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Chung Hung Steel


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Chung Hung Steel

  1. 1. Chung Hung Steel
  2. 2. Chung Hung’s predecessor was Yieh Loong Enterprise Co., Ltd. and officially renamed on July 14, 2004) was established in Chiao Tou Hsieng of Kaohsiung County in September 1983, and the current paid-in capital is NT$14.35 billion. In the early 1987, it accomplished the establishment of the Cold Rolling Department with the annual capacity of 450 thousand tons, which produces the cold rolled coil and tempered coil with the thickness of 0.15~2.0mm and width of 900~1225mm. In the mid-1987, it established the Pipe & Tube Department with the annual capacity of 72 thousand tons in Da Fa Industrial District, which produces the API and structural pipes. In April 1997, it accomplished the establishment of the Hot Rolling Department with the annual capacity of 2.4 million tons, which produces the hot rolled coil with the thickness of 1.20~12.7mm. In terms of the vertical integration of upstream and downstream domestic steel industry, Chung Hung Steel Corporation formed the strategic alliance with China Steel Corporation (“CSC”) in the year-end of 1999. In 2000, it officially became a member of CSC Group.
  3. 3. Production Hot Rolling Exclusivity The Hot Rolling Department of Chung Hung commenced its construction on May 22nd, 1995, and was completed in less than two years with the first coil being produced on April 28, 1997. We set a new record then for the shortest construction time of similar plants in the steel industry. This mill is equipped with the most cutting-edge facilities supplied by the first-class suppliers in the world, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries and Chugai Ro of Japan. It operates with the accurate automatic control system, which has the characteristics of elaborate high production capacity and low costs with short manufacturing process, uniform temperature in slab heating, energy conservation, and pollution prevention facilities, so as to precisely produce the sizes required by customers and hot rolled coils with high quality. The hot rolling line is 320 meters long, whose main equipments consist of two reheating furnaces, one reversing roughing mill, one coil box and one 4-high 6 stand finishing mill. Its annual designed production capacity is 2.4 million tons, which may produce all kinds of hot rolled bands and hot rolled temper grade coils with excellent quality and with the thickness of 1.2~12.7mm and width of 900~1560 mm.
  4. 4. Moreover, the Skin Pass Mill is supplied by UBE Industries of Japan; apart from tempering, it is capable of processing the leveling and dividing of coils to the thinnest extent as 1.2 mm in thickness with annual design production capacity of 1.2 million tons. This Hot Rolling Department has been respectively accredited with ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates in 2002, and hot rolled coils produced accordingly are materials widely applied for producing hardware, transportation container, automobile body plates, home appliances, structural pipes, as well as construction pipes in addition to producing cold rolled coils and galvanized materials.
  5. 5. 1. Walking beam type as the pushing conveyance device 2. 10 zones of computer auto-temperature control to get more uniform temperature in slabs 3. Offset skid design for reducing the skid mark in slabs to increase the quality of slabs REHEATING FURNACE
  6. 6. 1. High pressure scale breaker at entrance and exit to increase the surface quality of products 2. Continuous reversing 4 high rolling mill with screw down and balance oil cylinder mechanism for rolling stability 3. Equipped with edger and AWC width auto control system for more precise rolling width than the tradition fashion 4. Semi-auto work roller change equipment for reducing roller changing time so as to increase the production capacity 5. Auto lubrication system for the transmit equipment to reduce maintenance time so as to increase the utilization of the equipment ROUGHING MILL
  7. 7. 1. Saving total space of the hot rolling production lines and the costs of establishing equipments 2. Keeping the coil temperature uniform and reducing cold mark through coiling 3. Roughing mill and finishing mill can work at the same time to reduce pacing time 4. Optimum Cutting Control System to reduce cutting loss of crop so as to increase the output rate COIL BOX
  8. 8. 1. 4 high reversing mill ´ 6 stands 2. With work rolls side shift mechanisms and bending mechanisms for more feasibility in production scheduling and stability of crown of coils 3. Use AGC Auto thickness and shape control system to control the thickness of steel strips more precisely and secure the thickness required by customers 4. Available thickness of 1.2~12.7mm (the manufacturing process of 18mm having been independently developed) 5. Automatically rapid work rolls change equipment adopted so as to reduce the time of changing rollers FINISHING MILL
  9. 9. 1. to reach proper temperature prior to coiling 2. auto temperature control equipped in the 11th bank, trimming control on No.4 and No. 11 banks, so as to promptly fix the temperature deviation 3. the cooling system is divided into 4 regions to control and the side spray system is equipped in each region 4. Cooling Down Capability:300℃ LAMINAR FLOW COOLING SYSTEM
  10. 10. 1. Equipped with auto jumping control system, utilizes the jumping control of three wrapper rolls for achieving the down coiling function 2. Equipped with auto banding system and auto numbering marking control system 3. Computer auto track of coils from coiling to conveying DOWN COIL
  11. 11. 1. 4 high mill with Push-UP control system 2. Center position control function to secure flat gesture of coils 3. With leveler mechanism and slitting function SKIN PASS MILL
  12. 12. Product introduction Hot rolled coils, a.k.a. black skin coils, can be suitable for re-rolling, slitting, and piping, and have a wide range of applications. The annual design production capacity of Chung Hung’s hot strip mill is 2.4 million tons, which may produce hot rolled bands and hot rolled tempered coils conforming to all kinds of specifications with the thickness of 1.2~12.7mm and width of 900~1560 mm. Hot rolled products are made from slabs which are reheated in the hot strip mill at proper temperature, rolled in the roughing mill, through the coil box, rolled in the finishing mill, cooled in the laminar flow cooling system, and eventually down coiled into hot rolled bands in the down coil. The hot bands will be conveyed to the skin pass mill for pertinently tempering, crop shearing, weighing, packaging and marking to be further processed into tempered coils. All hot rolled products of Chung Hung have been accredited with ISO 9001 for quality management system certificate, ISO 14001 for management system certificate, and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety management system certificate.
