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Complan 2012(short form) final


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2012 Director's Guidance Communications Plan

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Complan 2012(short form) final

  1. 1. Defense Logistics Agency Communications Playbook – Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Guidance 50 Years of Combat Logistics Excellence Defense Logistics Agency Director’s Guidance for Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Warfighter-Focused, Globally Responsive, Fiscally Responsible Supply Chain Leadership
  2. 2. About this Playbook:This playbook provides the tools needed to facilitatecommunications; ensuring coordinated, effective Table of Contentsmessage alignment and delivery. Section 1 PlanUse of this playbook will: Section 2 Messages• Provide DLA senior leaders with effective, innovative communications methods for use with the FY 12 Section 3 Director’s Guidance Products• Develop supervisor and employee understanding and support of DLA’s missions, functions and capabilities• Generate awareness and advocacy for key initiatives among stakeholders and customers 2
  3. 3. Section 1Background: • The Director’s Guidance defines three focus areas: Warfighter Support, Stewardship Excellence and Workforce Development. This playbook identifies messages, activities and opportunities to communicate the strategic direction DLA will pursue to the widest possible DLA audience for FY 2012.Scope • Designed to synchronize with Defense Department savings mandates, the DUSD L&MR mission, as well as the OUSD AT&L vision and the DLA 2010-2017 Strategic Plan, the DLA FY 2012 Director’s guidance continues the forward-thinking approach of its predecessors. This plan covers all aspects of DLA communications. The underlying message of all public affairs activities remains unaffected by the continually changing defense and world environment, in fact, it is heightened: DLA does what is right for the Armed Forces, DoD and our Nation.Objectives: • Elevate awareness, increase understanding, gain support and reduce resistance. • Ensure coordination of the plan to increase acceptance, active support, and dissemination. • Exploit detailed audience, event, and delivery research.Strategy: • DLA Strategic Communications (DP) is the lead organization for efforts to meet the goals and objectives of this communications playbook. That office ensures that key and sub-messages are aligned with the FY 2012 DLA Director’s Guidance, the 2010-2017 DLA Strategic Plan and other significant Defense Department documents effecting the Defense logistics enterprise. 1 3
  4. 4. Strategic and Tactical Communications Approach:• Tactical: Development and distribution of tools and vehicles to increase awareness. These products include: brochures, posters, messages from the Director, and presentations.• Strategic: Two-way communication tools to increase awareness and boost recipient sense of involvement. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Commanders’ town halls and management staff meetings.Our Goals: 1. Create understanding of DLA goals and objectives to help motivate the workforce. 2. Generate supervisor awareness and support of FY 2012 guidance and its support ing communication plan. 3. Build awareness to increase customer support and advocates. 4. Show DLA as a current and future competitive force. 2 4
  5. 5. Plan Phases: Level of Communication Phase Purpose Action Receptivity and Time Frame Principle Active SupportOne Provide information Communicate release Awareness and 1 Oct and Timely, accurate, to increase of DLA Director’s FY potential interest ongoing informative awareness 2012 Guidance to employees, stakeholders, customers and other interested partiesTwo Continue to provide Continue to produce Continued 1 January and Re-emphasize key information and numerous products to awareness and ongoing messages and process feedback communicate key targeting of stress importance to determine if messages to target potential audiences of gathering corrective course of audiences and collect feedback for future action is necessary feedback for metrics successful communicationsThree Expand two way Report success stories, Support and 1 April to 30 Sept Continuous flow of information initiatives completed increased communication, and begin gathering and begin preparation understanding of support and buy-in metrics for FY 2013 guidance change of principles 3 5
  6. 6. Communication Tools:Numerous one-way and two-way communication tools will be employed throughout this process to provideinformation in a timely manner. As the process progresses, additional tools may be indentified.Monitoring/Feedback:DLA Strategic Communications monitors the effectiveness and efficiency of messages, message vehicles, venues,and audiences. Performance metrics are gathered through a number of surveys to include the DLA CultureSurvey. Independent survey vehicles use a random stratified sampling process and a designated sample size of300 or less for internal audiences and 200 or less for external audiences. Collateral feedback is monitored usingexisting formal and informal mechanisms such as e-mail, website submissions, and remarks gathered duringdiscussions and meetings.Tips for messaging:Situational awareness: Understand who is receiving the message, for what reason and how far it may spread.Be clear and credible: Relay the information in clear language using everyday terms, be specific.Size matters: Brief delivery is preferred for electronic and face-to-face, more detail for written communications.Be positive, avoid absolutes: Avoid words such as nothing, never, all, forever. 4
