continue their conversations rather than serve you.<br />Staff who look you up and down and judge you as not worthy of conversation, attention, lacking in some way....<br />Bored with staff getting bored. I go in excited to spend some $ ... Feel a bit stupid when they are bored with my choices.<br />”<br />”<br />“ <br /> I amdeeply resentful when ignored<br />
  11. “<br />Would rather poke my eyes out with a fork. I tend to go for known retailers and wait as long as possible.<br />If the experience was better I would purchase at more regular intervals.<br />I hate it with a passion.<br />”<br />Lots of women loathe buying underwear, lingerie or swimwear<br />
  12. And men say:<br />“<br />I love it when a shop gives me a place to sit and read or the like. Then I’m happy to let Suzi spend all the time in the world...<br />Never enough chairs or reading material!<br />”<br />
  13. “Waiting rooms with either no magazines or old, dog-eared out of date reading material and dreadfulinstant coffee ... if that. <br />”<br />
  14. “<br />Give me a waiting room with current magazines and newspapers, real coffee (NOT instant) and cold water and I’ll be your customer forever....<br />”<br />
  15. Salespeople who talk too much. Too busy “pitching” to listen...<br />
  16. Not listening. (This is the most cited reason customers dislike salespeople.)<br />
  17. Salespeople who don’t ‘know their stuff’...<br />
  18. “<br />People on script.<br />Seems so plastic and fake.<br />Would much rather be treated like a real person rather than be <br />‘served’ <br />”<br />
  19. “<br />How DARE I expect people to be grateful I’m choosing their shop and not the one next door!<br />”<br />
  20. “<br />People who ‘supposedly’ run a business and yet constantly groan and moan about their customers and/or their woes over facebook or twitter.<br />Don’t they know it wrecks my perception of their business?<br />”<br />
  21. Got comments?<br />Let’s talk!<br />Twitter: @debratemplar<br />Facebook:<br />www.facebook.com/debratemplar<br />www.facebook.com/thetemplargroup<br />website: www.thetemplargroup.com.au<br />Pics from istockphoto.com and Debra Templar<br />