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Making the Most of Your Board


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Slides for workshop presented March 15, 2012, at American Bar Association's Bar Leadership Institute in Chicago. Online handout supporting this workshop can be found at

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Making the Most of Your Board

  1. 1. Making the most of your board Dr. Debra Beck 2012 Bar Leadership Institute March 15 - Chicago
  2. 2. Your essential roles Focusing the agenda Facilitating Board Modeling continual President leadership learning Engaging members
  3. 3. Focusing the agendaO Why it’s important: O You help board set the agenda – literal and cultural O You focus board attention, activity O You engage them in meaningful ways
  4. 4. Focusing the agendaO What it looks like: O Identified board priorities O Meetings centered on governance roles O Focused on questions, not reports O Broad member participation
  5. 5. Implications for your board?
  6. 6. Modeling LeadershipO Why it’s important: O You act as lead mission steward O You model commitment O You share leadership, prepar e successor
  7. 7. Modeling LeadershipO What it looks like: O Holding them – and yourself – accountable O Sharing leadership O Leading engaged meetings O Maintaining mission focus O Articulating your own commitment
  8. 8. Implications for your board?
  9. 9. Engaging board membersO Why it’s important: O Facilitates group success O Fosters productivity O Values, engages diversity O Builds commitment O Engages brains & hearts O Creates enthusiasm
  10. 10. Engaging board membersO What it looks like: O Meetings focused on: O Mission O Governance roles O Big questions O Shared leadership O Connection to personal motivators O Acknowledged successes
  11. 11. Implications for your board?
  12. 12. Continual learningO Why it’s important: O What you need to know to govern effectively (mission & roles) O Building overall capacity O Expanding knowledge for decision making O Generating member interest
  13. 13. Continual learningO What it looks like: O Two learning needs: O Mission area & board roles O Based on member needs O Every meeting=learning experience (70:20:10) O Peer learning, shared expertise
  14. 14. Implications for your board?
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Contact:Email: debrabeck@boardlearning.orgTwitter: @npmavenBlog: handout: