Radio Marketing Specialists


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Radio Marketing Specialists covering every aspect of radio marketing from creative to placement to endorsement to promotion

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Radio Marketing Specialists

  1. 2. Our MISSION To create and build a unique radio identity for our clients‘ brand, product, or service in support of their sales and marketing goals and to have fun while we do it.
  2. 3. What can URBAN do for you? Create a radio identity and help you own radio for your brand, product or service. Leverage our long-standing relationships with stations, station talent and celebrities to seamlessly integrate your brand and message into the station‘s programming for maximum impact and resonance. Give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.
  3. 4. You know URBAN. Many of our industry leading clients are award-winning marketers with traditional agencies-of- record who still insist on carving out their radio for URBAN to execute. They know that URBAN, a boutique shop with over 150+ years combined experience in radio, will deliver the most creative campaigns, the best ROI and seamlessly integrate their message into the fabric of the radio program. You‘ve already seen our work: Fastest Route Around Town traffic reports sponsored by Road Runner High Speed Internet. Digital Call to the Bullpen during Major League Baseball games for TWC‘s Digital Phone Service. The Sports Report HBO sponsored sports news reports. Hard Knocks on Two Live Stews and 24/7 for HBO Boxing.
  4. 5. Time Spent with Radio Remains Strong In a constantly changing media environment, Radio remains one of the top media choices for consumers today. In fact, RADAR 12/08 shows that listening is up by 2 million people.
  5. 6. Radio = Good Value Compared to other advertising mediums, Radio is an economical way to reach more people AND radio will improve results of other advertising media. *RAEL Study 2005
  6. 7. “ For more than ten years, Urban Communications has worked closely with HBO as our designated “Radio Experts.” While HBO has an official ‘agency of record’, because of their expertise, we have Urban execute all of our radio initiatives. In my capacity as EVP of Consumer Marketing, I am responsible for driving tune-in, building brand awareness and ensuring that our programs remain top of mind. Urban has consistently helped us meet and exceed these objectives. The Urban team has gone way beyond the traditional uses of radio and have implemented a number of value-added initiatives that have helped us to significantly expand our marketing presence. I could not recommend the Urban Communications team any more highly -- they are true partners .” --Courteney Monroe, HBO Executive Vice President Consumer Marketing Now Hear This.
  7. 8. URBAN Communications. We Know Radio. URBAN Communications -Radio Marketing Specialists 275 Madison Avenue, 40th Floor New York, New York 10016 212.471.3200 phone 212.471.3199 fax