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Micheal Jackson

  1. 1. Michael Jackson Thriller
  2. 2. Michael Jacksons Thriller was a 14 minute video making it a short film as well as a music video. It as directed by John Landis who also co-wrote the screenplay with Michael. It was the most expensive music video of its time, costing $500,000, and is thought to be one of the most successful music videos of all time. This video really revolutionised the music industry, because at the time MTV didn’t air black musicians, and when thriller was aired it was the first African American video to be shown. Changing music videos forever. Thriller is not a conventional music video and is more like a short movie or horror film with Jackson choreographed dancing with zombies. Throughout the video we see Jackson in a choreographed danced routine, including the main dance sequence with Michael singing the chores, which became a world famous dance routine. All the chorography was done by Michael Peters who had previously worked with Michael on Beat It. There is a lot of cinematic references within the video which makes it feel and look like a short film. At the beginning it opens with opening credits and goes into what seems like a film with a narrative sequence. During this sequence we see Michael purposing to his girlfriend, which she accepts, but he warns her that he is ‘different’. A full moon appears and this in when we see Michael change into a werewolf. his date runs aways and he chases after her which is when it cuts to modern-day and Michael and his date sitting in the cinema
  3. 3. watching the film. This makes the audience realise that what they have just watched actually hadn’t happened and that it was all part of the video. It then continues to carry on like a short film, with the narration and acting, until 4 and half minutes into the video when Michael begins to sing the song. Throughout this whole time the audience is made to feel as though they are watching a film, and they kind of forget that they are actually watching a music video. Later, the video was cut to not contain the narrative beginning but instead just jump straight into the song. Even after the song is being sung the audience is still watching the story unfold and it still feels to the audience that they are watching a movie. The music video ends with his girlfriend waking to realise it was all a dream but Michael turns back to the camera to reveal his yellow eyes. This ending would be the kind of thing the audience would be familiar with seeing in a film and so it rounds up and continues the movie feeling intertextuality of the music video.
  4. 4. This was the first music video of its kind but it created a whole different genre and merging of filmmaking and music. Many artist created the same affect after. The camerawork throughout the video helps to make the music video seem like a short film. The audience would be used to seeing this type of camerawork in films and so gives them something recognisable and something which they can relate to. With the audience being familiar to the this type of camerawork it helps them to realise idea of wanting it to be a short film. In music videos they audience is used to seeing quick cuts but in this there aren’t any but only cuts from one scene to another. This type of editing is what we would be more likely to see in films rather than music videos. Which again help to create its movie feel. The lyrics throughout the song helps to tell the story being told in the movie. They are helping to establish the sense of subject. Edit cut to new scene