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Dla 2012 dg_web final


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One of my favorite design projects so far, but what really made this you can't see online. The paper it was printed on -- gorgeous.

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Dla 2012 dg_web final

  2. 2. DeFenSe LOGIStICS AGenCYFiscal Year 2012 Director’s GuidanceIntentFiscal year (FY) 2012 poses many challenges for America’sWarfighters and all who support them. We are a countryat war, dealing with multiple security interests worldwidein an evolving and increasingly complex economic andpolitical environment. Our customers face numerous issuesrelated to these factors, including emerging resourceconstraints and the need to reconstitute key assets thatwere heavily used over the past decade.In turn, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) just reached50 years of providing increasingly expansive supply anddistribution services, both across the Defense Departmentand to select customers outside the Department. As DoD’sonly logistics Combat Support Agency, we provide directsupport and play a major role across DoD’s global supplychain. We expect significant change in our environmentin the coming year and will use this guidance to steer ourpreparations and measure our progress in the three mainfocus areas of our FY 2012 Director’s Guidance: WarfighterSupport, Stewardship Excellence, and Workforce Development.MissionAs America’s Combat Logistics Support Agency, we provideeffective and efficient worldwide support to Warfightersand our other customers. We receive guidance from theAssistant Secretary of Defense (Logistics and MaterielDEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY2012 DIRECTOR’S GUIDANCE50 Years of Combat Logistics Excellence |1
  3. 3. Readiness), and as a statutory Combat Support and other logistics information, and supplyingAgency we report to the chairman, Joint a wide range of document services. We supportChiefs of Staff and the Combatant Commands U.S. allies through Foreign Military Sales andin providing worldwide logistics support to are a vital contributor whenever this countrydeployed forces. undertakes humanitarian relief efforts at home or abroad. We provide human resourcesDLA is responsible for sourcing and providing management and workforce developmentmost of the repair parts and virtually all fuel services to other DoD components.and troop support consumable items used byour military forces. We also procure Service- Overall, our nearly 27,000 military and civilianmanaged depot-level reparables. In addition, personnel operate a global logistics enterpriseDLA provides a broad array of supporting worth more than $40 billion in 28 countries,supply chain management services, including managing nearly 5 million items in eightstorage and distribution, reutilization or supply chains.disposal of surplus military assets, managingDefense strategic materiels, providing catalogs DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY 2012 DIRECTOR’S GUIDANCE2|
  4. 4. Vision StrAteGIC FOCuS AreASWarfighter-focused, globally responsive, Our three strategic focus areas continue tofiscally responsible supply chain leadership. define our principal thrusts. They are:Values n Warfighter Support: Deliver agile andOur values are DLA’s foundation for all we do, responsive logistics solutions to Warfighters.our basic guiding principles: n Stewardship Excellence: Manage DLA■ Warfighter needs guide us. processes and resources to deliver effective■ Integrity defines us. Warfighter support at optimal cost.■ Diversity strengthens us. n Workforce Development: Foster a diverse■ Excellence inspires us. workforce, supporting culture and related personnel practices to deliver sustained mission excellence.50 Years of Combat Logistics Excellence |3
