Engaging the Reluctant Reader and Reluctant Writer: A teacher's resource


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This is a resource for literature and communications instructors. It is part of a presentation Debbie Elicksen and Kim Greyson gave at the Palliser Teachers' Convention in Calgary.

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Engaging the Reluctant Reader and Reluctant Writer: A teacher's resource

  1. 1. Engaging the Reluctant Reader and Reluctant Writer A teaching resource By Debbie Elicksen www.freelancepublishing.net/wp
  2. 2. FEAR Where is your delivery comfort? • Audio • Video • Words • Photography • Painting
  3. 3. CONQUERING FEAR • • • • • Break down into sub-categories Find a reason Face the challenge and do it anyway Take small steps to build stamina Mix it up
  5. 5. • Follow along when someone else reads. • Watch a video of the same work (Pride and Prejudice) as a book and find parallels and references; read the first part and show the first part of the film. • • Blend things like poetry and songs: pick a song you like, Google the lyrics, re-write the words. • Rewrite an article—how would you write it differently? Offer choices on how to approach it.
  6. 6. • Read a novel (if not on • Play a video on mute and the school’s describe it in detail so recommended list, get that a blind person can a note from parents understand the storyline. that it is okay to read it) and present your understanding of it.
  7. 7. WRITING
  8. 8. • Practice writing. • The first draft will have errors and flaws. • Your work is more than likely great, it just needs polishing. • What are things you are passionate about that you can write about? • • Write a paragraph from a favorite novel and redo it. • There is no right or wrong way—it’s about developing the story the best way you can. • Write about a person. • Write a piece of fiction from a picture.
  9. 9. • Get it down first—then • Make a story about what edit. you see in your environment: a flock of • Share it with a friend, if pigeons—from the comfortable (the pigeon’s perspective. purpose is not to change or correct, but • Stories do not have to be fill in the gaps, look for in written format; can be holes or sense, and pictures, audio, video, give credit for what comic book. looks good). • Take ideas from other writers. •
  10. 10. • If you read specific types of books, write that style. • Use tools from books and magazines that provide exercises to combat writer’s block. • Show, don’t tell. • Use all five senses. • Write about what you know. • Give your eyes a break after a long stretch of writing. • Write an outline to give you structure before embarking on your piece. • You don’t have to write in sequence. • Write a list of elements you want in your story then research it.
  12. 12. EDITING
  13. 13. SPELL CHECK IS A TOOL ONLY “Ode to the Spell Checker!“ Eye halve a spelling chequer It came with my pea sea It plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea. As soon as a mist ache is maid It nose bee fore two long And eye can put the error rite Its rare lea ever wrong. • It starts as a slab of stone. • Look for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling. • Look for poor construction, flow, redundancy. • Use a style guide, dictionary, and thesaurus.
  14. 14. WHERE TO FIND YOUR VOICE • • • • • • • Blogs Journal Ezines Newsletters Social networks YouTube iTunes • • • • • • Flickr Scribd Blogtalkradio CNN iReport SlideShare Facebook notes
  15. 15. http://www.freelancepublishing.net/wp/ http://www.youtube.com/user/debbieelicksen http://www.youtube.com/user/delicksen http://about.me/debbie.elicksen http://pinterest.com/debbieelicksen/ https://www.vizify.com/debbie-elicksen http://debbie-elicksen.brandyourself.com/ http://twitter.com/bookpublish101 http://ca.linkedin.com/in/debbieelicksen/ http://debbieelicksen.tumblr.com/ http://www.stage32.com/profile/76429/debbie-elicksen http://www.scoop.it/u/debbie-elicksen-lion https://plus.google.com/u/0/100541659917578195502/about http://www.youtube.com/user/VirtualNewsmakers
  16. 16. An adaptation of a PowerPoint Presentation from joint workshop with Debbie Elicksen and Kim Greyson at the Palliser Teacher’s Convention 2011