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Trends in-online-shopping-in-2014


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Trends in-online-shopping-in-2014

  1. 1. Trends In Online Shopping To Watch Out For In 2014 With the rapid increase in the mobile internet users, online shopping trends takes over traditional way of shopping. Unlike in the olden days, people shop from the comfort of their home. Many factors assume great significance in the growth of online shopping round the globe. The impact of social media, consumer behavior, advent of sophisticated technology, and the comforts of shop online made it a favorite among many shopaholics. Online shopping response in Bahrain Keeping in resonance with the global trends in online shopping, Bahrain, the small island in the Middle East gets its momentum with the drift from traditional shopping behavior. Bahrainites now prefer shop online to traditional shopping. The benefit of hassle free shopping experience with the easiness of fast payments makes it popular among the end users. The trends show that about more than half of the population is interested in buying from a virtual store. The most viewed product categories include mobiles, computers, laptops, consumer electronics and apparels. The most significant fact is that about three forth of consumers make their shop online activities via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Shop online sites provide testimonials and consumer reviews unlike what consumers experience while making a purchase from a physical store. Customer survey reveal the reasons why an online store is preferred by consumers. Reaching back to your customers help you retain them for a very long while. For an ecommerce business, it seems truly affordable to re-engage with current and old customers. It seems a better tactics where clicks, ad impressions and conversions costs high. Hence, looking for new customers seems so dear in ecommerce scenario and the motto is earning maximum business with the existing customers. Customized interfaces allows businesses to know about the consumer preferences and their attitude. No doubt, future holds great opportunities for online shopping and buy and sell in Bahrain follows the very trend that is seen around the globe. Visit: