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Hospitality Gemini Studio


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Promotion and branding for the hospitality industry.
Gemini is your team of experts for Hospitality

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Hospitality Gemini Studio

  1. 1. The following presentation provides a snapshot of Gemini's promotion and branding initiatives for the hospitality industry.
  2. 2. Print advertising This full-page ad appeared in bridal publications with readerships in New Jersey and Manhattan
  3. 3. Outdoor This 14 x 48 billboard with its striking colors and straightforward message generated tremendous interest in this well-established event facility
  4. 4. Newspaper We developed the design of this ad at the time of the restaurant's launch, as well as its logo and tagline. This restaurant continues to be a popular and highly regarded establishment in New Jersey.
  5. 5. Outdoor Strategic billboard locations drove foodies to the steakhouse
  6. 6. E-blasts An award-winning e-blast program targeted to both The Porter House Restaurant and its Cigar Bar clientele
  7. 7. Gemini Self-Promotion This lovely lass was featured on Gemini Studio's 2013 Holiday Card that paid homage to iconic pin-up artist Gil Elvgren
  8. 8. Print advertising A unique, lush outdoor dining space was the focus of our print ad campaign for this restaurant, for which we also orchestrated its launch event
  9. 9. Promotion Collateral Multi-faceted program for a New Jersey hotel/restaurant facility. Branding the hotel included development of their platform line The warmth of an Inn. The advantages of a Hotel.
  10. 10. Print Ad This ad was developed with the goal of increasing catering and special events bookings at the hotel
  11. 11. Thank you for viewing this presentation. If you would like to explore ways in which Gemini can partner with you in promoting and branding, contact or call 973-276-9576. Partners in Promotion and Branding for Hospitality