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Deborah Deras, Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author and Faculty at the University of Phoenix was the keynote speaker in Orange County on Social Media for Business Owners.

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Social Media for Business

  1. 1. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! How to Utilize Social Media to Grow Your Business Prepared by: Deborah Deras, M.S., C.R.C. Faculty at the University of Phoenix Prepared for: West Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Objectives of Module • Discover how to use Facebook, Twitter and Linked In & Instagram to grow your business • Discover the function of each platform • How to utilize each for your unique goals • Leave with a better understanding on how to use Social Media as a tool to grow your brand, expand your network and improve sales
  3. 3. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Your Facilitator (ETR) • 12 year Business Owner, Speaker & Consultant • CEO of Synergy Unlimited LLC • Started with Zero Capitol except sweat equity • Author of Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict • Presented at Fortune 100 Companies: J.P. Morgan, Macy’s, NY Life, etc. • I have sustained my business with no capital through word of mouth and social media
  4. 4. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Guidelines for Workshop • Be present • Write questions-will take them at the end • Take what you like leave the rest • If you like something be sure to use it • The key to master any new skill is to practice, practice, practice • Focus on highest ROI activity
  5. 5. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! What do you want to know? • What do you want to leave this workshop with? • What do you want to know more about? • What is your biggest challenge when it comes to social media?
  6. 6. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Why Learn Social Media • Bottom line our NetWork is our NetWorth • It is imperative for our businesses to grow and thrive that we do not put all our eggs in one basket • To save us time from always being out networking social media allows us to network from our desk and create SYNERGY!!!!
  7. 7. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Social Media Facts • Facebook if it were on the country would be the third biggest • In 2012, over 1 billion users worldwide making it the #1 reason people go online • Every second someone is joining LinkedIn • The fastest growing group is 45-54 year olds • Facebook has biggest impact on purchasing behavior
  8. 8. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Rules of Social Media • Be mindful not to put anything up that you wouldn’t be proud of your best client seeing • Be thoughtful and strategic about posting. For a free social media plan go to • Remember, it is a relationship so reciprocate. • Use the 30/30/30 rule to post 30% personal to get to know and trust you, 30% contribution, 30% selling your services or ask for help
  9. 9. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! TWITTER • WHAT: Twitter allows you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people online without any permission based acceptance system. • HOW: – In 140 characters or less you can using the – @ address anyone and using the – #can put your tweet sorted by topic – TweetChat: Twitter parties gain buzz
  10. 10. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! TWITTER @DeborahDeras WHY USE TWITTER FOR BUSINESS? 1) Establish your business or yourself as an expert in the topic #dentist #WestOrangeCountyattorney 2) Use hashtag to start a discussion on a topic that pertains to your business. 3) You can retweet businesses you want to form alliances with. POWER OF SYNERGY!!! 4) Use followers as leverage to get into conferences as media or an influencer
  11. 11. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! TWITTER WHY USE TWITTER FOR BUSINESS? • Use unique hashtags to start a trend. If everyone tweeted. #WOCC West Orange Chamber of Commerce the brand increases influence, attendance and business for you. • You can share hyperlinks to great information which will position you as an expert. • Best use to drive traffic to your website.
  12. 12. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Twitter Tools • Can download the APP, look at it while waiting online at the bank. • • • • TIP your name should be your twitter name:
  13. 13. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! LinkedIn An interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world. Over 175 million members in over in 200 countries. Every second a new person joins LinkedIn If looking for corporate clients, executives of all Fortune 500, companies are LinkedIn members.
  14. 14. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! LinkedIn Functions • Headline: Like an objective on a resume. Keynote Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer • Profile: What makes you the best answer to their problem? Answer this in profile Customize the URL to be your name • Company Search: Use to create target list. You can find someone you know to connect you into that company.
  15. 15. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! LinkedIn Functions • People Search: Recruiters use this to find candidates with unique skill sets. • Personal Connections: It is recommended to have at least 30 to expand you reach. It will link to inbox to find people you may know. • Recommendations: The more the better • Status Updates: One size does not fit all so best to customize your posts. • Groups: Increase visibility in field/expertise.
  16. 16. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! FACEBOOK Facebook started by a Harvard student in 2004 as a way to meet girls on campus. It evolved to be a social utility to connect people with friends and others they work, study and live around the world. Option for Public vs. Private
  17. 17. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Facebook • You can have a Friend Page for personal branding. • A Fan Page for your business – warning!!!! • Profile Page – can have links to your business. Look at Brian Tracy, #1 Sales Trainer and Speaker’s Page for a model
  18. 18. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Facebook Top 3 Business Tools • You can export contacts into yahoo if you have a yahoo account and add to your email list for campaigns (I would get permission) • Post videos on your profile page gain visibility • Advertise to a very focused group pay FB • Organically go viral – LA Business Experts
  19. 19. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Instagram • Allows you to post pictures about your business to your Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, Fa cebook simulaneously. • Allows hashtags • Can tag like twitter using @ • It is an easy way to use twitter
  20. 20. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Social Media Summary • LinkedIn should be your #1 priority when it comes to recruiting staff, developing a client list and tapping into the Fortune 500 companies. • Twitter is a helpful tool to help interact with customers and set you up as expert in field. • Facebook is a great way to target a specific audience who want to buy your products and services. • Instagram- tool to manage all social media.
  21. 21. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Google Plus • If you are paying someone expensive fees for SEO you may want to consider Google Plus • Since, majority of people use Google as a search tool it will pull your posts from Google plus above others • They bought youtube the #1 viewing. If you are not already vlogging may want to consider it.
  22. 22. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! TIME SAVING TRICK • FB has a timer you can preschedule your posts • You can use a service like Hootsuite (free) to schedule posts in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (but be warned about this) • You can link Facebook to Twitter and Twitter to LinkedIn so will post to all • Use Instagram posts to all but Instagram • Use Ifthisthanthat
  23. 23. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! Call to Action 1) What did I learn that I will apply? 2) What insight did I have that will change the way I do business? 3) What is overwhelming me about this whole process of using social media and how can I mitigate it?
  24. 24. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! FREE VIDEO FOR YOUR BUSINESS Do you see the value in positioning yourself as an expert? Would you like to be found on the first page of the search engines in your topic? Demand Media searching for experts to do videos on various topics (business, technology, health, beauty, etc? You can use the videos to market in your social media. Contact:
  25. 25. @DeborahDerasf Follow ME! STAY CONNECTED Synergy Unlimited LLC Deborah Deras 310-945-5651 Training Consulting Speaking