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Lighting Simulation


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Published in: Design
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Lighting Simulation

  1. 1. WORCESTER DIALux 4.10 Lighting Simulation ART Building Electrical and Lighting Systems Deborah Silva AREN 13’:Professor Umberto Berardi MUSUEM Ceiling Plan Current Design New Design North Wall S N Luminaires Specs 1000 lm – 120 W 600lm -30W South Wall 400 lm – 90 W 1400lm- 30W Energy SavingsLamp Type Power Saved (W) Savings per Total Savings per lamp yearHalogen 70 $9.40 $187.2Halogen 90 $12 $361.0removedFluorescent 90 $12 $120.3Total *based on 7 cents/kW/hr. $668.5