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Nts Presentation.Aerospace


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NTS Presentation

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Nts Presentation.Aerospace

  1. 1. ENOVIA Standard Practices. Inc. NTS Consulting Aerospace Engineering Services Engineering Design Manufacturing
  2. 2. Company ExpertiseNTS has the right skills and expertise with design tools and as such has workedon several aerospace programs with leading companies around the world. We prideourselves on being able to propose innovative ideas and practical solutions on designproblems in all aircraft work packages, always respecting FAA and ISO Standards,and by providing our customers with a wide range of design services such as: Aircraft Structure  CAD + FEA+CFD Interior Design  FEA Engines  FEA+CFD Avionics
  3. 3. Our Clients & Partners in Aerospace
  4. 4. We can help you in every phase of your development cycle
  5. 5. Software UsedTo turn our customers ideas into leading products, NTS’ experienced engineers have access to thebest software and tools in the market PLM: - ENOVIA (LCA/VPLM/SMARTEAM/V6) CAD: - CATIA V4,V5,V6 - AUTOCAD - SOLIDWORKS - PRO-E Dev Catia CAA - Applications dev under CATIA CAA CAM: - CATIA V5 - NC PROGRAMMING - MASTERCAM FEA: - MSC NASTRAN/PATRAN - NEi Nastran/Feimap - Nx Nastran - ANSYS REVE: - POLYWORKS. - GEOMAGIC WRAP - NUMISOFT
  6. 6. Services & Expertise 3D (Powertrain & Assemblies) 2D (Drafting)  DMU (Simulation)  CNC Machining (3 axes to 5 axes)  FEA (Finite Element Analysis)  CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)  Reverse Engineering (Scanner) Joint Definition Phase Detail Design Phase Critical Design Review Knowledge Based Engineering Interface Control Drawing Completion Control Drawing Indented Drawing List Change in design reports
  7. 7. Major aircraft structural work packagesNTS team has a vast knowledge in designing major structural work packages of aircraft such as:  Nacelles, AFT and MID fuselage (trusses)  Rails, crossbeams, floor and attachments  Frames, stringer and intercostal  Air distribution components and systems  Landing gears, wings, stabilizers
  8. 8. Aircraft interior design  Single, Narrow Seat  Entrance Enclosure  Galley and galley Annexe  Fwd and Aft Lavatory  Bulkheads ( fwd, mid and aft)  Credenza and low cabinet  Workstation  Armrest  Sideledge and dado  Crew Rest
  9. 9. EnginesNTS engineers has an expertise in engines design (GE90, GP7000, SM146, TP400 & M88 Etc..)  Fan (Blades), rotor and stator casing  Low and high pressure turbines  Low and high pressure compressors  Combustion chamber  Systems component (tubing)
  10. 10. WiringOur Engineers have the skills to design and modify on any computer assisted drawing(CAD) system used by our clients.The diagrams are classified as follows:Wiring diagramsElectric interconnectionInstallation of electric equipmentElectric load analysis
  11. 11. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) andComputational fluid dynamics (CFD)The study, the efficiency of aerodynamic and drag calculation for :  Subsonic and supersonic  Aircraft wings and turbine blades  Fluid/Structure interaction
  12. 12. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) andComputational fluid dynamics (CFD)Our team of engineers has a large competences in simulation and structural analysis for allstructural work packages of aircraft :  Calculating the maximum deflections  Validating and certificating  Calculating the vibration in the form of harmonic and spectral modal  Finding the critical points
  13. 13. Engineering in 3D: CAD/CAM & Reverse Engineering Drawing 3D Model Assembly Analyze and Simulation First part control
  14. 14. O U R C O M M IT M E N T ISA C H IE V IN G YO U R P R O J E C T S
  15. 15. Contact usNorth America Europe, Africa, Middle EastNTS Canada NTS MoroccoNTS Inc. 89, Boulevard Anfa, 9A2583 Boul. Chomedey 20 000 Casablanca, MoroccoLaval (Québec) H7T 2R2 Canada Tel: +(212) 022 48 11 34Tel: 450-238-1448 / 514-447-3449 (229) Sales: +(212) 022 48 68 09Fax: 450-238-1447Email: Fax: +(212) 022 48 70 56Brazil, Latin America Email: ntsmaroc@ntsconsulting.caNTS BrazilContact: Ms. Hioki, DéboraTel: +(55) 11 4040-4426Email: