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  1. 1. 1 September3, 2016 Kenneth A. Samet,FACHE PresidentCEO MedStarHealth 5565 Sterrett Place Columbia, MD 21044 RE: Policy setting at MedstarHealth and MyMedstar Patient Portal Hi Ken, As per the enclosed letter to Ed attached, I would like to encourage you both to decide who sets the policy as to what health insurance Medstar Health accepts system-wide. Here we see that an administrator of a medicalunit at GeorgetownUniversity Medical Center is making decisions only executives should be making. The result is patients are denied care from medical facilities in your system that are closestto the patient’s residence. Further, we understand that Medstar Family Health is participating in the DC Healthy Family Program which is the DC Medicaid program. Thus, the administrator’s decisiondenies health care to a DC Medicaid patient. Given the millions of dollars Medstar Health receives yearly from the Federalgovernment for medical researchand related things, it looks very bad to deny a DC Medicaid patient health care closestto her residence. Thus, the administrator’s decisioncan result in multi-million dollar lawsuits. Only executives make policy decisions.Clericals don’t set policy. My executive recommendationto you is please reinforce that executives make policy decisions throughout the Medstar Health system,and please remove this administrator from this role. It is just too complexfor her. She needs a simplerjob – one that does not require any decision-making skills.
  2. 2. 2 patient portal does not give the Primary Care Physician (PCP) a 360- degree view of the patient’s health. When I sign on, I can only see healthcare documents relevant to GeorgetownUniversity Medical Center – not other facilities within your healthcare system.None of my visits to WashingtonHospital Center show up on the patient portal even though it is within the same healthcare system.This means, I have to provide paper copies of healthcare results from other facilities in your health network to my PCP so she can see the entire health history of the patient. My executive recommendationto you is please fix this information systems integration/networking problem. It will improve healthcare in your system and will prevent the PCP from missing something important and relevant to patient care. Looking forward to talking with you about these issues. I am your Consultant to the CEO, Debra Charles Enclosure(3)