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Our annual report FY09 demonstrates both my creative writing and editorial work.

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Svots Annual Report 2008 11 X17 Full Re7

  1. 1. Continuing the Legacy & Securing the Trust THE SVS VINE ANNUAL REPORT FY08 St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary is honored that His Grace JONAH, Bishop of Fort Worth, was elected Metropolitan of All America and Canada of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) at the 15th All-American Council on November 12, 2008. His Beatitude is an alumnus of St. Vladimir’s, having received his Master of Divinity degree in 1985 and a Master of Theology in Dogmatics in 1988. A complete profile of His Beatitude may be found on page 8 of our Annual Report FY08. “This life of the world is what is sanctified and made transparent to the Kingdom. In preaching and teaching, guiding the spiritual formation of monastics and lay faithful, establishing a monastery and several missions, and now undertaking the guidance of a local Church, the vision given me by St. Vladimir’s informs all my work.” —His Beatitude, the Most Blessed JONAH SVS Chancellor Archpriest Chad Hatfield (left) and Dean Arch- priest John Behr (right) greet His Beatitude JONAH, just after his election to the office of Metropolitan of All America and Canada. 20 St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary This annual report was printed on 30% post-consumer, recycled paper. r The publication of this Annual Report was underwritten through the generosity of the Board of Trustees of St. Vladimir's Seminary. PERMIT # 214 CEDAR RAPIDS, IA US POSTAGE PAID NON-PROFIT 575 SCARSDALE ROAD, YONKERS, NY 10707-1659 ST VLADIMIR’S ORTHODOX THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 0
  2. 2. THE SVS VINE Annual Report FY08 St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary THE DEAN’S REPORT The new curriculum responds to the The new curriculum changing nature of our incoming student body. responds to the changing Seminary students today are coming from ever more diverse backgrounds, with a wide variety nature of our incoming I AM THE VINE; of ecclesial as well as life experience. This new student body. reality, along with the simple fact that there is YOU ARE THE BRANCHES. now a greater range of literature to be read (much of it already read by incoming students), we anticipate making a few more faculty hires IF YOU REMAIN IN ME has prompted a new curriculum that pares for the next academic year. The school contin- AND I IN YOU, down the number of academic classes and re- ues to grow, and its continued growth depends structures the daily and weekly schedule, to on nurturing and encouraging the faculty. YOU WILL BEAR MUCH FRUIT; allow for greater focus in the classes and to open The names of our faculty over our past seventy APART FROM ME space for more musical, liturgical, and pastoral years read like a roll call of those who have instruction. A variety of workshops and other done the most to speak Orthodox theology YOU CAN DO NOTHING. events are also now regular features during the in the twentieth century, to grapple with the JOHN 15:5 semester, complementing and enriching the ed- spiritual and ecclesial questions of the day, ucation of our students. and to promote an authentic expression of In addition to our renewed attention to Orthodox life in the present; I am confident the education of our students, we have also that as we move further into the twenty-first turned our attention to their spouses, again re- century, our faculty will appropriate this inher- sponding directly to the needs of the Church itance and leave its own legacy of excellence. St. Vladimir’s Seminary (SVS) has begun a new in North America. We are now in the second St. Vladimir’s Seminary has been a beacon for lease of life. Thanks to the visionary work of the year of a three-year comprehensive Spouses’ the Church throughout the world; its light will Board of Trustees, former deans, and seminary Program that not only nurtures their growth in continue to shine ever brighter. administration over the last decade and more, life and faith and spiritual understanding, but But much work still lies ahead. In the the foundations were laid with the Lakeside also prepares them for the joys and difficulties months and years to come, we expect to be Contents Apartments and the John G. Rangos building (with its superb library) for providing housing on campus for a host of married students and their families and for setting up a conducive space for that lie ahead as they accompany their spouses in their future ministry. As always, Three Hierarchs Chapel is the heart of our life on campus. The daily announcing new programs, drawing upon new talent and addressing further needs. We need to refurbish our classrooms, dormitories, and chapel façade, as well as continue to develop our study. The work of the faculty over the past pattern of Matins and Vespers, the workshop ability to provide students with adequate schol- Dean’s Report 1 years has resulted in the development of a new in which we are formed individually and arships, so that students will be prepared here Chancellor’s Report 1 curriculum, which was inaugurated in 2007, the collectively as the body of Christ, provides the as best as they can be and will go out to serve as fruits of which we continue to see unfold. And framework for all our other activities. We have debt free as they can be. We face considerable Executive Chair’s Report 2 the decision of the Board to implement a new begun this year to broaden and deepen our challenges, but by the grace of God and by your Board Roster 2 governance structure last year, with the appoint- students’ experience of the life of prayer by support we are ready to meet them. I ment of a Chancellor and Dean, has meant that providing a weekly period of lectio divina and Father Alexander Schmemann Legacy Society 3 all aspects of seminary life—from the state of the corporate practice of the Jesus Prayer, and A Year at St. Vladimir’s Seminary 4–6 the grounds to the final examinations—can be we will be celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas SVS Alumni Association 7 given greater attention, to provide the best pos- with a full All-Night Vigil. sible environment for the formation of future This year, we have welcomed to our fac- The Very Rev. Dr. John Behr SVS Profiles 8–13 priests and leaders of the Church. ulty a new professor in Liturgical Music, and Dean The Case for Support 14 Annual Giving Societies 15–17 St. Vladimir’s Seminary Stewards 18 Enriching Student and Church Life 19 THE CHANCELLOR’S “Accountability” and “transparency” are two connected somehow to extracting money from people, but as a term that reflects our Continuing the Legacy & Securing the Trust 20 REPORT words that have found prominence in the American Public Square in recent years. theological belief that everything is God’s. The ecclesiastical realm, at least in America, Stewardship calls each of us to account for has also found these words to carry significant how we use everything that God has given new weight. to us. In America we expect our public officials In this Annual Report you will see how THE SVS VINE to be accountable to the people that they are your contributions, in support of our life and ANNUAL REPORT FY08 called to serve, and certainly those who serve mission, are invested. You will see where we VOLUME 1 Christ in his Church must be held to the high- have goals to meet and how you are helping to est standards possible. make these goals a reality. And, you will see ARCHPRIEST JOHN BEHR–Dean At St. Vladimir’s Seminary (SVS) we our active efforts to provide the very best theo- ARCHPRIEST CHAD HATFIELD–Chancellor believe that we have a sacred obligation to logical education possible to better serve the MR. THEODORE BAZIL–Associate Chancellor for Advancement receive what is given to us and to transform needs of Orthodoxy in the twenty-first century. MRS. MELANIE RINGA–Associate Chancellor for Finance that gift into our vital mission of service to You will also find the stories of trustees, THE REV. DN. PHILIP MATHEW–Admissions and Alumni Relations Officer the Orthodox Church. faculty, seminarians, alumni, and supporters. MRS. DEBORAH BELONICK–Advancement Information Officer/ Editor To assist us in communicating to you, An important part of stewardship centers on MRS. ROBIN FREEMAN–Advancement Officer (Data) our benefactors, we have, for the first time, relationships, and we hope that the publication produced an Annual Report. It should be of this Annual Report will help to solidify the DESIGN–Konstantin Dzhibilov/kdesign:nyc noted that SVS began the practice of inde- relationship that you already have with SVS. pendent certified audits of our financial As you read this report you may have records in 1963. Prior to this date all budgets questions or suggestions on how we can make IF YOU WISH TO BE ON OUR MAILING LIST, were reviewed and approved by the members this second aspect even better, and I welcome please e-mail us the following information, of our pan-Orthodox Board of Trustees. This your input. Please feel free to contact me at including the request to be included in our If I were to give a specific first Annual Report is our way of continuing to the Seminary at any time: e-mail list: Christian term to what we be accountable and transparent to those who or 914-961-8313 ext 339. I I Name have supported us. I Address are doing in this If I were to give a specific Christian term I City, State, Zip Annual Report it would to what we are doing in this Annual Report I Please include me in your e-mail list. it would be “stewardship.” This is a word, that My e-mail address is: be “stewardship.” in recent years, we Orthodox Christians have The Very Rev. Dr. Chad Hatfield adopted as our own—not as an ugly word Chancellor, CEO Please e-mail your information to r This annual report was printed on 30% post-consumer, recycled paper. 1
  3. 3. From the Board THE SVS VINE ANNUAL REPORT FY08 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE CHAIR EX-OFFICIO BOARD MEMBERS Mr. Anthony Kasmer (2010) Chair of the Audit Committee His Beatitude The Most Rev. Jonah (Paffhausen) Chairman of the Board, LTL Color Compounders, President of the Seminary and Morrisville, Pennsylvania Chair of the Board of Trustees President of Parish Council, St. Vladimir Church, Archbishop of Washington and New York and Trenton, New Jersey (OCA) Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) Glenn R. Kubina, M.D. (2009) His Eminence The Most Rev. Metropolitan Philip (Saliba) Chair of the Trusteeship Committee Vice-President of the Board Practicing otolaryngologist Archbishop of New York and President of St. George Parish Council Metropolitan of All North America St. George Cathedral, Wichita, Kansas (AOCANA) The Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America (AOCANA) Mr. Leon Lysaght (2008) Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee His Grace The Right Rev. Maxim (Vasiljevic) Chair of the Statutes Committee Bishop of the Western Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Professor, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law Church in North and South America (SOC) St. Mary Magdalene Church, Fenton, Michigan (OCA) Members of the Board of Trustees have been The Board of Trustees His Grace The Right Rev. Savas (Zembillas) of Troas Chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Mr. Alex Machaskee (2010) Chair of the Communications Committee blessed to serve the Orthodox Church by offering their various gifts and talents to St. Vladimir’s is