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Deborah L. Kraidman
2 Creek Court ▪ Easton Pa., 18040
215-429-9868 ▪
Results-oriented, dedicated, prof...
Kraidman,Deborah 215-429-9868
Reportingto the CEO and Directors,managedtheincidentreportingprocessfor accidentsandincident...
 SecuredinformationneededtoconductMonthlySafetyMeetings.
Laidlaw International,Inc.,Newtown,PA 2001-2003
Laidlaw Internat...
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Deb Kraidman Resume Al (1) (1) (1) (1)

  1. 1. Deborah L. Kraidman 2 Creek Court ▪ Easton Pa., 18040 215-429-9868 ▪ Results-oriented, dedicated, professional specializing in business operations and transportation management. Excels in clientand staff relationship management, organized recordkeeping,policy and process development and improvement. Manages withoutdrama to obtain business objectives. Able to grasp concepts quickly and use sound judgmentto excel in every opportunity. Collaborates and communicates effectively. Quality focused. Knowledgeable in a wide range of transportation and management functions including:  Operations management  Staff development  Workers Compensation/benefits administration  Policy/program development  Cross-functional team management  Supervision and training  Team Building  Time Management  Regulatory compliance (i.e. DOT)  Workflow planning  Process Improvement  Administrative skills  Customer/Public Relations  Employee scheduling  Problem Resolution  Performance Evaluation  Human Resources  Real Estate Management  Multi- site Operations Education, Certifications and Professional Training  Commercial Driver License (CDL – Class B)  HS Diploma  MS Access  Business Writing  Communication with Tact and Professionalism  Dealing with Difficult People  Drug & Alcohol awareness  Managing Emotions under pressure  Smith System certified and recertified 10 + yrs  PA. School Bus Instructor  PA. Third Party Examiner (CDL – Class B )  Act 126  Secure-Lock tie downs  TSI Collision investigation Career Synopsis George KrapfJr & Sons Inc., West Chester,PA 2006to 2015 Family operated local and interstate transportation services provider specializing in Para-transit, Transit, Student and Charter services. SafetyOfficer / Manager
  2. 2. Kraidman,Deborah 215-429-9868 Reportingto the CEO and Directors,managedtheincidentreportingprocessfor accidentsandincidentsfor schoolbus,transit and para-transitdivisions.  DesignedandmaintainaccidentdatabaseforallKrapf Companies.  Provide monthlydatareports on accidentstothe CEO andBoard of Directorsfor All Krapf Companies.  Work directlywith insurance carriers,regardingaccidentinvestigation,payoutsto other partiesand subrogationof moniesasa result of an accident.  Manageandmonitorvehiclerentalsandpayments.  RepresentKrapf for worker compensation matters,includingfilingclaims,monitoring,claimreview,and providing guidanceand educationto supervisors andemployees.  Review driver motorvehiclerecords.  Safety Evaluations andguidanceofdriver performances.  Guidesupervisorsin proactivesafety ideas.  Provide trainingandguidanceto safety officers.  Designandimplementdriver safety programs,oversee allnewand existingdriver trainingprograms.  Scheduleandinstructaccidentretraining (SmithSystem)course.  Trackdriveraccidenthistories;recommenddisciplinaryactionsforover 1400employees.  MonitorGPSviolations andgeneratereport to vehicleoperator'smanagers.  Assure vehiclecompliancewithDOT rulesandregulations.  Securesafe locationsforstudent pickup/dropoff, reroutingof busesfor safety assurance.  Investigate potentialworkplaceandroadhazards, suggestand implementsolutions.  Serve as a liaison between thecompany,employees,public,andcustomers.  Work directlywith the Directorof RiskManagementtoidentify safety trends, recommendworkingsolutions.  ConductThirdPartyLicenseexaminations.  Respondandconductaccidentinvestigations  Insuredthat employeesfollowedcompanypolicies  Dispatch,developingrouting anddrive buses whenneeded. FirstStudent,Newtown,Pa. 2005-2006 Leading school transportation solutions provider in the United States SafetyCoordinator/Director (2005-2006) Reportingto the RegionalVP, ledthe developmentandmanagementofthe third party licensingprograms,and administeredCDLClassBlicensing.  Developedandinstituted driver trainer program,including educationofstaff, monitoring,andassignmentof trainingstaff.  Conductedmonthlysafetymeetings.  Hiredand ensuredpolicyawarenessbyallemployees,alongwith other HumanResourceduties.  Ranreview processfornew andexisting employeemotorvehiclerecordsandbackgroundchecks through DAC andUSIS.  In chargeof DOT andDMO compliance.  Handledallaspectsof Worker Compensation.  Respondedtoaccidents,investigatedandfiledaccident/incidentreports,handledallinsurancecontacts, kept accurateandorganizedrecords.  Setup random drugtesting, conductedsalviaalcoholtesting,filedandsecuredpaperworkfor both types of test.  Insuredthat employeesfollowed companypolicies.  Dispatched,developed routing,anddrove buses if needed.  Work directlywith the OperationsManageto identifyaccidenttrendsandprovide workingsolutionsfor trends. School BusDriver/Instructor 2003-2005 Instructednew andexisting employeesonevery aspectof schoolbusdriving and companypolicies.  Maintainedproperandaccuraterecords.
  3. 3.  SecuredinformationneededtoconductMonthlySafetyMeetings. Laidlaw International,Inc.,Newtown,PA 2001-2003 Laidlaw International, Inc. (with corporate headquarters in Naperville, Illinois), was a predecessor corporation of First Student (United States), a US subsidiary of the UK transport firm First Group plc. At the time of its acquisition by FirstGroup, Laidlaw was the largest provider of intercity bus services, contract public transit, and paratransit in the United States and Canada. Driver  Transportedstudentstoand from school,field trips, andsports related trips. Regis Hairstyling,Langhorne,PA 1995-2001 Regis Corporation is a multibillion-dollar enterprise and the global leader in beauty salons, hair restoration and cosmetology education. Stylist  Cut, Shape, Design, Color, Straighten and Perm.  Men, women and children's hair Century 21 Davis,Langhorne,PA 1991 -1993 Realtor  List, sell and have legal knowledge of all aspects of Real Estate Johnson&Johnson,EastBrunswick,NJ. 1980-1990 Johnson & Johnson has 265 operating companies in more than 60 countries employing approximately 126,500 people, including the 6th largest consumer health and biologics company and the 5th largest pharmaceutical company. MachineOperator Set up, ran and packeddifferenttypes of Band-aidandCast makingmachines.