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First Story Real Estate - Our Value Proposition


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First Story Real Estate was formed to offer customers, and agents a unique real estate experience, a personal experience, a supportive and professional experience. We deliver services in a way that is back to basics, although backed wtih latest technology systems.
First Story Real Estate Company offers something truly magical...
We love Tallahassee FL and enjoy shoing people around the city, finding the right home, helping people move, make repairs, build their dreams and settle their families.
#1 agency in customer service - it's what our company was build around!

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First Story Real Estate - Our Value Proposition

  1. 1. PASTAPASTA our mission “First Story Real Estate Company is different. The experiences EAT. ENJOY. of buyers SHARE. and sellers tell our story. Our approach is on the deep human focus between real estate buyers and sellers. Our agents are forward thinkers, professional leaders and technology adept. Our culture is family, customer, and community and we feel we deliver something truly magical.”
  2. 2. our value PROPOSITION Expertise and Education First Story Real Estate is a boutique brokerage ahead of the curve, comprised of carefully chosen agents who are experienced in a variety of property types and values. Our agents pursue educational opportunities that are directly related to business, marketing, and economics. Our expertise derives from experience and in-depth knowledge of market conditions, buyer trends, seller challenges and finance. What this means for you: You are hiring experts. You have a partner when you need to make important financial decisions. PASTAPASTA EAT. ENJOY. SHARE.
  3. 3. Our Reputation At First Story, our sales records have earned us Top Production awards and hard earned specialty certifications. We rank in the Top 1% individually and Top 10% of local brokerages. We are a brokerage of industry leaders, involved in local, State and National associations to help shape our industry and protect private property rights. We work for buyers and sellers and advocate for your home-ownership interests. We are personable and our customers rave about our service. Ask Us for our testimonials. PASTAPASTA EAT. ENJOY. SHARE.
  4. 4. the past, present, and the future Our broker and agents have sales histories and records that are among the top in our area. Our customers actually thought we were a brokerage for years, even when working with another company. We started the journey to create a different client experience and to offer agents a creative environment in which to succeed. PASTAPASTA Our Present sales records in the first 6 months of business have surpassed legacy brokerages, larger franchise brokerages both per agent and as a brokerage. We are growing our brand and are only working with agents who share our customer-centric EAT. ENJOY. SHARE. philosophy. We are technology forward which enables us to work efficiently and on the go. Our Future s filled with inspiration to affect a change in the perception of Realtors, an industry over 150 years old. It is our goal to be the brokerage and the agents that serve customers well, that are engaged in our community, that our customers can call on, long after a sale and feel proud to recommend to friends, family, and acquaintances.
  5. 5. partner Professionals PASTAPASTA With You should understand that First Story Real Estate Company is comprised of only full-time agents who you can hold accountable for professional ethics and posses personal skill sets that are rare . EAT. ENJOY. SHARE. We are not quantity based, although the success of our sales has come to us because of our customer referrals and highly developed marketing efforts. We can be found on social media and engaged with there and we have a staff that helps us with our marketing efforts. We are not online all day, but we have a fantastic system for producing a strong presence thanks to a unique marketing plan. We are masters at negotiations of transactions. You will want us at the closing table with you!
  6. 6. if you are serious... you will PASTAPASTA see that we are as well. Our Customers, are buying and selling lifestyles! First Story Realtors who know their way around Tallahassee, FL and how to counsel buyers EAT. and ENJOY. sellers to SHARE. make a quality home buying and selling decisions. Who better to work with you than professional, passionate and personable Realtors®? We accept customers, but we chose our clients. We only work with those whose attitudes make us better people, better Realtors. These are the people who are respectful of our time and energy, who understand we are people who understand our work comes after family, who are more true and forthright, and less predictably inconsiderate and dishonest. Are you ready to partner with First Story Real Estate?
  7. 7. A real estate transaction should result in satisfaction for EVERYONE involved. First Story Real Estate Company. 316 Williams St. Tallahassee, FL 32303 850-727-0066