committed to this North America (GOA) President of Alex Machaskee & Associates Orthodox Theological Seminary (SVS), an educa- shared governance model Retired President and Publisher of The Plain Dealer tional institution so very important to the history, and has entrusted me Metropolitan Mar Barnabas St. Theodosius Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio (OCA) present, and future of Orthodox Christianity here American Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church St. Sava Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio (SOC) in North America and abroad. From the earliest with the privilege of days of the Seminary, board members have serving as the first The Very Rev. Dr. John Behr Mr. Eric S. Namee (2008) supported the seminary leadership, faculty, Dean of St. Vladimir’s Seminary (OCA) Attorney, Hinkle Elkouri Law Firm, L.L.C. staff, students, and alumni, helping to provide elected Executive Chair President, Virginia H. Farah Foundation the Church with graduates who are grounded of the Board. The Very Rev. Dr. Chad Hatfield St. Mary Church, Wichita, Kansas (AOCANA) in sound theology, spiritually formed to demon- Chancellor of St. Vladimir’s Seminary (OCA) strate love and compassion to their flocks, and Nicholas Pandelidis, M.D. (2008) prepared to be beacons of inspiration and en- The Very Rev. Alexander Garklavs Orthopaedic Surgeon at couragement to Orthodox Christians worldwide. Chancellor of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists Today, the Seminary enjoys a new model St. John Chrysostom Church, York, Pennsylvania (AOCANA) of governance, designed to be responsive to cur- The Very Rev. David G. Barr rent challenges and opportunities facing the President of St. Vladimir’s Seminary’s Mr. Alexander Popoff, Jr., P.E. (2009) Seminary and many church-related educational Alumni Association Retired engineer and President, institutions. Our Chancellor (CEO), The Very Rector, St. Elias Orthodox Church, Austin, Texas (AOCANA) Berger/ABAM Engineers, Inc. Rev. Chad Hatfield, and our Dean, The Very St. Spiridon Cathedral, Seattle, Washington (OCA) Rev. John Behr, have undertaken new leader- BOARD OFFICERS AND TERMS ship roles in a model of shared governance in Mr. Ivan Rudolph-Shabinsky (2008) consultation with an elected Executive Chair of Mrs. Anne Glynn Mackoul (2009) Co-Chair of the 2010 Capital Campaign Committee the Board of Trustees. While Fr. John is the sev- Executive Chair of the Board of Trustees and Co-Chair of the Advancement Committee enth dean and Fr. Chad the first chancellor of Lawyer Senior Managing Director, AllianceBernstein St. Vladimir’s Seminary, both of these roles— St. Philip Church, Souderton, Pennsylvania (AOCANA) Three Hierarchs Chapel, Crestwood, New York (OCA) Chancellor and Dean as currently defined—are new to the Seminary. The two together, Fr. Mr. Albert Foundos (2009) Gregory T. Swenson, D.D.S. (2010) Chad and Fr. John, are the direct successors to Treasurer of the Seminary Co-founder of Park Dental Group the rich legacy of leaders who preceded them. Chair of the Finance Committee Past Board Member of ADPI (NASDAQ listing) Fruits from their first year and a half as joint In recent years, the Board has responded Retired Executive of Fluid Data, Inc. Board of Trustees of Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, leaders reveal a blessed partnership enormously to critical needs on the seminary campus, St. Nicholas Church, Jamaica Estates, at St. John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota beneficial to the Seminary. including an administration building with an New York (Albanian Diocese, OCA) St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, Minneapolis, The Board of Trustees is committed to auditorium and library, housing for married Minnesota (Metropolitanate of Chicago) this shared governance model and has en- students and their families, and state-of-the-art Mr. James G. Bach (2009) trusted me with the privilege of serving as the information technology. Through generous Corporate Secretary of the Seminary Donald J. Tamulonis, Jr., M.D. F.A.C.P. (2010) first elected Executive Chair of the Board. The gifts of individual board members and friends Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee Neurologist at Advanced Neurology Associates, Inc. work of board committees has been refocused of the Seminary, St. Vladimir’s now has a Chief Operating Officer of the Louis Berger Group, Inc. St. John the Baptist Church, Campbell, Ohio (OCA) to promote consultation and collaboration, library with the capacity to properly catalogue St. Anthony Church, Bergenfield, New Jersey (AOCANA) allowing the Board to be more responsive to and preserve, as well as access, its priceless and Mrs. Anne van den Berg (2009) the needs of the seminary administration and growing treasury of Orthodox texts, and an BOARD MEMBERS AND TERMS Co-Chair of the 2010 Capital Campaign Committee to build consensus for decisions taken by the auditorium that allows the Seminary to gather and Co-Chair of the Advancement Committee whole Board during our formal semi-annual the public and attract world-class scholars and The Very Rev. Michael Abdelahad (2009) Lawyer meetings. Additionally, we continually chal- church leaders for one-day seminars and more Dean of St. George Cathedral, Worcester, Massachusetts St. Stephen the Protomartyr Church, Orlando, Florida (OCA) lenge ourselves to deepen our Orthodox faith extended colloquia. This academic year, the (AOCANA) and develop skills for more effective board Seminary welcomed one of the largest first- TRUSTEES EMERITI service through occasional seminars, while year classes to campus, including the largest Mr. Michael Bress (2008) working to assure that the Seminary meets the number of married students, filling the newly Chair of the Legal Advisory Committee The