  5. 5. DLA’S FY 2012 InItIAtIveSWArFIGhter SuppOrt Warfighter Support ◗ DLA Energy In FY 2012, as in every year, DLA’s top priority ◗ DLA Land and Maritime is Warfighter Support. This includes logistics ◗ DLA Troop Support support of the readiness and sustainment Warfighter Support (WS) FY 2012 Initiatives: of America’s Warfighters themselves, and of industrial activities and others whose efforts WS-1: Support operational requirements are critical to preserving and enhancing our and force drawdown / equipment reset nation’s and our allies’ defense postures. processes in the Southwest Asia theater. OPR: J3 DLA Offices of Primary Responsibility (OPR) coordinate with other DLA offices and, as ■ Enhanced support in Afghanistan. appropriate, with partners and stakeholders ◗ Meet current and emergent external to the DLA enterprise. An OPR critical weapons systems readiness glossary is provided below. requirements. ■ DLA’s Headquarters Organizations: ◗ Optimize DLA’s use of the Northern J1, DLA Human Resources ◗ Distribution Network (NDN). ◗ J3, DLA Logistics Operations ◗ Support the “South Caucasus/Central and South Asian States (SC/CASA) ◗ J5, DLA Strategic Plans and Policy First” policy for acquisition of supplies ◗ J6, DLA Information Operations in theater. ◗ J7, DLA Acquisition ◗ Enhance outcomes at Defense Depot ◗ J8, DLA Finance Kandahar, Afghanistan, (DDKA) and ◗ JCASO, Joint Contingency Acquisition through the Theater Consolidation Support Office and Shipping Point (TCSP) initiative. ◗ DO, Equal Employment Opportunity ◗ Sustain forward disposal support. ■ DLA’s Primary Level Field Activities ■ Establish the foundation for controlled (PLFAs): and expeditious redistribution and ◗ DLA Aviation retrograde of materiel aligned to troop employment in Afghanistan for FY 2012. ◗ DLA Disposition Services ■ Support operations in Iraq that include ◗ DLA Distribution responsible drawdown in the Iraqi theater DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY 2012 DIRECTOR’S GUIDANCE 4|
  6. 6. WArFIGhter SuppOrt and the in-country transitioning effort from Defense Department to State Department (DoS).■ Provide right-sized logistics support in areas adjacent to Iraq.WS-2: Improve DLA’s support performance atService industrial sites and prepare to meetadditional equipment reset-driven requirements.OPR: J3■ Pursue improvement in key customer-oriented metrics to reflect DLA’s role in logistics support of industrial maintenance.■ Implement Inventory Management and Stock Positioning (IMSP), Distribution Standard System (DSS) and associated process improvements at industrial sites to support enhanced operations.■ Participate directly in planning for and supporting Service asset reset actions at industrial sites (retrograde, reset and redistribution).WS-3: Engage with customers and externalstakeholders to drive additional DLA supportimprovements worldwide. OPR: J3■ Energize the DLA Customer Relationship Management process.■ Continue development of DLA’s role and outreach in the whole of government logistics support process in humanitarian crises and other situations.■ Effectively leverage observations from the 2010 Joint Staff Combat Support Agency Review Team (CSART) to enhance COCOM support.50 Years of Combat Logistics Excellence |5
  7. 7. WArFIGhter SuppOrt ■ Continue involvement in Joint Staff J4 ■ Provide acquisition support for the (Logistics) efforts to enhance coordination of 2012 Navy Green Fleet local operations joint supply actions and processes. demonstration. ■ Conduct annual survey of customers and WS-6: Enhance DLA Strategic Materials other stakeholders to pursue additional program to meet emerging support performance improvements. requirements. OPR: J7 WS-4: Provide a portfolio of best-value ■ Complete the implementation plan for product support strategies. OPR: J3 transformation of the DLA Strategic Materials ■ Develop cross-Service opportunities to program and obtain congressional approval apply Performance Based Logistics (PBL) to streamline select National Defense and DLA organic solutions to provide Stockpile processes. best-value support. ■ Complete the rare earth study to identify ■ Engage with acquisition weapons system critical items warranting strategic programs to ensure DLA participation in inventory support. their product support strategies. ■ Partner with other departments and ■ Align DLA’s processes and leverage DLA’s agencies to address additional strategic capabilities to better support customer materials issues and develop risk- outcomes in PBL and other contractor mitigation strategies. support logistics scenarios. WS-7: Continue efforts in partnership WS-5: Support the Department’s Operational with the Military Services to upgrade the Energy strategy to enhance warfighter Technical Data Exchange process to enhance agility. OPR: DLA Energy weapon systems support processes. OPR: J3 ■ Support DoD efforts in alternative fuel policy ■ Enhance Technical Data Exchange practices development and supply chain integration. and finalize related functional requirements ■ Support the Title III Biorefinery Development for initial prototyping with the Army’s TACOM initiative co-led by the Department of Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC). the Navy, Department of Energy and ■ Incorporate Technical Data Exchange system Department of Agriculture. requirements into planning for the Product Development Management Initiative (PDMI) upgrade project. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY 2012 DIRECTOR’S GUIDANCE 6|
