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Lanstad: Publishing Technology Platform


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Lanstad is an all-encompassing publishing production platform, combining cloud-based digital asset management, with a comprehensive project management workspace, to give you greater control over your content.

Published in: Technology
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Lanstad: Publishing Technology Platform

  1. 1. Lanstad? what is
  2. 2. LANSTAD is a hub for publishing production. Streamline workflow and integrate all communications, assets and tasks in the one transparent and easily accessible place.
  3. 3. Traditional workflow can be messy, involving lots of people, confusion and miscommunication.
  4. 4. Deanta does things differently: one contact, one workspace, one project.
  5. 5. WHAT DOES IT look & LIKE how DOES IT work?
  6. 6. Lanstad combines a comprehensive Project Management portal (pre-production) with cloud- based Digital Asset Management (post production).
  7. 7. The system is a uniquely centralised and collaborative workspace, enabling content transformation and real-time editing of XML within a HTML environment. The platform also features trackable project milestones, a communication portal, and DAM capacity with metadata integration to ONIX standards.
  8. 8. PROJECT  portal management THE
  9. 9. The portal is user friendly, allowing publishers, authors, project managers, editors, typesetters and more to collaborate in one space. Content is delivered and remains within your workspace for the duration of the project. From here all steps in the project take place, from XML, editing, and proofing, to typesetting.
  10. 10. Transform content instantly into different formats: HTML, XML, PDF and ePub. The centralised workspace streamlines workflow, keeping all communications, assets and tasks in the one easily accessible location. Real time editing, updating and proofing of XML content directly in the workspace, a user friendly HTML environment. key features?
  11. 11. View milestones, corresponding tasks and communications between all parties.
  12. 12. Edit and proof XML content directly, within a user friendly HTML environment.
  13. 13. digital  portalmanagement ASSET THE
  14. 14. The Digital Asset Management system stores your files in an organised and effective manner, providing you with a clearer picture of the value of your assets.
  15. 15. Integrated library: Assets are housed in the portal, with key permissions functionality allowing clients to add, remove, or download files at any time. Cloud-based: Never again have valuable assets clogging up hard drives, when instead they can be housed securely and made accessible on any device. key features?
  16. 16. Metadata integration: Based on ONIX standards and synced with publisher and third-party systems to improve searchability of assets. Advanced search/reporting: Produce tailor- made reports about your assets, or run advanced searches with extensive criteria, allowing you to drill down in detail.
  17. 17. Access all assets under each project, and view or edit metadata directly in the system.
  18. 18. benefits ARE THE what FOR you?
  19. 19. Lanstad will: Streamline your publishing production workflow Reduce turnaround times and overhead costs Eliminate production inefficiencies Allow you to view your assets in one organised space Let you access and update all aspects of your project and content anytime, from anywhere
  20. 20.