Very Rev. Paul Shafran goals set in the SVS 2010 Strategic Plan. constructed married student apartments Retired partner in the law firm Dorsey & Whitney, L.L.P. Pastor emeritus, St. Vladimir Church, Who comprises the Board? Currently, bordering Crestwood Lake and newly reno- St. Mary’s Cathedral, Minneapolis, Minnesota (OCA) Trenton, New Jersey (OCA) men and women drawn from various Ortho- vated suites in existing dormitory buildings. dox jurisdictions, who have expertise in fields The challenges facing the Orthodox Protodeacon Peter M. Danilchick (2008) Mrs. Elsie Skvir Nierle such as finance, publishing, law, medicine, churches worldwide, and in fact, the interna- Chair of the Technology Committee Retired Nursing Instructor, University of Pennsylvania business, and education. In accordance with the tional political situation, all affect St. Vladimir’s Retired Executive, Exxon Mobil Corporation Holy Cross Church, Williamsport, Pennsylvania (OCA) charter and statutes of the Seminary, the Pri- Seminary. Fluctuating financial markets impact Protection of the Holy Mother of God Church, mate or locum tenens of the Orthodox Church both the modest endowment and donor capac- Falls Church, Virginia (Romanian Episcopate, OCA) Mr. Mitchell Zunich in America serves as the seminary ity that assures financial stability at the Semi- Semi-retired Manager at Barnes and Wendling CPAs, Inc. President and Chairman of the Board of nary. The Board of Trustees has redoubled its Mr. Brian Gerich (2010) St. George Church, Lorain, Ohio (SOC) Trustees. The pan-Orthodox character of the own efforts to provide leadership in giving and Senior Vice-President of Public Storage Board is especially notable by the appointment continues to assure faithful stewardship of the St. Steven’s Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, of representative bishops to the Board, who in generosity of donors to the Seminary. Each Alhambra, California (SOC) this current term include His Eminence The member of the Board of St. Vladimir’s is Most Rev. Metropolitan Philip (Saliba), Arch- deeply mindful of the responsibilities entrusted bishop of New York and Metropolitan of All to us, and we assure you of our intention to North America of The Self-Ruled Antiochian continue to nurture this beloved place of Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North theological and spiritual depth. I America (AOCANA) and Vice-president of the Board of Trustees by election; His Grace Maxim (Vasiljevic), Bishop of the Western Dio- cese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America (SOC); and His Grace Savas of Troas, Chancellor of the Greek Ortho- Anne Glynn Mackoul dox Archdiocese of North America (GOA). Executive Chair of the Board 2 St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary
  4. 4. The Father Alexander Schmemann Legacy Society FATHER ALEXANDER SCHMEMANN LEGACY SOCIETY MEMBERS* In grateful memory of our departed brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ who remembered St. Vladimir’s Seminary with a charitable bequest: Paul B. Anderson Anna Kopestonsky Anne Androshuk Stephen P. Kopestonsky Olga Antonuk Nikola Kostich Dorothy D. Antosh Rudolph P. Kunett Demitry Aristarhoff Mary Kush The Rt. Rev. Peter (Bankerovich) Thomas Labock Prof. Georges Barrois Mary Lambrinos Michael P. Behuniak Clarice J. Laushkin “To love is to remember”— Metropolitan Ireney (Bekish) Rose Lewis Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann Paul Belogradsky D. Berejekoff Anna Nicholaevna Lielmesch Sarah D. Lutge Dimitri Birkin Archpriest Paul Lutov Nicholas I. Bobil Mary Maddalozzo On this twenty-fifth year of Father Alexander If you wish to establish a gift in the form Prof. Alexander A. Bogolepov Mary E. Marron Schmemann’s falling asleep in our Lord Jesus of a bequest in your will or revocable trust; or Fred Boldusoff Konstantine P. Mashevsky Christ, and in grateful memory for all his myriad in the form of a life income arrangement such Fred S. Bondarchuk Sophie Masko contributions to the Orthodox Christian Church, as a charitable gift annuity, charitable remain- Emil Boyko Protopresbyter John Meyendorff and for bequeathing his vision for theological der annuity trust, charitable remainder uni- Alexandra Budaeff Zena Miron education to the Seminary, the Board of trust; or by the creation of a charitable lead Paul Burns Sophia Noska Trustees of St. Vladimir’s Seminary is honored trust; or by a promised gift of books or copy- David Buss Helen N. Ostapeck to establish the “Father Alexander Schmemann rights that the Seminary has agreed to accept; John Chase George Pazin Legacy Society.” Those who have remembered, or by naming St. Vladimir’s Seminary as a ben- Michael A. Cherwick Margaret Tooker Peterson and will remember, St. Vladimir’s by including a eficiary of retirement plans or life insurance, John B. Chismark Alexander Piankoff charitable gift in their estate planning comprise please contact Theodore Bazil, SVS Associate Joseph D. Chwan Joseph Pistey the society. Chancellor for Advancement: Kenneth John Conant Eugenia Pomazneff We offer you this opportunity to “remem- or 914-961-8313 ext 329. Anne Cornett Constantine C. Popoff ber with love” Father Alexander, in thanksgiving There are no fees or dues associated with Eva Afton Czap Vladimir and Ethel Prokofieff for his spiritual insight and clear foresight membership in this society. You need only to Ivan Michaelson Czap Feodor Remiga concerning the preparation of leaders for the remind the Seminary of your eligibility, and we The Rev. Michael Czap Anastasia Romanoff Church in America and throughout the world. will notify you before publishing your name. Helen Daderko Olga N. Rosselet-De Douanne Your planned gift will assure the continuation If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will Julia Dorosh John Rusin of Father