  8. 8. WArFIGhter SuppOrt50 Years of Combat Logistics Excellence |7
  9. 9. SteWArDShIp exCeLLenCe Stewardship Excellence DLA continues to assess current and potential Stewardship Excellence (SE) FY 2012 roles and related processes to ensure we deliver Initiatives: maximum payoff from taxpayer resources SE-1: Implement comprehensive cost while effectively supporting Warfighters. This analysis capabilities that help drive includes due consideration of risk management improved resource utilization for major factors such as ensuring spare parts conform internal DLA cost drivers. OPR: J8 to established standards and preventing the compromise of critical information. ■ Extend the DLA financial metric scorecard pilot across the agency to improve awareness of related metrics and determine strategies for potential cost reductions. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY 2012 DIRECTOR’S GUIDANCE 8|
  10. 10. Implement a DLA-developed “financial impact on SteWArDShIp exCeLLenCe■ performance model” to support key decision steps regarding significant resource investments in the Program Budget Review (PBR) 14 process.■ Implement an enhanced business case analysis capability – which comprehensively ensures that investment alternatives include all applicable end-to-end costs – to enable the most effective investment decisions.SE-2: Achieve significant price reductions across DLA’smateriel and services acquisitions. OPR: J7■ Focus engagements with industry partners.■ Apply innovative acquisition approaches, such as optimizing the use of reverse auctions across DLA.SE-3: Implement a more efficient and effective globalsupply support network for storage and distributionacross all materiel classes of supply. OPR: J3■ Reduce dormant or unserviceable materiel levels, optimize DLA’s related storage posture, and coordinate disposition of surplus facilities with the host activity in areas such as: ◗ Departmental process and policy assessments regarding retention stocks, war reserves and reimbursable support pricing for related storage. ◗ Alternative approaches to ensure adequate supply availability via contracting for related capabilities, host-nation support and other techniques as applicable to the particular class of supply.■ Capitalize on synergies between DLA’s disposal, distribution and strategic material storage processes and facilities.50 Years of Combat Logistics Excellence |9
  11. 11. Synchronize above actions with related Identify and implement training needed toSteWArDShIp exCeLLenCe ■ ■ ongoing strategic initiatives such as: improve acquisition practices. ◗ DLA’s Strategic Network Optimization ■ Assess potential expansion of the Joint (SNO) project. Contingency Acquisition Support Office ◗ The U.S. Transportation Command and (JCASO) role in contingency and other forward DLA-led, Joint Staff-sponsored Consolidated support environments. Materiel Response Program (CMRP). ■ Achieve small-business objectives in support of departmental goals and related SE-4: Implement DLA-driven post-Base customer benefits. Realignment and Closure (BRAC) support efficiencies at the Service industrial sites. SE-6: Implement information technology OPR: J3 enhancements to facilitate improved customer support and process efficiency. OPR: J6 ■ Define and baseline existing Service and DLA processes. ■ Deploy enterprise applications to include ■ Define opportunities for optimization EProcurement, Energy Convergence, in collaboration with stakeholders, both Reutilization Initiative and Supply, Storage in functional realignments and process and Distribution (SS&D) / Inventory Process improvements. Optimization (IPO) in accordance with ■ Identify and execute “quick-win” negotiated schedules. opportunities for early implementation. ■ Continue the sustained focus on preventing ■ Develop a plan of actions and milestones to cybersecurity issues while including expanded pursue longer-term optimization efforts. mobile devices into the inventory. ■ Standardize and integrate sustainment SE-5: Identify and implement improved processes and management tools to ensure acquisition execution practices across all DLA minimal disruption when implementing supply chains. OPR: J7 new capabilities. ■ Complete a comprehensive analysis of recent ■ Identify and execute Continuous Process audit findings, establish plans, and address Improvement projects to reduce lead deficiencies in priority order. times required to implement key system ■ Improve acquisition execution accountability change requests. standards, practices and outcomes across the Agency. