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Matterness - Making People Matter


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Matterness is a way to make people feel known, acknowledged and invited to participate in all your organizational efforts. Passive audiences become active, and passionate supporters  then become your best ambassadors. Supporters enthusiastically contribute their knowledge, networks and funds to support your cause. This presentation, given at a Valley Gives 1.5 hr in-person workshop, covers the principles of Matterness to make your people feel acknowledged, empowered and activated using social media, along with examples and a deep case study. Slide deck includes discussion prompts for nonprofits around fundraising and organizational behavior.

Developed in collaboration with Allison Fine, my partner in

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Matterness - Making People Matter

  1. 1. Matterness Making People Matter More In A Social World
  2. 2. 2 About the presenter 2 Former executive director, community organizer, business consultant Social media & digital engagement strategy for mission-driven orgs since 2009 Digital Engagement Strategist @askdebra
  3. 3. Who’s in the room?
  4. 4. When has an organization or person made you feel… like you matter?
  5. 5. People don’t feel as if they matter “I’ve been a member for years!” “Why don’t you talk to me like a person?” “You keep misspelling my name” “I never got a thank you”
  6. 6. Why is Matterness so important? Our people have a lot of choices Make our resources go further Donor retention Organizational sustainability Countering negative publicity Moving stakeholders to action!
  7. 7. Matterness is a different way of working that turns passive stakeholders into active participants by making each person known, acknowledged & invested in your success.
  8. 8. Institutionalizing Matterness Org Culture Stakeholder Engagement Capital Unleashed
  9. 9. Org culture
  10. 10. Inherent tensions prevent Matterness • Fear of losing control • Busyness trap of transactions • Push < > Pull of broadcasting content vs. online engagement • Need to raise money • Limited staff time • Hard to simultaneously “do the work” and strategize • And...?
  11. 11. But tensions can become conversations
  12. 12. Making it part of the culture: #GivingTuesday
  13. 13. Institutionalizing Matterness Org Culture Stakeholder Engagement Capital Unleashed
  14. 14. Matterness is not really what you want to talk about…
  15. 15. It’s what they want to talk about
  16. 16. Matterness is not… Customer service Window dressing A zero-sum game A plan to raise money
  17. 17. Make the org personal
  18. 18. Even when it’s hard
  19. 19. Matterness is also personal “82% of people are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team engage with social media.” “86% of people rated CEO social media engagement as somewhat important, very important or mission critical.” - BRANDfog CEO Social Media Leadership Survey 24
  20. 20. Exactly how personal?? Your interests only Your interests (+ your professional voice) Your professional voice (+ your interests) The distanced professional 25 © 2016 Community Organizer 2.0
  21. 21. Transparent Trustworthy Generating ideas Conversational Willingness to be YOU
  22. 22. Matterness is a different way of working that turns passive stakeholders into active participants by making each person known, acknowledged & invested in your success.
  23. 23. Share Pair Exercise 1. What is holding your organization back from implementing Matterness? 1. How could you make people known and heard as part of your Valley Gives experience?
  24. 24. Institutionalizing Matterness Org Culture Stakeholder Engagement Capital Unleashed
  25. 25. Matterness = More Resources What happens when they’re unleashed?
  26. 26. SocialMedia Engage Create Trust Moveto Action Understand the Social Media Ladder of Engagement
  27. 27. Matterness is working with and not at people • Creating ways for people to participate • Being in conversation online and on land • Providing opportunities for supporters to tell their own stories • Providing opportunities to connect with each other • Following as well as leading • Treating everyone like people • Being real online
  28. 28. Insert ADA Give It Forward example
  29. 29. Spread out the work
  30. 30. Libraries Yes! Multnomah County
  31. 31. Case Study: Lily The Black Bear
  32. 32. Lily The Black Bear’s Matterness Engage: Watch videos on Facebook and Livecam, read blog, visit site Participate: Facebook comment, follow tweets, discuss and comment Acknowledged and valued: Offer opinions and feedback, vote in contests, name the bear, ask a question on Facebook forum, etc. Co-create & invest in the org: Post your own photos, tweet & comment proactively, build a birdhouse, etc.
  33. 33. Share Pair Exercise 1. How could you bring co-creation and stakeholder engagement into your Valley Gives success? 1. What opportunities could your organization offer its stakeholders to engage in co-creation, on land and online?
  34. 34. Your Matterness Challenge EXPERIMENT!
  35. 35. Putting it all together • Create your connected self online • Understand what your people want to talk about • Develop a plan for real online community co- creation and other deep engagement • Determine what capital you want to unleash • Implement a Matterness experiment…and have fun learning!
  36. 36. Don’t forget to have fun!I’m always available to answer follow- up questions! Email: Website/blog: Linkedin: Twitter: @askdebra Other slides: Telephone: (617) 682-2977