Write a Winning Résumé PowerPoint


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Learn how you can write a resume that will get attention.

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  • Today we are going to talk about the impact of a resume, go over some simple basics and things that you need to know in order to make your resume work the best way it can so you have optimal results.
  • A résumé is a universally recognized job-hunting tool that is as unique as you are a person. It is marketing tool meant to attract the attention of its readers. It does not get you the job. However, it is a critical tool to help open the door for an interview.
  • People spend an average of 6.28 seconds looking at your resume and they only look at the top third part before they decide if they want to continue reading or throw it away. Therefore, this section needs to utilize the most out of the valuable real estate on the resume by grabbing the readers attention in the first few seconds and compel them to want to pick up the phone and call you for an interview. Talk about folding the resume in thirds and how most people never read past the top third part of a resume. Take the idea of writing, “A challenging and rewarding position as a public accountant.” Of course you want a challenging and rewarding career or else you wouldn’t be applying. Writing an “objective” goes without being said. In that case, you should not waste that valuable real estate space on your resume when you could be including something more relevant as to why the employer should hire you.
  • Whether you call this section Profile or Summary of Qualifications…it’s up to you, but don’t use both at the same time. Some people call it Profile of Qualifications, some call it Professional Summary…whatever you do decide to call it, just remember…it is NOT called both “Profile or Summary of Qualifications.” You need to chose one title but don’t use both at the same time. The only reason I am saying this is because….
  • Go to Optimal Resume and show customized templates.
  • Explain the 6.28 seconds and how people only look at the top third part of a resume. Therefore, this section needs to utilize the most out of the valuable real estate on the resume by grabbing the readers attention in the first few seconds and compel them to want to pick up the phone and call you for an interview. Talk about folding the resume in thirds and how most people never read past the top third part of a resume.
  • The way you are going to grab an employers attention is by the way you use action verbs to qualify yourself.
  • Use this slide as an activity. The REPLACE section should be wiped out and will appear after each click.
  • A recent study done by Yahoo Finance found that the most common criticism by employers and hiring personal when looking for a new employee is thatinterviewees don’t connect well what they could contribute to what it was the employer needed. It’s critical that you understand that by knowing and connecting the role you would play in the employer’s future is what will lead the employer to understand and envision why they should hire you. This is called qualifying yourself….it’s all about knowing what benefit you bring to the table…..what are your skills, what have you done and how can you make the employer’s life and job easier?
  • Write a Winning Résumé PowerPoint

