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Meditation online lesson 6


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These are the slides for lesson 6 of the Introduction to Meditation course by Rocks n Rituals

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Meditation online lesson 6

  1. 1. Lesson 6
  2. 2.  When you think about the Tarot what is your first response?  Have you used oracle cards before?  Are you open to trying new things?  What will you take away from this course?
  3. 3.  The Tarot is a set of 78 cards – it is split into 2 sections: -  22 cards of the Major Arcana  56 cards of the Minor Arcana  Arcana means Secrets – so the big secrets and the little secrets  The Major Arcana refers to life events and things on your soul’s path whereas the Minor Arcana relates to things in your day to day life  They are used to help you gain insight and clarity about situations in your life
  4. 4.  People have a fear of the Tarot, this stems from historical scare-mongering from the Church.  There is nothing evil or devilish about these cards – they are merely a tool to help you develop your intuition.  As with all tools it is the intent of the person using them that will be prevalent – when used with pure intent for guidance, in the spirit of love and light there is no harm.
  5. 5.  The images on the Tarot major arcana are archetypal images and are, therefore, inherently psychologically powerful. It is therefore important to observe a specific set of rules when using them for meditation.  All meditations should have a beginning, middle and end. You always set your intention at the start of a meditation and then you experience it and finally ground and leave it. The same must be done when using Tarot cards for meditation purposes.  To begin you must “Open the Gate”. To do this you can simply hold the card face down and imagine it is behind closed doors or a gate. As you imagine the doors or gates opening you can turn the card face up to reveal the image on the card.  To end the meditation you must remember to “Close the Gate” again. At this point you imagine the doors or gates closing over the card and you turn it over again, so you can no longer see the image.  This opening and closing is important because these images are powerful and you must treat them with respect and not leave them hanging in free-fall.
  6. 6.  Using the Tarot for meditation can be especially helpful as the cards can help you gain insight into events and situations in your life.  The Tarot allows you to connect with the collective consciousness and get answers to long held questions.  Meditating with the Tarot deepens your connection with the cards and allows you to gain deeper understanding.
  7. 7.  Use the Assignment given in the course as the outline for your practice.  Find a set of cards you are comfortable with – if you prefer to use Angel Cards that is fine.  Make sure you remember to have a beginning, middle and end – ensure you open and close properly.  Have fun!
  8. 8. Thank you for completing Lesson 5. Debi Barr is a Reiki Master Teacher who specialises Reiki Training, Life Coaching, Crystal Healing & Meditation. Visit for more information about Debi and the services she provides.