  7. 7. Section 2What’s New in the Fiscal Year 2012 Guidance: • The DLA FY 2012 Director’s Guidance incorporates stakeholder, leadership, employee and customer feedback and input. Involvement in this guidance is paramount to its success. • The guiding principal behind the primary goals and objectives has not changed - DLA’s number one mission is Warfighter support. • The FY 2012 guidance defines three focus areas and 16 initiatives with a strong emphasis on: • Logistical support of the readiness and sustainment of America’s Warfighters, industrial activities and other efforts critical to preserving and enhancing our defense posture. • Delivery of maximum payoff from taxpayer resources while effectively supporting the Warfighter, to include consideration of risk management factors. • Enabling the DLA workforce to capitalize on their skills, experience and potential in support of the DLA mission.Overall themes: • DLA’s top priority is Warfighter support. • DLA is fully committed to preserving and conserving the resources of America’s taxpayers, while effectively supporting Warfighters. • The men and women of DLA are vital to the current and long-term success of both the agency and Americas Warfighters. 5 7
  8. 8. Key Messages: DLA’s top priority is Warfighter support - DLA is supporting operational requirements and force drawdown/equipment SF1 reset in the Southeast Asia area of operation. DLA is committed to supporting - We are improving our support at Service industrial sites. the readiness and sustainment of - DLA is fully committed to DoD’s operational energy strategy, developing America’s Warfighters. alternative, renewable and green energy sources and initiatives to increase and enhance Warfighter agility. - DLA is engaged with customers and external stakeholders to drive additional support improvements worldwide. SF2 - We are continuing our efforts with the Services to upgrade the technical data DLA is enhancing its partnerships exchange process for improved weapon systems support. with the Military Services. - DLA continues its involvement in the Joint Staff J4 (Logistics) efforts to enhance coordination of supply actions and processes - The agency is aligning processes and leveraging DLA capabilities to better support SF 3 customer outcomes across logistics support scenarios. DLA is working to provide a - We are developing and providing “right-sized” logistics support, matching supply portfolio of best-value product solutions to the area of operations. support strategies. - DLA is developing cross-Service opportunities to apply Performance Based Logistics (PBL) and DLA organic solutions to enhance best-value support. 8 6
  9. 9. Key Messages: DLA is fully committed to preserving the resources of America’s taxpayers, while effectively supporting Warfighters - DLA is working to provide a portfolio of best-value product support strategies SF1 which leverage DLA capabilities and align with customers needs. DLA is focused on developing a - We are improving our awareness of related metrics and determining new range of programs and processes to strategies for cost reductions. provide best-value products and - DLA is implementing information technology enhancements to facilitate improved services to Warfighters. customer support and process efficiency. - DLA is reducing unnecessary materiel levels to maximize our storage posture, SF2 while ensuring adequate supply availability. DLA is implementing an efficient - We are capitalizing on the synergies between our disposal, distribution and and effective global network for strategic material storage processes and facilities. storage and distribution across all - DLA is committed to synchronizing our actions with our strategic partners so that classes of materiels. Warfighters receive the full benefit of optimization and consolidation initiatives. SF 3 - We are focused on engaging our industry partners to identify and reap the DLA is finding and implementing benefits of best practices. improved acquisition execution - DLA is applying innovative, state of the art acquisition approaches, such as reverse practices across all agency supply auctions, in pursuit of best-value and costs savings for our customers. chains. - We are dedicated to mitigating risks to mission accomplishment and efficiency. 9 7
  10. 10. Key Messages: The men and women of DLA are vital to the current and long-term success of both the agency and Americas Warfighters - DLA identifies and implements a wide range of diversity initiatives that meet SF1 the changing needs of customers and workers. DLA is dedicated to harvesting the - Our success in creating and maintaining a diverse workforce comes from our advantages of a diverse, high- leaders and employees who take active roles in implementing our diversity performing workforce. programs. -We are committed to developing and deploying effective performance SF2 management systems, since it is only through such systems that DLA can remain a Enhancing DLA organizational and high-performing organization. performance practices yields a - DLA is increasing refresher training for supervisors and managers on all aspects of more agile, knowledgeable the performance management process. workforce benefitting both - DLA believes employee involvement is one of the best ways to create a positive, customers and colleagues. organizational culture that thrives on performance. - DLA provides a clear tie between performance and recognition policies, aligning SF 3 organizational goals, individual achievement and employee recognition. DLA employees capitalize on their - We make full use of suggestion programs and management processes to increase skills and professionalism to better employee focus on agency improvement, cost reduction and customer service. support our Warfighters. 10 8
  11. 11. Section 3Products: In support of the FY 2012 DLA Director’s Guidance, Strategic Communication, in conjunction with thePLFAs, will execute the following products: - 5,000 hard copies of the FY 2012 guidance - Both a Web .pdf and a print ready version of the guidance for posting to DLA Web sites and for PLFA’s to reproduce additional copies - A DLA FY 2012 guidance video - Quarterly internal and external news articles, media interview talking points, and other support activities and events 9 11
  12. 12. This communications playbooks was produced by DLAStrategic Communications. For questions or informationon the contents or production of this playbook, or phone 703-767-6200. 12