Alexander’s vision and life’s work. respect your decision. I Archimandrite Alexander Doumoras Walter Scarloss Theodore J. Dran Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann Virginia H. Farah Ann D. Sencen Paul Fekula Margaret L. Shimmel Mary Fletcher Paul Skopic REMEMBERING PROTOPRESBYTER Mitred Archpriest Georges Florovsky Maria Snehovsky ALEXANDER SCHMEMANN 1921–1983 Sam Fritskey John Gamble Olga Sosenko Joseph Spratly Everett Gardner Olga V. Stadnik Vera Garin Anna Stankevich The Rt. Rev. Bishop Boris (Geeza) Peter Stosech Hooda Germack Julia Pawchyk Stuppin Albert Gessner Rose Tarasar Sergei A. Gladilin Elizabeth Taton Nina Gramowich Olga Taton Catherine Grishkovsky Gregg Leo M. Telep Anna Gregory Olga M. Telep Anastasia Grudinoff Boris V. Timchenko Anna M. Guba Joseph Tich Rev. Peter Haskell Sergei E. Tulinoff “Everyone capable of Mary Herbut Sophia Ushakoff thanksgiving is capable of Robert C. Hunsicker Vera Hyra Katherine Vanysheff Prof. Serge Verhovskoy salvation and eternal joy.” Metropolitan Macarius (Iliinsky) Victor M. Visotsky Michael Irvin Mary Walendzik Anastasia S. Ivanoff Tatiana U. Weiser Edith Kaplan Howard Albert Welch Bessie Kibbey Marianna T. Wieland Father Alexander Schmemann, Dean of because the revelation, the epiphany of Ortho- Lillian C. Kiddon Maria N. Yastreboff St. Vladimir’s Seminary from 1962 to 1983, doxy, is only here.” Mitred Archpriest John Kivko Alex I. Yazikov defined the meaning of “liturgical theology” By chanting the daily services, by remem- Julian Klecan Anna Zedlovich for the Orthodox Christian world, especially bering our Lord’s life in the yearly liturgical Mary S. Klein Peter Zouboff differentiating it from “liturgics,” the perfunctory cycle, and by participation in the Eucharistic Andrew Klimkosky Michael Zuk performance of rite and ritual. celebrations, Father Alexander continually Alexandra Kopacz For Father Alexander, liturgy opened a drank from the living waters of the Spirit; his heavenly banquet to worshippers, allowing them ever-deepening liturgical experience was his to enter into the timeless kingdom of God, if source of wisdom. His reflection on the place With gratitude for our living brothers and sisters who have remembered St. Vladimir’s Seminary they had “eyes to see and ears to hear” (Matt 13: of the Eucharist in worship caused him, in his with a planned gift: 14–16). Beyond an intellectual enterprise, last public sermon, to exclaim: “Everyone liturgy was for him an entrance into a world capable of thanksgiving is capable of salvation John and Margaret Branch imbued with the grace of the Holy Spirit, a and eternal joy.” Michael E. and Grace Bress place where God dwelled and offered to human Marking the twenty-fifth anniversary Maria E. Contos beings the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, of Father Alexander’s death, St. Vladimir’s The Rev. Pdn. Peter and Tanya Danilchick kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and Seminary is humbled and pleased to remind Fr. Paul Doyle self-control (Gal 5:22–23). “Theology” speak- — the Orthodox Christian world of his life’s Frank and Edna Elkouri ing of God—was possible only by meeting God work in the field of liturgical theology. From Albert Foundos in worship, and liturgy was meant to effect per- Thursday, January 29 through Saturday, Janu- Brian and Marilyn Gerich sonal transformation, enabling human beings to ary 31, 2009, St. Vladimir’s will host a major Anthony Kasmer live as bondservants of Jesus Christ. academic symposium, “The Past and Future Leon and Pamela Lysaght Only within liturgical worship and sacra- of Liturgical Theology: Celebrating the An- Alexander Popoff, Jr. mental life, the ascent of the human toward niversary of Father Alexander Schmemann.” The Rev. Dn. John and Evangeline Zarras the Divine and the bending of God toward The keynote speaker for the annual “Father Earth, was true theology understood and expli- Alexander Schmemann Memorial Lecture” *Although we have made every attempt to properly list the donors of the planned gifts and cated. “Without it,” Father Alexander noted in during the colloquium is noted liturgist bequests already established, we apology for any omissions, and we ask that you contact his daily journal, “any explanation of Ortho- Robert F. Taft, S.J. Mr. Bazil with any correctives to our records: or 914-961-8313 ext 329. doxy is impossible, unconvincing and needless, Memory eternal! I 3
  5. 5. A Year at St. Vladimir’s Seminary THE SVS VINE ANNUAL REPORT FY08 The very reality of the Students coming to the Seminary from Seminary as a community traditional Orthodox Christian families and parish life are now the exception rather than is grounded upon a com- the rule. Many seminarians are converts to mon vision expressed in Orthodoxy. Also, many have retired from pro- fessional careers and are seeking a vocation in the sacramental life of the the Church. They are frequently married with Church and experienced in children. These changes reflect the current re- alities of church life and present the Seminary corporate prayer. Without with new responsibilities. I this, seminary life would be indistinguishable from any other graduate school. St. Vladimir’s, then, is charac- terized by its sense of unity CAMPUS FACILITIES and community. The Seminary is located in the “Crestwood” neighborhood of Yonkers, New York, in subur- ban Westchester County, close to nature but only thirty minutes by car or train from the rich cul- tural and educational resources of New York City. The beautiful Three Hierarchs Chapel crowns the 12-acre campus. The Seminary owns and operates eighteen buildings—including the John G. Rangos Family Administration Building, COMMUNITY OF DIVERSITY completed in Spring 2002—which house the impressive library, classrooms, faculty offices, the seminary press, a large and well-stocked But this