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Executive Job Search and Networking: Debra Feldman, JobWhiz


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Getting back in the game harder than expected? Don\'t have a network? Need the right connections? Brand new to job hunting? Need to conduct a confidential job search? Hate selling yourself? Hate cold calling? Can\'t get past gatekeepers like HR and headhunters? Here\'s the solution: a personal executive talent agent, Debra Feldman, JobWhiz

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Executive Job Search and Networking: Debra Feldman, JobWhiz

  1. 1. ONE-OF- ONE-OF-A-KIND JOB SEARCH HELP HELP Debra Feldman, JobWhiz Your Executive Ascent – Personally Delivered. Swift. Discreet. Guaranteed. • Getting back in the game harder than expected? • Can’t attract decision makers at your target companies? • Getting blocked by gatekeepers and automated systems? • Avoiding cold calls to network? Hate selling yourself? • Worried about confidentiality and privacy issues? • Too busy to spend enough time job searching? • Leads and interviews from your contacts dried up? • Want to select your next employer, not have them choose you? • Confused by today’s job market? Need a roadmap? A sophisticated, reliable, clever, discreet, caring executive talent agent, dubbed by Forbes as “ Matchmaker: part sleuth, part networker” will personally promote you to decision makers, not HR. Results guaranteed. Debra Feldman, JobWhiz, opens doors to unadvertised positions, the hidden job market, through inside connections, a clearly competitive advantage. SHORTEN YOUR JOB SEARCH. CHOOSE YOUR NEXT EMPLOYER. Focus on pre-qualified leads. Communicate a compelling value proposition. Differentiate yourself. Be remarkable. Get on decision maker’s radar and be the first choice candidate. Enhance your job search progress and Over 80% of jobs are filled through increase your meaningful interactions with recommendations. Referrals outnumber online, prospective employers who appreciate you. headhunters and print ads. Haven’t you gotten a job through connections? Have you relied on your • Engineer a fresh go-to-market strategy network and referrals to expand your team? • Impressively communicate your value • Correctly focus on highest potential It’s not just what you know or who you know, but opportunities to close an offer ASAP who knows what you know! • Get inside referrals and unearth leads to unadvertised, hidden opportunities JobWhiz designs and delivers senior executive search campaigns with a competitive edge -- You have legal and tax advisors. Why risk your personalized recommendations, direct contacts, livelihood to anyone less than a top expert to remarkable positioning, and persistent follow-up. find your next job? Increase your job-hunting Debra generates productive dialogues with efficiency and effectiveness by connecting live decision makers, not HR. with hiring decision makers at your target employers. Debra represents and promotes you, • Inventive techniques flawlessly executed establishes traction, generates momentum, and • Exclusive representation by an elite agent eliminates roadblocks. You land the opportunity • Clever positioning: distinguishes your you want faster. expertise; Attracts and maintains attention • Barriers bannished to accelerate success Are you one of the many talented people who can’t market themselves? Debra gets INNOVATION and POLITE, PERSISTENT PINGS prospective employers interested in you. SHE’LL are key success indicators. Debra works creatively IDENTIFY WHOM YOU NEED TO MEET and and relentlessly connecting her clients. Your new personally ARRANGE INTRODUCTIONS. NO network is your career insurance that puts you on MORE COLD CALLS. She’ll banish gatekeeper the inside track to new job leads now and forever. and voice mail interference to schedule meetings. For more information visit Learn to Network Purposefully™ and find out Contact DebraFeldman to build a strong, about a new challenge before it’s advertised. productive network in your field. NOTE: Only a limited number of clients are accepted at any time. Acceptance is based on time available and the anticipated likelihood of success, not on a first-come, first-served basis. © 2009 Debra Feldman