  13. 13. Hot rolled coils have the characteristics that include adequate strength, well toughness, good weld ability, and easy formability, which can be used not only as the main materials in producing cold rolled coils, but also widely applied for hardware, automobile body plates, home appliances, structural pipes, construction pipes, and construction steels for structure. Specifications and main applications of hot rolled products are listed in the following table:
  14. 14. Cold Rolling Exclusivity The Cold Rolling Department is established in 1987 whose main production equipments are the pickling line with 68 meters long, 6Hi UC-Mill, batch annealing, and tempered equipments. Its annual design production capacity is 450 thousand tons, which may produce cold rolled full hard plates and tempered coils with the thickness of 0.15~2.35mm and width of 850~1250mm. Due to the long-term dedication to the promotion of technology and quality, products have reached the first-class standards. In September 1994, it has became the fist domestic Cold Rolling Department accredited with ISO 9002 certificate, and has made successfully conversion in October 2002 and was accredited with ISO 9001 certificate of the 2000 version; moreover, it is also accredited with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates. The roughness of this mill’s cold rolled products has dull finish and bright finish. Due to the excellent mechanic properties and easy processing with the merits of average thickness, flat surface, and easy forming, such products elaborate the steel materials to the utmost extent. This mill’s cold rolled products are widely welcome because of their attributes of being economical, durable, and easy forming. They are suitable materials for stationery (staples and hole punchers), home appliances (oven and toaster), office furniture (information cabinets, tables, and chairs), sports equipment (treadmill and fitness appliances), construction materials (wave board and iron winding door) and the currently widely popular computer cases, which are all formed from cold rolled plates and topped with galvanization and paint coating.
  15. 15. Pickling Line Main Function:De-scale, trim to the desired width Range of Thickness:1.3mm~4.5mm Range of Width:870mm~1,320mm Annual Capacity:450,000 Tons Production facilities DAVY Rolling Machine (Cold Rolling Department No.1) Main Function:Rolled to the thickness as ordered by customers (4Hi UC-Mill) Speed of Line:360mpm Max Range of Thickness:0.5mm~3.7mm Range of Width:900mm~1,275mm Annual Capacity:180,000 Tons
  16. 16. UC (Cold Rolling Department No.2) Main Function:Rolled to the thickness as ordered by customers (6Hi UC-Mill) Speed of Line:1,200mpm Max Range of Thickness:0.15mm~3.0mm Range of Width:600mm~1,300mm Annual Capacity:300,000 Tons Production facilities Electrolytic Degreasing Line Main Function:Electrolytic cleaning Speed of Line:450mpm Max Annual Capacity:400,000Tons
  17. 17. Annealing Line No.1 Base:21 stands Main Function:Annealing External diameter of coils:1,740mm Max Height of Stack:3,940mm Max Annual Capacity:220,000Tons Production facilities Annealing Line No.2 Base:12 stands Main function and Feature: Main Function:Annealing External diameter of coils:2,000mm Max Height of Stack:5,177mm Max Annual Capacity:150,000 Tons
  18. 18. Skin Passing Line Main Function:Make tempered coils easier to be formed Speed of Line:600mpm Max Range of Thickness:0.6mm~2.3mm Annual Capacity:300,000 Tons Production facilities Tension Leveling and Skin Passing Line Main Function:Temper coils, level and trim to the desired width, electrolytic spraying oil machine Speed of Line:610mpm Max Range of Thickness:0.18mm~2.0mm Annual Capacity:250,000 Tons
  19. 19. Recoiling & Tension Leveller Line Main function and Feature: Main Function:level, recoil, trim to the desired width, and spray oil electrolytically Speed of Line:500 mpm Max Range of Thickness:0.15mm~2.0mm Annual Capacity:350,000 Tons Production facilities
