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Mall promotion assignment


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Mall promotion assignment

  1. 1. Presented By : Debjit, Raj.
  2. 2. Location of Bangalore Central(J.P.Nagar)
  3. 3. This Central located in J.P.Nagar(2nd Phase);Opened on 21st October, 2009;Central managed by Future Group;Central offers everything for the urban aspirationalshopper to shop, eat and celebrate;Construction was undertaken By Embassy Builder;It is situated in a one-way road;It is positioned opposite to Big-Bazaar;
  4. 4.  External; Internal.
  5. 5. Static Billboards & Hoarding;Advertisement in Newspaper;Advertisement in magazines;Radio;Television;Off-site promotion at Offices.
  6. 6. This is a large outdoor signboard;Only a few words, in large print, and ahumorous or arresting image in brilliant color;Billboard advertising is a great way to remindconsumers about product;Located primarily on major highways,expressways, commercial area, crowded place.
  7. 7. Eg…
  8. 8. Advertising is a form of communication;Modern advertising developed with the riseof mass production;In 2010, spending on advertising wasestimated at more than $300 billion in theUnited States;In traditional media such as newspapers,magazines, television, radio.
  9. 9. Now day radio is greatmedium for advertising ofmall;It is easy today to identifythe right target segment;Especially it’s happened onfestivals;For Eg: The Great IndianShopping Festival.
  10. 10. Television is one ofthe most importantmiracles of science;It is the bestcommunicationprocess withconsumers.
  11. 11. Shop and Win Promotions;Popular Artist appearances – Cinema;Fashion Designers & stylists;Events;Product Displays – Cars, Bags.
  12. 12. It’s quite common to see today people rushing to buysuch vouchers from leading retail stores, especiallyDepartment Stores and Mono BrandApparel/Accessories Stores;A few years ago, the Future Group introduced“Central Vouchers” which could be redeemed acrossthe Central Malls in the country.Eg: ALL(3 for 899 & 2 for 699); John Players-Bag in Bag Offer(2 for 499).
  13. 13. Fashion design isthe art of the applicationof design;Inside the mall on atriumpromote various types ofcosmetics, stylist items. Eg: LOreal, Lakme , AVON etc.
  14. 14. Events is the main attraction of every mall;Events especially happened on weekend;Events depend upon festivals and season. (world Cup, IPL, X-Mas)