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY 2012 DIRECTOR’S GUIDANCE 10 |
  12. 12. SteWArDShIp exCeLLenCeSE-7: Mitigate significant known or potential ◗ Sustain heightened cybersecurityrisks to mission accomplishment and efficiency. awareness and issue prevention. (OPR: J6)OPR: J5 with support across DLA ◗ Capitalize on various review processes■ Execute DLA’s annual Enterprise Risk to prevent potential procurement fraud Management (ERM) process to help identify and other risks to effective acquisition significant risks and influence related planning performance. (OPR: J7) for audits, attestations, crime vulnerability ◗ Implement enhanced planning processes to assessments, and various other management improve investment decisions. (OPR: J3) reviews. (OPR: J5) ◗ Include appropriate consideration■ Continue focused vulnerability mitigation of Warfighter risks associated with efforts in areas such as: infrastructure and inventory reductions ◗ Pursue additional tools and techniques pursued under initiative SE-3. (OPRs: J3 to identify and prevent receipt of non- and the PLFAs) conforming or counterfeit parts, to include ■ Leverage DLA Inspector General (OIG) using additional sampling techniques and capabilities in support of enhanced risk DNA marking. (OPR: J3) management and mission outcomes. (OPR: OIG)50 Years of Combat Logistics Excellence | 11
  14. 14. WOrKFOrCe DeveLOpMentWorkforce DevelopmentDLA’s workforce is vital to our current and long-term ■ Identify and implement best practices that supportsuccess in effectively supporting Warfighters at improvement in participation rates among keyoptimal cost. We must further enable employees to under-represented groups.capitalize on their skills, experience and potential to ■ Assess Equal Employment Opportunity complaintssupport DLA’s mission. and findings to facilitate changes to hiring and selection practices.Workforce Development (WD) FY 2012 Initiatives: ■ Use targeted recruitment to increase the diversityWD-1: Assess and improve hiring and selection of the applicant supply.policies and practices to ensure a diverse, high- ■ Enhance training provided to hiring managers andperforming workforce. OPR: J1 selecting officials.■ Review current policies on selection ■ Assess and refine the agency’s executive authorities across the Agency and implement development practices. appropriate changes.50 Years of Combat Logistics Excellence | 13
  15. 15. WOrKFOrCe DeveLOpMent WD-2: Improve DLA’s organizational and individual performance management practices. OPR: J1 ■ Implement refresher training on all aspects of the performance management process for supervisors and managers. ■ Review rewards and recognition policies and practices to ensure alignment of organizational performance, individual achievement and employee recognition. ■ Use the beneficial suggestion program and performance management process to increase employees’ focus on achieving possible process improvements and cost reductions. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY 2012 DIRECTOR’S GUIDANCE 14 |
  16. 16. Staying the CourseFY 2012 will clearly be another demanding year for DLA our business performance, assess other critical issues,and all we serve. We must sustain our commitment to the and guide implementation of the initiatives in theabove 16 initiatives to help meet desired outcomes in our Director’s Guidance for FY 2012. The Executive Boardthree strategic focus areas. will track status and help remove obstacles that might prevent effective progress on these initiatives. We willThe DLA Executive Board, representing the Agency’s most periodically post developments on DLA’s public websitesenior leadership, meets monthly to oversee at Years of Combat Logistics Excellence | 15
  18. 18. Doing What is Right for the Armed Forces and