  20. 20. Steel pipe exclusivity The Pipe & Tube Department of Chung Hung was established in May 1987 and began its fabrication operation at the same time. This mill owns the first and largest ERW Pipe & Tube Department in Taiwan and the manufacturing technology to produce the API welded steel pipe of 20’’. Furthermore, it may provide customers with round pipes of different kinds of specifications and sizes. The welding method of steel pipes adopts “H.F. electric resistance welding”. This mill is equipped with slitters, No.2 Line and No.3 Line that respectively produce round pipelines or structural pipes of 4”~8” and 10”~20” . It is also equipped with shot blasting machine and PE coating line that may coat pipes pursuant to requirements of customers to increase their durability and insulation. This mill is the first professional Pipe & Tube Department that passes the examination of JIS in Taiwan’s steel industry. Subsequently, it passes the CNS certification of Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection of Ministry of Economics Affairs, is granted the license to use API trademarks, i.e. API-5L and API-5CT, by America Petroleum Institute, and is accredited with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates. Up till now, this mill still maintains excellent technology and environment safety standards. The main products of this mill are API-5CT casing and tubing, API-5L pipes for pipeline transportation, and ASTM pipes for ordinary piping and structure, with the length of 6M~13M and width of 2.8mm~16.0mm.
  21. 21. Production Facilities Slitter Slitters play the role in the manufacturing process to cut coils into strips conforming to the width required by the ERW Pipe & Tube Department, and the quality of the cutting influences the production quality of the ERW steel pipe, which is the first stop of the pipe manufacturing process. Annual Capacity:84,000 Tons Speed of Line:70 M/min(Max.) Weight of coils:28 Tons(Max.) Width of coils:1.6 M(Max.) Thickness of coils:2.0mm~16.0mm External diameter of coils:2.0M
  22. 22. Production Facilities No.2 Line Produce round pipes of 4”~8” mainly for pipeline transportation and casing and tubing. All improvement proposals and information technology of manufacturing processes are implemented year by year to promote quality and quantity. Annual Capacity:48,000 Tons Product Standard:API, ASTM, JIS and BS Speed of Line:20M/min (Max.) Product Specification:4 ", 5 ", 6 " and 8 " Product Thickness:2.8mm~12.7mm Product Length:5.5M~13M
  23. 23. Production Facilities No.3 Line This line has the ERW Pipe & Tube Department with the largest diameter utilizing the resistance welding method in Taiwan and produces large steel pipes of 10”~20”. Annual Capacity:24,000 Tons Product Standard:API, ASTM and JIS Speed of Line:12M/min (Max.) Product Specification:10", 12", 16", 18" and 20" Product Thickness:5.7mm~16.0mm Product Length:5.5M~13.0M
  24. 24. Production Facilities No.7 Line It mainly produces square flat pipes with small diameter and round pipes of 2”~ 4”. Annual Capacity:15,000 Tons Product Standard:JIS, CNS and BS Speed of Line:48M/min (Max.) Product Specification:50×50, 60×60, 40×80, 45×75, 50×100, 75×75 and 2”~4” round pipes Product Thickness:1.5mm~5.5mm Product Length:5.0M~12.0M
  25. 25. Production Facilities PE Coating Line The PE coating line includes 1-sand shot blasting machine and PE coating machine that coat pipes pursuant to requirements of customers and strength the de-scaling, wear-resisting and insulation abilities. Annual Capacity:15,000 Tons Product Standard:JIS and requirements of customers Speed of Line:2M/min (Max.) Product Specification:4" ~42" Product Thickness:1.5mm~16.0mm Product Length:4.0M~12.0M
  26. 26. Product introduction Pipe & Tube products are widely used for pipeline transportation, general structures, and machine structures. The annual production capacity of Chung Hung pipe mill is 70,000 tons per year. The available size is 3 1/2" to 20" in diameter and 1.2 to 12.7mm in thickness for all kinds of pipe products conforming to different international standards. In addition to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 1800, Chung Hung has also gained the certificates of API 5L, API 5CT, CNS 2056 G3030, CNS 4178 G3098, CNS 4435 G3102, CNS 4437 G3103, CNS 4626 G3111, CNS 7141 G3134, CNS 2606 G4060, CNS 6445 G3127, JIS G3444, JIS G3466 and JIS G3452.
  27. 27. With excellent quality, high strength, sufficient ductility, and easy forming, pipe products of Chung Hung can be widely applied for pipeline transportation, casing and tubing, general structures, machine structures, and so on. The types and main applications of pipe products can be listed as the following table:
  28. 28. Financial Report Chung Hung - 2012 Chung Hung - 2013