does not mean sterile uniformity. The bookstore, dormitories for single men and Peter Danilchick and his wife, Tanya, and will Seminary brings together persons of many dif- women students, and the refectory. The thirty- serve not only the SVS community, but also re- ferent backgrounds and cultures. This can be eight on-campus apartments and suites, includ- searchers worldwide who are interested in the seen not only in the faculty and Board of ing the newly built Lakeside Student Apartments, Orthodox faith. Trustees—which includes bishops of the Ortho- serve as married-student housing. Homes for Additionally, SVS seminarians may access dox Church in America (OCA), the Antiochian faculty and staff on the campus contribute to the all M.Div., M.Th., and D.Min. theses written Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North Amer- strong sense of community. by not only our alumni but also by scholars ica (AOCANA), the Greek Archdiocese of Amer- The Father Georges Florovsky Library at across the country, through the Theological Re- ica (GOA), the Serbian Orthodox Church in St. Vladimir’s Seminary is one of the richest search Exchange Network (TREN), featuring North and South America (SOC), and the Amer- Eastern Orthodox resources available in the quality indexing and full-text availability. SVS ican Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian western world. The library currently holds students can now search or browse through the Church—but also in the student body, past and more than 140,000 volumes and is especially TREN database of over 6,800 theological the- present. Seminary alumni now include more strong in the areas of Orthodox Christian ses/dissertations and conference papers, not than 900 ordained clergy—among them 38 church history, theology, scripture, philosophy, only by keywords in the title of the document bishops, including one patriarch, and metropol- and culture. Significant literature in other areas but also by words inside the document. I itans, archbishops, and bishops. Besides the of theology, art, music, and education are sys- SEMINARY LIFE more than 900 clergy worldwide, nearly 900 more alumni are laity, including 266 women. tematically acquired. The holdings have been enriched by the donation of many private li- Out of its total 1,800 alumni throughout the braries, including the libraries of former faculty St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary is world, more than 1,200 work in the Church as members at St. Vladimir’s Seminary. These in- officially described as a “graduate professional school” and an “institution of higher learning,” full-time laborers for Christ. The SVS Alumni As- sociation, with its President, The Very Rev. clude Frs. Georges Florovsky, Alexander Schmemann, John Meyendorff, Anthony Re- ACADEMIC ACCREDITATION yet it is neither narrowly vocational nor merely David Barr (AOCANA), has revitalized its mem- pella, and Thomas Hopko, and Metropolitan academic. Rather, an understanding of theology bership and now is establishing regional class Makary, John Kolchin, Dr. Nicholas Arseniev, St Vladimir’s Seminary is a graduate profes- that seeks to engage the whole person—shun- organizers throughout the globe. I Dr. Nicholas Ozerov, Dr. Veselin Kesich, David sional school chartered and approved by the ning compartmentalization and fragmentation, Drillock, and many others. The library serves Board of Regents for and on behalf of the which so often characterize higher education— the needs of the faculty and students of the Education Department of the University of the molds all aspects of seminary life. Seminary, and the worldwide scholarly commu- State of New York. It is accredited nationally One graduate described the program at nity as well. Visiting scholars are welcome. by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) St. Vladimir’s as “impossible, but realistic”: St. Vladimir’s Seminary is a founding in the United States and Canada. I “impossible” because of the heavy demands of course work, chapel services, choir trips, hos- ENROLLMENT member of the New York Area Theological Li- brary Association (NYATLA), and participates pital ministry, supervised field work, parish in the METRO system for inter-library loan visits, and work assignments; but “realistic” Enrollment statistics for the Seminary suggest from libraries in the New York area, as well as because active involvement in church life and something of the rich diversity of the seminary across the country. All library operations have service is no less demanding. At St. Vladimir’s the knowledge, skills, and reflexes needed for community: we have had men and women stu- dents from the United States and Canada, and been computerized, thus speeding the process- ing of new materials and providing greater CAMPUS ACTIVITIES “real” life are developed, in the refectory and in a typical year also from Russia, Serbia, Ro- flexibility in research techniques. The library is hallways as well as in the classroom. mania, Bulgaria, Belarus, the Middle East, Ar- committed to the use of modern technology St. Vladimir’s Seminary, although a relatively Visitors to St. Vladimir’s are often struck menia, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, India, and to assist the student and scholar. A pleasant small-sized seminary, acts as a hub of by the sense of common purpose, commit- Chile. St. Vladimir’s thus reflects both the vari- reading room is available for students and Orthodoxy, hosting national and international ment, and endeavor shared by students, fac- ety and the potential of the world in which the scholars alike and the campus has wireless symposia and colloquia. Additionally, SVS is ulty, and staff. This is no accident. “Theology,” Orthodox Church lives today. Though the Semi- computer connections. an integral part of the local neighborhood