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  1. 1. DEBASIS BEHERA Taranga sagar pur Dasarath pur +880-1926692326 Jajpur Orissa +91-9078585600 Job Objective:- Seeking in the areas of Project Management, Electrical Engineering, Operations & Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Testing, Erection & Commissioning with a reputed organisation. TOTAL EXP –9yrs of working exp. in Electrical Automation and Electrical Maintenance. ORGANISATIONAL DETAILS Since From 16th Nov 2015-Abul Khair Steel Ltd.(Bangladesh) Currently working as Technical Expert in CASTER ELECTRICAL AND AUTOMATION DEPT. That includes 6 strand billet caster of Denali Technology. Maintenances of 6 strand billet caster Denali technology at Abulkhair steel, Bangladesh PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES- From 6th Jun 2013 to Nov 2015 -JSPL ,ANGUL,Orissa DY. MANAGER in CASTER ELECTRICAL AND AUTOMATION DEPT. That includes Siemens vai technology 1.65MTPA slab caster of thickness(200/260/300),width 900mm-2300mm caster cranes.(150 ton caster bay crane, 80 ton segment and mould repair bay crane, 4x 160ton slab yard Drive operated Tong crane) Commissioning and maintenances of electrical and automation of 8 strand billet caster of sms concast technology at Jindal steel and power
  2. 2. From Aug 2010 TO JUN 2013-Essar Steel LTd , Hazira,Surat ESSAR STEEL LTD , Hazira (Gujarat) as a DY.MANAGER in CASTER ELECTRICAL AND AUTOMATION DEPT. That includes 1.5MTPA sms siemag automation technology slab caster of Thickness 200mm , width 600mm -1800 mm . From JUN 2007 TO AUG 2010 – Bhushan steel Ltd,Angul,Orissa ( FROM JUN 2007 TO AUG 2010) BHUSHAN STEEL LTD, ANGUL (ORISSA) That includes 1.8MTPA sms siemag automation technology slab caster of Thickness 230mm,width 800mm -1680mm. Areas of Working  Erection, commissioning and maintenance of 3 phase Distribution transformers (2MVA, 6.6/0.433 KV)  PLC (S7300; S7400) & Drives (Siemens Master Drive, sienamics S120)  Maintenance of EOT Cranes.  Automatic Mould level control, with both VUHZ sensor and cobalt 60 source.  Remote Adjust Mould with hydraulic servo valve and electric drive.  Working knowledge of BOP system.  Working knowledge of Automatic Segment Tapper Control (ASTC) system.  Working knowledge of failsafe PLC.  Commissioning and Maintenance of TCM, DEBURRER, ANDSPRAY MARKER MACHINE  Commissioning And Maintenance of Centralized Grease Lubrication System.  Maintenances Motor & instruments (Pressure Switches, Limit Switches; Proximity and Photoelectric switch).  All types of AC Motor Maintenance & troubleshooting in Continuous casting plant  Scheduling & Handling of Preventive maintenance, Shutdown & Breakdown maintenance jobs for caster
  3. 3.  Implementing modifications required for smooth operation of equipments & minimizing their down time.  Project Management, Manpower Planning and Material handling  Assessment of feasibility & preparation of plan/drawings to set up  Electrical equipment’s at their assigned location  And also finalization of cable tray roots for power cable, control cable, communication cable.  Also having knowledge of safety interlocks in caster as sms -standard  Erection, Testing & Commissioning of all Electrical equipment required Continuous Slab Caster; briefly as under:  Working with profibus network and also working knowledge of MCC and VVVF drives.  Wincc (HMI).STEP-7,PCS-7,WONDERARE,WINCC FLEXIBLE Hydraulic system(hydraulic pump, servo valve, proportional valve, solenoid valve)  Grease lubrication system .Erection commissioning and calibration of shank load cell Erection,commissioning of temposonic (position transducer)  Proximity switch, limit switch, level sensor, level switch, photo sensor. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION  B_TECH in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National institute of science and Technology, ORISSA, 71.2%.  Higher Secondary (10+2) from B.J.B College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.  Secondary (10th ) from Dasarath Pur High School, Jaipur, Orissa. COMPUTER SKILL Designing Software:MATLAB 7.1 Oracle - I (OCA Certification) Programming Language: C, C++ Windows 98/2000 Professional/ XP, MS WORD, MS EXCEL PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth : 6th June 1984 Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Married Passport Number : J0394948 Languages : English, Hindi and Oriya Permanent Address : Taranga sagarpur DasarathPur Jajpur
  4. 4. Orissa-755006 DATE : Debasis Behera