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Letter of recommendation from RVFC

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Letter of recommendation from RVFC

  1. 1. Rose ValleyFriends Church 1437 Rose Valley Road Kelso, WA 98626 360-425-3222 March 23, 2015 To whom it may concern, I am writing to recommend Deanna Richardson for a position in your company. Deanna worked for Rose Valley Friends Church as our Ministry Assistant. Even though she moved to Cathlamet shortly after starting her time with us, she was very punctual and presented a positive friendly face. She was tasked with creating weekly bulletins for worship a published monthly calendar, answering and routing phone calls to the pastors and the Day Care. She was an active member of the church. Over time distance became an issue for her, the time and cost of driving nearly an hour to and from work became difficult to justify for a position that was not full time. I have no doubt she would still be with us if not for the distance. Deanna is intelligent, a quick learner and pleasant to work with. If her skills match the position she is applying for she would be a welcome addition to any company. Richard Hayes Pastor Rose Valley Friends Church 360.425.3222

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