and in the Orthodox Christian tradition, is neither nary is not large, the scope of its witness and During the summer of 2008, the library was recently recognized by the Crestwood simply a task of the mind nor an individual mission is global. software was converted to the Koha open source Historical Society, City of Yonkers, County of matter. It is the life of the mind and heart, and During the Fall 2007–Spring 2008 semes- system. The Online Public Access Catalog Westchester, and State of New York in a public body and soul, of persons united in a commu- ters, 82 full-time students were enrolled at SVS, (OPAC) is available to the public through the ceremony, for its valuable services to the wider nity of faith. St. Vladimir’s seeks to live within and in the fall of 2008, 38 new students en- seminary Web page ( under the community. Moreover, our faculty and this tradition in its daily rhythm. rolled, bringing the total number of full-time menu tab, “Library.” The new system is made administration regularly travel off-campus to Visitors are also impressed by the richness students for FY09 to 86. New and returning stu- possible by a gift from SVS Trustee Protodeacon meet with constituents and make new friends, of the seminary’s liturgical life. Daily worship in dents represent a multi-jurisdictional, multi-na- through speaking engagements, presentations the chapel, the observance of the Church’s fasts tional presence, and statistically break down as of retreats and seminars, and gatherings of and the celebration of its feasts are not mere or- follows: Orthodox Church in America (OCA), alumni and potential supporters. Just a glimpse naments added to an otherwise complete pro- 29; Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of SVS activities during FY08 attests to SVS’s gram. As an integral part of their campus life, of North America (AOCANA), 19; Greek Or- dynamic ministry. I students attend daily chapel services, and thodox Archdiocese of America (GOA), 13; Ar- The Father Georges ordained students are assigned to celebrate the menian Apostolic Church, 6; Serbian Orthodox various services; seminary students comprise the Church (SOC), 5; Malankara Orthodox Syrian Florovsky Library at choir, and direct it as well. The very reality of Church, 3; Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, St. Vladimir’s Seminary the Seminary as a community is grounded upon 2; Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia a common vision expressed in the sacramental (ROCOR), 2; Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese is one of the richest life of the Church and experienced in corporate of America and Canada, 2; the Bulgarian Patriar- Eastern Orthodox prayer. Without this, seminary life would be in- chal Orthodox Church, 1; and the Patriarchate distinguishable from any other graduate school. of Moscow, 1. Additionally, three non-Orthodox resources available St. Vladimir’s, then, is characterized by its sense students, of the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and in the western world. of unity and community. I Evangelical faiths, attend the Seminary. 4 St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary
  6. 6. A Year at St. Vladimir’s Seminary_continued JULY 08 Newly elected Dean and Chancellor of SVS, Fr. John Behr AUGUST FY08 The Rev. Alexander Rentel, Assistant Professor of AUGUST FY08 Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko, Dean Emeritus, SEPTEMBER FY08 Dean, Fr. John Behr, and Chancellor, Fr. Chad and Fr. Chad Hatfield, attended the 48th Antiochian Orthodox Byzantine Studies and Canon Law at SVS and ecclesiarch for the served as keynote speaker for the four-day Orientation of New Stu- Hatfield, were installed in their new offices at a formal convoca- Christian Archdiocesan Convention in Montreal, Canada, and seminary chapel, follows the tradition of blessing flowers and dents, basing his presentation around the life and teachings of tion, and vested with the crosses of their respective offices. An were honored by their induction into the “Order of Saint Ignatius,” herbs on the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos. the desert monk, St. Anthony the Great. accompanying academic symposium with world-renowned schol- a fellowship of people who have received special recognition for ars centered on the theme “The Challenges for Orthodox Theology “putting ‘feet’ to their faith” in support of various church min- and Theological Education in the 21st Century.” istries and charities. SEPTEMBER FY08 Guest speaker Dr. Elizabeth Theokritoff kicked OCTOBER FY08 SVS welcomed hundreds of guests to its annual OCTOBER FY08 His Eminence Nathaniel, Archbishop of Detroit NOVEMBER FY08 Faculty and staff tied on aprons and served the off a campus-wide initiative for environmental sustainability with open house for alumni, supporters, and the local neighborhood— and the Romanian Episcopate (OCA), was the first to participate seminarian families traditional foods for the feast at the annual a keynote, “I Believe in the Creator of Heaven and Earth.” The Go- Orthodox Education Day—to explore the theme “Our Church: in the new “Hierarchs in Residence” program at St. Vladimir’s pre-Thanksgiving Dinner. Green initiative encompasses a broad range of practices—from Her Mission and Her Future.” Seminary: each semester one bishop spends at least one full day cost-saving energy measures offered by New York State to cooper- at the Seminary, teaching, informally conversing, sharing meals, ative recycling efforts with city and county agencies. and monitoring classes. NOVEMBER & MARCH FY08 Prospective seminarians toured the NOVEMBER FY08 The Inter-Seminary Dialogue (ISD) in the greater NOVEMBER FY08 SVS Trustees meet on the seminary campus NOVEMBER FY08 SVS Chancellor Fr. Chad Hatfield was the campus and attended faculty presentations