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I prepared this for high school career fairs. A version for the general public was shown at the MN State Fair in 2009.

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  • Good Jobs Green Jobs

    1. 1. Minnesota Manufacturing Good Jobs Green JobsPrepared by Debra Bultnick, Department of Employment and Economic Development1
    2. 2. What Does Green Mean?  Manufacturers of components for solar panels, wind turbines, grid infrastructure  Companies that manufacture in a manner that is green Some manufacturers will look to diversify their customer base or promotes a green to support their inclusion in the culture first; any business can choose to make adjustments to be included in the latter.2
    3. 3. Why Go Green?  Compete for sales (a company’s ‘greenness’ becomes a supply chain differentiator such as ISO)  Compete for younger Manufacturers will have to workers in what will paint a compelling picture to draw the brightest and the best again become a very —the healthcare, financial and tight labor market. service sectors are after this same talent.3
    4. 4. Drivers of Growth in Green Jobs  Technological advances  Wind, solar, hydrogen—our energy future will be a patchwork of many clean resources  Economic conditions  Energy prices and the economy affect the willingness and ability to invest  Federal and state energy policy  Incentives and initiatives can spur investment in green energy and technologies4
    5. 5. What will Draw Green Investments?  Workforce strengths  Natural resources and geography  Infrastructure  State, regional and local policy5
    6. 6. What are Employers Looking For?6
    7. 7. Top Factor for Future Success  A high-performance workforce was noted by all sizes of companies in every region as most important overall.7
    8. 8. #1 Skill in Demand  Computer  Keyboard  Spreadsheet8
    9. 9. #2 Skill in Demand  Basic Employability  Comes to work on time every day drug free9
    10. 10. Skills in Demand  Technical Skills  Print Reading  Math  Measuring10
    11. 11. Skill in Demand: Teamwork Florida: Dog Pack Attacks Gator  The alligator, one of the oldest and ultimate predators, can still fall victim to implemented team work strategy, made possible due to the tight knit social structure and survival of the pack mentality bred into canines.  The following is a remarkable photograph courtesy of Nature Magazine. The Alpha dog has a muzzle hold on the gator preventing it from breathing, another dog has a hold on the tail to keep it from thrashing. The third dog attacks the soft underbelly of the gator.11
    12. 12. Skills in Demand  Teamwork  Customer Service13
    13. 13. Skills in Demand  Innovation  Creativity14
    14. 14. Skill in Demand  Communication  Reading  Writing  English Fluency15
    15. 15. Skills in Demand  Process Improvement  Problem Solving16
    16. 16. Green Job Requirements  “Green” competencies will be learned either in tandem with or after learning the core skills associated with a given occupation Underwater welding is an occupation that builds green competencies onto another occupational skill.17
    17. 17. Getting a Green Job “One cannot simply walk in off the street and hope to be qualified for a green job. Like any good job, there are time, training, and educational commitments that may precede a successful applicant.” Minnesota Green Jobs Task Force: Market Analysis18
    18. 18. High School/GED—Not Enough!!  Most green jobs in the energy sector will be in occupations that usually require:  Apprenticeship  Professional certification  Two years post- secondary education19
    19. 19. Put Money where Your Mind Is  Many manufacturers offer tuition reimbursement when you continue your education20
    20. 20. How Do You Get There?21
    21. 21. Energize Your Career  Renewable Energy  Energy Efficiency (RE) (EE)  Creating, installing,  Designing products and maintaining and processes that technologies that use less energy generate energy from  EE may be the resources that are cheapest “alternative naturally replenished fuel” around22
    22. 22. Current: 9,477 Renewable Energy 2020: 12,238 – 18,458  Strongest economic opportunity for Minnesota  Will create green jobs  expansion of existing firms  attraction of firms looking to serve the region  The subcategories of wind, solar and biofuels can deliver the largest number of green jobs.23
    23. 23. Jobs in Renewable Energy  Wind Power Sheet Metal Workers, Machinists, Welders, Industrial Production Managers, First-Line Production Supervisors24
    24. 24. Jobs in Renewable Energy  Solar Power Electrical Engineers, Metal Fabricators, Precision Assemblers, Welders25
    25. 25. Jobs in Renewable Energy  Cellulosic Biofuels Chemical Engineers, Chemical Technicians, Machine Operators26
    26. 26. Current: 9,541  Green Products 2020: 10,340 – 12,640  Second strongest opportunity for the state  Much of the opportunity for job growth will come from existing firms  Green Building Products and Green Transportation (transit) products demonstrate the clearest opportunities27
    27. 27. Jobs in Green Products  Mass Transit Welders, Metal Fabricators, Engine Assemblers28
    28. 28. Jobs in Green Products  Energy-Efficient Cars CAD Engineers, Automation Engineers, Engineering Technicians, Painters, Welders, Metal Fabricators, CNC Machine Operators, Injection Mold Operators, Operations Managers29
    29. 29. Current: 22,441 Green Services 2020: 24,941 – 28,337  Broad range of industries including energy auditors, green product distributors and solar installers  Minnesota’s workforce, education, training, economic, and environmental groups have begun to work together to align their efforts for green job opportunities30
    30. 30. Jobs in Green Services  Solar Installers  Environmental Engineers  Energy Auditors  Waste Handlers  Manufacturing Technicians31
    31. 31. Conservation/ Current: 11,267 Energy Efficiency 2020: 11,514 – 12,032  Positive growth numbers  Minnesota is recognized for its commitment to environmental conservation  Will this behavior translates into economic opportunity for the state?32
    32. 32. Jobs in Conservation  Field Technicians  Commercial & Residential Consulting  Project Managers  Lean Experts  Quality Engineers33
    33. 33. Jobs in Energy Efficiency  Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and maintain electrical and electronic equipment. They use computer-aided design (CAD) in their work.  Their expertise ranges from power generators to lighting and wiring systems.34
    34. 34. Jobs in Energy Efficiency  Engineering technicians design, test, and assess products to improve them.  They help engineers solve technical problems in a variety of areas. Some assist with production and inspection.35
    35. 35. What is a“Good Job?”36
    36. 36. One that is Good for our Economy  Thin solar cells —a solar panel without the panel. Just a coating, thin as a layer of paint, that converts light into electricity.37
    37. 37. One that is Good for You  Manufacturing  Good pay  Upward mobility  Healthcare benefits  401(k) plan38
    38. 38. One that is Good for the Earth  Dont blow it— good planets are hard to find. Quoted in TIME39
    39. 39. On-Line Resources  Opportunities already exist so keep a look out on the States largest online job board. www. MinnesotaWorks.net40
    40. 40. On-Line Resources  Green Your  Fastest Growing Education Green-Enhanced  Green Your Career Jobs in Minnesota  Green Your Business  Green Job Resources41
    41. 41. On-Line Resources Energy Careers  Energy Education  Energy Jobs42