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Market Leader presentation for Market Leader Champions from Keller Williams Family Reunion 2013

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  • We added a new recommendations tool – This feature Allow colleagues and clients to recommend you by posting testimonials directly onto your website! This is a great way for new or prospective contacts to learn more about you and feel more secure knowing that many other people have worked with you and loved the service you provide! This can be a powerful tool that will lead your future client to call you. These recommendations will display on the About tab on your website, and can be managed in the website admin section of your system.
  • We also added a custom page, so now you have an optional blank page on your website so you can add whatever you like here. This is an exciting feature that allows you to create a completely customized page, with a custom labeled tab where you can add personalized content. Many agents and brokers like to show off their personality with blog posts, videos, photos and links to their favorite places in the community. Others like to showcase their knowledge of the market by adding up-to-date real estate tips, local events or attractions, open house information, or even content from your blog. Show off example of a highly customized custom page.
  • Not enough time? It takes time to move my contactsI’m too busy to respond quicklyMy routine is differentI don’t like to call peoplePeople will not like all the emailsI’m happy doing what I’m doing now
  • Strategies your brokers can use to respond to: Why should I? (Lack of perceived value)I already use something else (i.e. Top Producer)I don’t have enough time to learn itDemonstrate valueSuccessful agents are great way to address benefits, show their successI don’t like/I fear technologyI need more hands on trainingEngage support: evangelists, mentorsI just can’t get myself going It doesn’t fit into my routineIncentivesAccountabilityOngoing engagement (don’t make this a one-time initiative then forget about it)Make it funI don’t want to use 2 email addresses
  • Succeed like a Champion

    1. 1. Succeed Like a ChampionSarah DanielsChief Marketing OfficerMarket Leader, Inc.Kris OlsenTrainer and Instructional DesignerMarket Leader, Inc.
    2. 2. Today’s topics• Checking in• Market Leader Pro enhancements• Upcoming eEdge enhancement• Champion resources• Best practices to succeed as a champion
    3. 3. Thank you for being a Champion!• You’re on a powerful team of over 240 Market Leader Champions• You make a difference!
    4. 4. What’s new• Client recommendations on your site!
    5. 5. What’s new• Create a custom page
    6. 6. What’s new• Have you heard of the 10 Days of Pain?• In Pro and Business Suite, it’s becoming the 10 Days!!
    7. 7. What’s new• 10 Days of Pain Campaigns in Pro and Business Suite• Attend 10 Days of Pain Breakout – Tuesday, 1:00, room D220/227• Sign up for the Power Hour!
    8. 8. What’s coming• eEdge On the Go!
    9. 9. Champion Resources• Visit the Champion Family Reunion Resources Page – This PowerPoint Presentation – 10 Days of Pain Power Hour sign up – Recording from Nicole Joyce’s December webinar – Tips that you can send directly to your associates – Plus, much more!• Pro enhancement: Recommendations PDF• Pro enhancement: Custom page “how to” video
    10. 10. Upcoming Champion Opportunities• Watch for re-certification in June• Know other Ambassadors who would make good Champions? Tell them about how to get certified:
    11. 11. What’s working?What strategies are you using to help your associates succeed?• Learning eEdge and Pro• Selecting add-ons• Keeping up to date with feature enhancements
    12. 12. Share best practicesHere’s what we’re hearing from Champions• Not enough time• Engaging my associates & letting them know that I’m a resource• Agent fears/roadblocks: – I don’t have enough time to learn it – I don’t like/fear technology – I need more hands-on training – I just can’t get myself goingWhat do you do to address these issues in your Market Center?
    13. 13. Not enough time?• Block time in your calendar to respond, or• Take 5 minutes each time you’re by your computer• Automate your outreach to your associates with campaigns• Keep a checklist of your daily action goals
    14. 14. Engaging associates• Target classes to different computer skill levels• Send out updates and best practices via MyMarketing• Have consistent “open door” hours• Tell associates about available resources• Discuss internet consumers, expectations• Talk about conversion strategies• Explain what it takes to be successful
    15. 15. Overcoming barriers to engagement• Demonstrate value• Show the way – make it easy to learn and engage – Team meetings – training, best practices, work sessions – Resources• Set up mentorships• Provide incentives – Contests, privileges• Engage on a consistent and long-term basis• Make it fun
    16. 16. THANKS FOR JOINING! Visit us at booth 931 Enter to win Leads for LifeDouble your leads for the next 6 months!