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Best lecture


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Published in: Technology, Travel
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Best lecture

  1. 1. Educate• I wanted to “Pull out” the knowledge rather than push it
  2. 2. Learn and Then Earn
  3. 3. Learn To Unlearn
  4. 4. Change is the Only Constant
  5. 5. Technology
  6. 6. Life• It is a Journey not a destination
  7. 7. What Would You Take With U
  8. 8. GodWhen Life gets out of control God is in control
  9. 9. Christian Muslim Understanding
  10. 10. Stepping Outside of Your Confort Zone
  11. 11. JOB Just Over Broke
  12. 12. Connections• It is not who you know
  13. 13. Be ethical
  14. 14. Tithe
  15. 15. Say I love U
  16. 16. Pay Your employees Fairly
  17. 17. Treat Your Customers : Platinum Rule
  18. 18. Pay Your Suppliers On Time
  19. 19. Be On Time : No IBM
  20. 20. Live Your Life To the Fullest• xCY
  21. 21. Marry Young
  22. 22. Don’t be Materialistic
  23. 23. Be Positive
  24. 24. Enjoy Uni
  25. 25. Read a book a week
  26. 26. Leaving Lebanon• “Ask not your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country” GKG
  27. 27. Difference• Xvxryonx makxs a diffxrxncx
  28. 28. Believe In yourself• Roger Bannister 4 minute Mile
  29. 29. Visualize• Close your eyes and visualize having accomplished a goal
  30. 30. Take A Millionaire• Ask questions
  31. 31. Family• No matter if you have problems with your family stick by your parents
  32. 32. Love• “Find the person who will love you because of your differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life.” Leo Buscaglia
  33. 33. • “Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you. So carve your name on hearts and not on marble.” C.H.Spurgeon
  34. 34. Never Give up• Btk
  35. 35. You Are Unique• Do not pretend you are someone else. You are not copy paste
  36. 36. Dare To Dream A Big Ass Dream• Have a Dream that is so Huge that you are embarrassed to share it with anyone.• EIc&feature=related
  37. 37. Write Down Your Goals• Write every goal down on paper and once you reach the goal put a checkmark
  38. 38. Be a Risk Taker• If you risk nothing you get nothing
  39. 39. Passion
  40. 40. I Believe in You• I will be here for you whether face to face , on FB, Twitter , email bse I believe that you came into my Life for a reason
  41. 41. Stay Away From Dream Stealers• Don’t assume associate yourself with –ive people
  42. 42. Take Massive Action• Just Like Texas Hold Them “ All in ”
  43. 43. FEAR• False Expectations Appearing Real
  44. 44. Failure• When one door closes another opens
  45. 45. Love Lebanon• “Had Lebanon not been my country I would have chosen Lebanon to be” GKG