    2. 2. TODAY WE’LL COVER Why do you need a résumé? Anatomy of a résumé Optimal Résumé The basics Common résumé sections Grab their attention Don’t include
    3. 3. WHY DO YOU NEED A RÉSUMÉ? Introduces you to prospective employers Highlights your qualifications (i.e., strengths, skills, accomplishme nts, and knowledge) relevant to the requirements of a job Demonstrates your writing skills Shows that you can present information in an organized, concise, and professional manner Opens the door for an interview
    4. 4. ANATOMY OF A RÉSUMÉ http://www. youtube.co m/watch?v =oMC_Xp8 i4Lo
    5. 5. OPTIMAL RÉSUMÉ https://post.optimalresume.com/
    6. 6. THE BASICS   Font: 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font   Layout: 1” – 1½ ” margins, centered   Limit the use of italics, underlines, bold type face, and CAPS   List things in reverse chronological order   Include plenty of white space
    7. 7. THE BASICS…   Length: One page for undergrads (unless they have done extensive, relevant work)   File name: Use a professional name with the type of doc it is, ex. “DManente_AccountingRé sumé.doc”  Paper: Heavy – quality  résumé paper, white or off white  Edit like your life depends  on it  Have someone proofread  it then read it out loud
    8. 8. COMMON RÉSUMÉ SECTIONS • Profile OR Summary of Qualifications? • Education • Relevant Coursework / Course Highlights • Experience / Volunteer Work • Extracurricular Activities / Associations • Awards • Other topics that you may want to consider…
    9. 9. COMMON RESUME SECTIONS • Need to show how you have been productive • Employer is interested in what you have to offer them and how you can make THEIR job easier
    10. 10. COMMON RESUME SECTIONS Profile OR Summary of Qualifications • Three to five bullet points • Use key points that qualify you for the particular job • What makes you SPECIAL Example: • Recent graduate who maintained a 3.8 GPA while working full-time • Recognized as Who’s Who Among College Students, 2013 • Implemented a tracking system for accounts payable/receivable while working as an intern
    11. 11. COMMON RESUME SECTIONS Education • Degrees you received and ones you expect to receive (“Anticipated Graduation: May 2013”) • Once you have a bachelor degree you can omit references to associate degrees Example: Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting Post University, Waterbury, CT May 2013; GPA 3.8
    12. 12. COMMON RESUME SECTIONS Relevant Coursework/Course Highlights ACCOUNTING COURSEWORK Managerial Accounting Accounting Information Systems Business Law International Financial Management Cost Accounting Federal Income Taxes Analysis of Financial Statements Corporate Finance
    13. 13. COMMON RESUME SECTIONS Experience / Volunteer Work: • Full-Time / Part-Time employment • Internships / Volunteer work • Winter / Summer employment Example: • Implemented a new tracking system for accounts payable while working as an intern • Managed a staff of seven while working as shift supervisor at Dunkin Donuts during summer break • Volunteered as a coordinator for the “Komen Race for a Cure” for four seasons
    14. 14. COMMON RESUME SECTIONS Extracurricular Activities / Associations • Organizations you have participated in • Leadership / officer positions held • Hobbies, sports, or other activities you have participated in • Competitive sports experiences Awards • Awards or Honors you received at each of your educational institutes • Awards you received while being a part of a team / volunteer accomplishments / associations, etc.
    15. 15. COMMON RESUME SECTIONS Other Topics To Consider • Study abroad, include foreign travel • Foreign languages that you speak fluently or with a very high proficiency • Military experience and achievements Optimal Résumé provides a variety of customized resumes with section sets designed by the APM’s of every major.
    16. 16. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION  Know Yourself  Brand Yourself
    17. 17. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION KNOW YOURSELF Skills and Accomplishments Mission or Vision Values and Interests Knowledge Strengths and Weaknesses Goals What is your Action Plan?
    18. 18. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION BRAND YOURSELF • What is your expertise? • What are you about? • What have you done in relation to the job you are interested in? • What transferrable skills are you expected to have regarding this job or career, and connect the ones you have to the job you seek
    19. 19. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION Include the Skills and Responsibilities that you’ve gained at each employment experience by using examples.
    20. 20. 1. Take the job description and highlight or circle the requirements, s kills, and keywords that are important. 2. Analyze the job description and think about how you meet their needs.
    21. 21. JOB REQUIREMENT/KEYWORDS HOW DO I QUALIFY? Fast-paced Worked at McDonalds Self-starter, work independently Classes – required to work within deadlines and follow strict research guidelines; GPA 3.7 Website development, branding, marketing Internship – Kept company intranet updated and accurate. Logged hundreds of hours researching marketing trends, branding techniques, and topics related to website development then presented the findings to the advertising staff - required to write weekly reports. Strong communication skills: writing, verbal Internship - Wrote weekly reports and presented minutes at weekly meetings Time management skills - Can prioritize and is organized McDonalds – Had to prioritize and be organized to survive working at McDonalds Computer skills Accustomed to working with Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook Leadership skills Acted as shift leader and trainer at McDonalds
    22. 22. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION Use Action or Power Words without being SUBJECTIVE
    24. 24. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION INSTEAD OF REPLACE WITH Helped Facilitated Worked Produced Acted as Mediated Responsible for Managed Entered Categorized
    25. 25. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION By beginning each bulleted accomplishment statement with a strong action verb, this highlights your successes and allows the reader to get a sense of your skills. It is a good idea to vary the action verbs on your resume in order to demonstrate the vocabulary of a college graduate.
    26. 26. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION Strong action verbs can bring your résumé and cover letter to life by helping convey the image of a successful “doer.” Use these words to describe your accomplishments and bring power to your message.
    27. 27. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION Do not write about tasks or menial duties. Write about active accomplishments or results. Always QUALIFY yourself!!
    28. 28. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION In order to grab an employer’s attention you need to understand… WHAT BENEFIT CAN YOU PROVIDE IF THEY HIRE YOU?
    29. 29. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION You need to use results and accomplishments to qualify yourself with ways you displayed or grew your:     Communication skills Inter-personal skills Leadership skills Dedication
    30. 30. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION You need to use results and accomplishments to qualify yourself with ways you displayed or grew your:  Self-motivation  Self-confidence  The ability to handle high pressure situations  Research skills and writing skills
    31. 31. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION According to a Spring 2013 study by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), there are certain skills employers want in the people they hire. They are: • Decision making and problem solving • Planning, organizing, and prioritizing with little supervision • Analytical • Verbal communication • Technical knowledge and computer proficiency • Ability to write and edit reports accurately • Ability to influence others and sell an idea
    32. 32. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION • Analytical skills • Verbal communication skills • Technical knowledge and computer proficiency • Ability to write and edit reports accurately • Ability to influence others and sell an idea
    33. 33. DON’T INCLUDE  “Objective”  High school information  Associate degrees if you’re completing a Bachelor  Don’t use pronouns  Anything that could discriminate you:  Age  Race  Religion  Children  Marital status  Graphics or pictures  References
    34. 34. REFERENCES DON’T INCLUDE These are people who can vouch for your professional character and who know you well in regards to your experience, abilities and work accomplishments     Have a separate sheet prepared and ready Consider asking for letters of recommendation Keep it short and simple – use three to five people Always ask permission and know what people would say about you before you use them  Have that discussion with them so you can talk about it if asked, “What would people say about you if I spoke with them?”
    35. 35. RECAP Why do you need a résumé? Start with Optimal Résumé The basics Common résumé sections Grab their attention Don’t include
    36. 36. WE CAN HELP •Résumé writing •Letter writing •Effective interviewing •Job search strategies should you want: • Full-Time / Part-Time employment • Internships • Winter / Summer employment
    37. 37. VISIT US Optimal Resume = https://post.optimalresume.com/ Linkedin = http://www.linkedin.com/in/postuniversity careerservices Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/PostUniversity CareerServices YouTube = http://www.youtube.com/user/PostCareer Center Twitter = https://twitter.com/PostCareerCntr Pinterest = http://pinterest.com/PostCareerSvc/