Feldman network purposefully never have to job search again


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  • Network Purposefully™, a job search method developed and proven by Debra Feldman, JobWhiz, Executive Talent Agent, not only unearths current job leads matching the candidate’s requirements (e.g., location, industry, responsibilities, compensation, upward mobility, etc.), but also develops lifetime career insurance. These are the coveted inside contacts essential to access ideas, get information and be part of the inner circle. In today’s job market, success relies on having the right relationships with individuals who know, like, appreciate and have hiring authority or can recommend you to decision makers. Your connections, not your employer, are your job security. An effective network delivers a steady stream of news about desirable career opportunities, especially to positions in the hidden or unadvertised job market
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Feldman network purposefully never have to job search again

  1. 1. Network Purposefully™… and Never Have to Look for a New Job Again Debra Feldman JobWhiz, Executive Talent AgentMarch 5, 2013
  2. 2. Debra Feldman, JobWhiz, Executive Talent Agent● Experienced career changer in the executive job market every day since 2000● Sets the job search focus on-target to land● Diagnoses threats and eliminates barriers● Identifies ideal inside connections and initiates connections to access unadvertised jobs in the hidden job market and create lifetime “career insurance”● Calls and gets hiring authority’s attention, promotes exec’s value & schedules first meeting● Conducts confidential campaigns● 99% success rateColumbia Business School 2
  3. 3. Network Purposefully™ = Lifetime Career InsuranceColumbia Business School 3
  4. 4. Network Purposefully It’s not just what you know or who you know, but who with hiringauthority knows, appreciates, trusts and remembers you.Columbia Business School 4
  5. 5. Your Reputation Precedes You●Google “Your Name:” digital footprint makes first impression●Your work IS your resume●Manage your virtual persona: your reputation and future depends on it●If you don’t have an online presence, it’s like you don’t exist●LinkedIn required: other social media according to industry normsColumbia Business School 5
  6. 6. What’s Your Digital Footprint?Columbia Business School 6
  7. 7. Your Work IS Your ResumeColumbia Business School 7
  8. 8. The “Brand You” – Transferable Skills, Transportable KnowledgeColumbia Business School 8
  9. 9. Be Remarkable and MemorableColumbia Business School 9
  10. 10. Is There a “Hidden” Job Market?Columbia Business School 10
  11. 11. One-to-One Communication Is the Best Source for LeadsColumbia Business School 11
  12. 12. Network Purposefully Connections Individuals who can hire you or refer/recommend to decision makers●Target employer contacts●Industry thought leaders●Academic experts●Current/former employees●Trusted advisors, vendors, clientsColumbia Business School 12
  13. 13. Differentiate Yourself as the First Choice Go-to ExpertColumbia Business School 13
  14. 14. Target the Right Employers that Will Appreciate YouColumbia Business School 14
  15. 15. Make Inside ConnectionsColumbia Business School 15
  16. 16. Attract Decision Makers and Cultivate ReferralsColumbia Business School 16
  17. 17. Take Initiative and Be CourteousColumbia Business School 17
  18. 18. Network Purposefully Principles● Focus on a niche market: better to be a big fish in a small pond● Differentiate yourself from the competition. Be remarkable and memorable● Distinguish yourself as the first choice, go-to expert● Structureyour written and oral presentations emphasizing most relevant and appreciated skills, knowledge, talent, and accomplishments● Promote your credentials at the right time to the appropriate contact (recognizes need, not threatened, has hiring authority or can recommend you to decision makers)● Don’t rely on getting a response. Always follow up. Use polite persistent pings to stay top of mindColumbia Business School 18
  19. 19. Special Offer from Debra Feldman, JobWhizColumbia Business School 19
  20. 20. Contact Debra FeldmanPhone: 203-637-3500 (Eastern)E-mail: DebraFeldman@JobWhiz.comWebsite: www.jobwhiz.comTwitter: @Debra_FeldmanLinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/debrafeldmanFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/JobWhizColumbia Business School 20