and a Q&A session New York metropolitan area is a program that gives seminarians semi-annually, fall and spring, and participate yearly in the main speaker at the Indian Youth Conference, and also visited with current students at the Fall and Spring Open Houses. the opportunity to interact and discuss theological points with commencement exercises. St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church in Baltimore, MD. students of other faiths. DECEMBER FY08 Over 25 SVS alumni and spouses gathered for a DECEMBER FY08 SVS joined with Orthodox Youth Outreach (OYO) DECEMBER FY08 SVS faculty members, students, and alumni DECEMBER FY08 Campus residents celebrated the Feast of St. pre-performance alumni banquet, and then attended the world in welcoming 35 high school students to the Seminary for a mis- taught at both the East and West Coast conferences of the Ortho- Nicholas; students, faculty, and staff also get together throughout premiere of “Christmas Oratorio” composed by His Grace Bishop sion-focused Christmas retreat, entitled “Who Is My Neighbor?” dox Christian Fellowship (OCF)—a nationwide college campus the year for cookouts, talent shows, and special events for Hilarion of Vienna, in Washington, D.C. ministry—during the winter break between seminary semesters. children in the community. 5
  7. 7. A Year at St. Vladimir’s Seminary_continued THE SVS VINE ANNUAL REPORT FY08 JANUARY FY08 In the midst of winter recess, the Seminary JANUARY FY08 Metropolitan Mar Barnabas of the American JANUARY FY08 Chancellor Fr. Chad Hatfield, seminarians and JANUARY FY08 The Feast of the Three Hierarchs (the patronal celebrated the great feast of Theophany, and blessed the homes, Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church spent one day their families, and staff participated in the National March for feast of the seminary chapel) included the celebration of the Di- dormitories, and offices on campus with holy water. Besides at SVS as “Hierarch in Residence.” Metropolitan Mar Barnabas Life, making SVS’s first pro-life witness in Washington D.C. vine Liturgy, an academic symposium on the writings of St. John celebrating all major and most minor feast days with a Divine shepherds over 10,000 Indian Orthodox Christians in the U.S., Chrysostom, and the 25th Annual Father Alexander Schmemann Liturgy,, the seminary community worships together twice daily, including many SVS seminarians. Here, The Very Rev. Dr. Daniel Memorial Lecture. at matins and vespers. Findikyan, SVS Alumnus and Dean of St. Nersess Armenian Semi- nary, presents Mar Barnabas a welcoming gift. FEBRUARY FY08 SVS hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive, and the FEBRUARY FY08 In an all-student seminar, parish priest, profes- MARCH FY08 Bishop Joseph, Diocese of Los Angeles and the West MARCH FY08 Faculty reach out to alumni in parishes throughout Metropolitan Philip Auditorium was transformed into a clinic for sional counselor, and SVS Alumnus [M.Div. (‘90), M.A. (‘91), and of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese in North America the world. On the Sunday of Orthodoxy, SVS Dean Fr. John Behr de- the local community to offer the “gift of life.” D.Min. (‘99)] Fr. Steven Voytovich shared his experience regarding (AOCANA), presented a two-day Lenten retreat to the seminary livered the sermon at a vespers service held at the Antiochian Or- pastoral care and addictions. Theo Nicolakis, Director of Information community, centered on the theme “Holy Nation–Holy Priesthood.” thodox Basilica of St. Mary in Livonia, MI, where The Very Rev. Technology for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and member of the George Shalhoub is the parish priest. executive committee of the Religious Affiliation Against Pornogra- phy, discussed “Addictions and Temptations through Technology.” APRIL FY08 SVS welcomed Orthodox faithful from surrounding MAY FY08 SVS Alumnus, The Very Rev. Dr. Michael Oleksa (‘73)— MAY FY08 At an off-site academic convocation hosted at St. MAY FY08 The SVS Board of Trustees officially appointed Ms. Alla parishes for the annual campus community Lenten retreat titled, village priest in Alaska, university professor, consultant on inter- George Orthodox Christian Cathedral, Wichita, KS, SVS Trustees Generalow to the full-time faculty position of Director of Liturgical “The Energized Parish: Clergy and Laity Together,” led by SVS cultural relations and communications, and author of several and faculty bestowed the degree of Doctor of Divinity (honoris Music, with responsibility for the music instruction of seminari- alumnus The Very. Rev. Constantine Nasr (‘73). books on Alaskan native cultures and history—delivered the com- causa) upon Professor Anthony P. Gythiel. ans and for the supervision and direction of the chapel choirs. mencement address to twenty-nine students, graduating in five academic programs. JUNE FY08 Marking its 80th anniversary, The Fellowship of St. Alban JUNE FY08 Practicum faculty led workshops in chapel and gave JUNE FY08 SVS Chancellor Fr. Chad Hatfield led a retreat for the JUNE FY08 Mark Bailey, Program Director for the Peter P. Prokofieff and St. Sergius—an Orthodox and Anglican fellowship—held a presentations to participants during the Diaconal Liturgical Annual Assembly of The Serbian Orthodox Clergy Brotherhood of Advanced Certificate in Liturgical Music at SVS, coordinated the major international conference on the SVS campus, entitled “Rome, Practicum hosted on the SVS campus. North and South America, which convened at the Serbian Ortho- summer Composers’ Seminar, at which Orthodox Christian musi- Constantinople, and Canterbury: Mother Churches?” dox Cathedral of St. Sava in New York City. cians throughout the U.S. immersed themselves in musical com- position and study. 6 St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary