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How to create_a_blog_in_wordpress


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How can you go about Wordpress? Simple steps for you!

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How to create_a_blog_in_wordpress

  1. 1. How to Create a Blog in WordPress
  2. 2. To log in and create a blog in WordPress, enter your WordPress ' Username ' and ' Password ' and click on the ' Login ' button Username Password Click here to Login
  3. 3. This page opens up...Your username appears along with your WordPress id... Username appears here WordPress Id appears here
  4. 4. To create a new post (blog), click on the ' New Post ' button on the top of the page Click Here
  5. 5. This page opens up...
  6. 6. You can write the title of the blog in the column just below the ' Add New Post ' button Write the title of the blog here
  7. 7. The body of the blog is written in the box provided, just below the title of the blog... Write the body of the blog here
  8. 8. You can also add/upload images, videos, audios, polls etc to the blog..... Click on these buttons to upload images, videos, audios etc.
  9. 9. After completion of the blog, you can save it by clicking on the ' Save Draft ' button...You can also preview your blog by clicking on the ' Preview ' button on the right hand side of the page.... Click here to Save a Draft Click here to Preview the blog
  10. 10. To publish the blog, click on the ' Publish ' button on the right hand side of the page... Click here to Publish the Blog
  11. 11. You can also add ' Tags ' (keywords) to the blog...type the keywords and click the ' Add ' button... Type tags (keywords) here Click the add button here
  12. 12. Apart from the mentioned features, there are many other features that are available in WordPress like ' Appearance ', ' Users ', ' Tools ', ' Settings ' etc. Appearance Users Tools Settings
  13. 13. To log out of, click on the ' Log Out ' button on the right side of the page... Click here to Log Out