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Migration 19052015

Migration? Project Sponsor Considerations

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Migration 19052015

  1. 1. It‟s inevitable that organisations will look towards new technology to deal with legacy challenges and enable your client to operate effectively in today‟s world
  2. 2. Test, test, test! Run a pilot! Where this is not possible, understand the full impact the migration will have should you run a parallel process and prepare the organisation and your client accordingly Consider that your organisation may now have a team of New Business Developers taken away from their core responsibilities. Your technical team drowning in support queries.... Prepare to staff up and have a resource matrix planned to handle any issues and workload that may arise Your Call Centre capacity should also be considered at the onset
  3. 3. Knowing the impact the change will have on your client when moving from the old to the new technology solution Consider how to obtain the legal consent to move Who and how will you inform your client about any change in the product pricing Understand if there are changes to the client‟s security or permissions profile and prepare for these accordingly
  4. 4. Ensure marketing, client migration, communication and the QMS team is closely aligned and integrated Design the client migration process from an “outside in” perspective with the end goal in mind Align the project with other sales objectives or goals to maximise the cross-selling and up-sell opportunities available to you Monitor your client „s behaviour, their product adoption and their usage of the change. Feedback, feedback and more feedback! Ask the question!
  5. 5. ANY CHANGE your client may experience creates discomfort Changes this important can only be done by your organisation. This is not a job you can outsource Every touch point with a client dictates their future commitment and loyalty to your organisation going forward. It‟s imperative to make the touch point count Outside of the changes that a migration will cause, there are constantly new products, services & functionality that will be communicated and marketed to existing clients. Endeavour to incorporate your migration changes into the new offering with the least amount of impact possible. Solve two problems with one solution.
  6. 6. If you are considering upgrading or replacing a system: Do not ignore the impact to the customer‟s experience Ensure these considerations are properly clarified at the onset Adopt a “customer view” when considering these challenges and turn these customer touch points into opportunities Your window of opportunity exists in the most unexpected places... Take note!