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Cv deana petrovic

  1. 1. Contactinformation: Deana Petrovic Date of birth: 28.07.1983 E-mail: voice: +381641103333 address: Jurija Gagarina 55/83 11070 Novi Beograd Srbija Summary: MA Design in Computer Arts. Focus: Video Art and Multimedia. Resident video artist tor the multimedia space the Tube, Belgrade, Serbia. Resident video artist for the LGBT non-commercial organization Loud&Queer, Belgrade, Serbia. Experienced commercial editor and designer. Award winning photographer.Education: 2010 Master of Design in Computer Arts, Class of MFA Professor Marko Suvajdzic. Academy of Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. Department of Computer Arts and Design. Grade 8.5/10. Final work “Virtual vs. Real Identity”, an art documentary about problems of identity in today’s society and various virtual social networks. Mentor MA Professor Aleksandra Jovanic. Modules included: Basics of TV directing Digital Art Web design Art history Printed forms design Concept and visualization Digital special effects Multimedia Digital editing Visual identity Interactive web animation Public space artInformalEducation: 2002 - 2003 Photography course, Class of Professor Nikola Radosevic. IVAS Academy,(International Visual Art Society, Germany), Belgrade department, Serbia . Modules included: Portrait photography History of photography The history of Serbian photography Industrial photography Photojournalism Image composition Photo studio Still life
  2. 2. Achievementsin the University: 2008 Author of the exhibition concept for the Academy of Arts student exhibition “Antidepressant” and the director of the main video installation “Antidepressant”. O3one Art Space, Belgrade, Serbia. 2007 Vidovdan award for the best student of the Department of Computer Arts and Design. Academy of Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. 2005 Winner of the competition for the graphic solution for the covers of Academy of Arts serbian edition of the book “Planning of the marketing campaign” by Jim Avery. Awards: 2006 First prize photo contest with the given theme “City and People”. Organized by Serbian Department of Culture and Compress Wien network. Hörbiger Culture Salon gallery. Vienna, Austria. Main curator: Maresa Hörbiger. 2003 Photography award. German magazine Raum & Zeit. International Festival of professional photography – PPofE. Progres Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. 1997 First prize. Poetry Festival Sumadijske Metafore. Mladenovac, Serbia. Workshops: 2010 Art workshop The art of VJ-ing. Belgrade of Light festival. Belgrade, Serbia. Organized by Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Cultural front Belgrade. Festival dedicated to the culture of light. It’s a unique platform for promoting creativity, quality, education of youth and presentation of Belgrade and Serbia as a contemporary and creative environment. Mentor: Nino Strohecker, Stockholm, Sweden.
  3. 3. 2007 Master class “Art; now and here”. Belgrade summer festival BELEF. Belgrade, Serbia. Organized by the Belgrade City Council – Department of Culture. Short course of orientation in the field of contemporary fine arts. Mentor: art theorist and critic Stevan Vukovic. www.belef.orgExhibitions: 2011 Documentary film. Educational forum for high school students “Virtual Reality” and a film screening “Virtual vs. Real ID”. Belgrade City Library, Belgrade, Serbia. Lecturers: Deana Petrovic on the subject “Social Networking and Creativity”. Other Lecturers: Milos Jakovic, president and founder of organization “Cultural Connections”. Milja Vukovic, Art historian and Management plan Coordinator for UNESCO. 2011 Documentary film screening “Virtual vs. Real ID”. Parobrod cultural center, Belgrade, Serbia. 2010 Final work “Virtual vs. Real ID” documentary film. Screenings for professors and critics. Multimedia space the Tube, Belgrade, Serbia. 2008 Concept for the “Antidepressant” exhibition. The video is a document of a street performance in the streets of Belgrade, an ephemeral intervention in the center of Belgrade, as short as the antidepressant effect, an attempt to overcome alienation through several interventions on the spot. Wandering the streets, two white rabbits encounter their fellow citizens, trying to cheer them up, make them laugh and break their daily routine. O3one Art Space Belgrade, Serbia. 2007 Graphic collage “Please,Please Map me!”. The work represents subjective experience of Belgrade Summer Festival trough mapping the artists and visitors in relation to the author herself. Belgrade summer festival BELEF. Belgrade, Serbia. Organized by the Belgrade City Council – Department of Culture.
  4. 4. Mentor: art theorist and critic Stevan Vukovic. 2007 Theater photography. Opening exhibition at the International Student Theatre Festival FIST. Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. 2006 Awarded photography. International photography exhibition “City and People”. Hörbiger Culture Salon gallery. Vienna, Austria. Curator: Maresa Hörbiger. 2006 Graphic design poster. 54th Documentary and Short Film Festival. Student cultural center, Belgrade, Serbia. 2004 Photography exhibition. International Festival of professional photography PPofE. Progres gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. Selector: Professor Nikola Radosevic. 1995 Art work 33th Children October salon. Organized by the Belgrade City Council – Department of Culture. Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. www.oktobarskisalon.orgWorkExperience: Promotional video. Masterclass BlogOpen 2011. Novi Sad, Serbia. Motion graphic designer. Second Floor studio for postproduction and Animation. Belgrade, Serbia. Titles design. Short feature film Dont break my turbofolk heart directed by Miona Bogovic. German film and television Academy Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
  5. 5. Video art installations.Series of Video art called Vintage Hot for the LGBT non-commercial organisationLoud & Queer.Video projections for the season of 2011. Video installations werescreened at various venues and events, including EXIT Music Festival 2011. andIDAHO Festival, Serbia.www.loudandquee.rsMotion Graphic and Animation.Documentary television series Od srpske vojske do Vojske Srbije(“Serbian Army”)P&J Production in coproduction with VFC Zastava Film, Serbia.www.bubnjara.comPhotography.Gay-Straight alliance, Citizens Community.Project Gay bashing city map. This map contains data on homophobic attacks inBelgrade in the period 2000 - 2009.Belgrade, art installations.Spatial video installation Relax for architectural bureau ISV, Athens, Greece.www.isv.grAuthor of the concept and realization of video art for multimedia space The Tube,sience 2008.Video projections 4 ELEMENTS, Belgrade, Serbia.www.thetube.rsPhotography.Belgrade Dance Festival. One of the most popular festivals in Serbia. Festivalfeatures a program of international dance performances and educationalworkshops. The mission of the festival is to make dance accessible to all, throughthe education of young and professional dancers as well as audience members.Belgrade, Serbia.www.belgradedancefestival.comPromotional photos.Belgrade from the hot air balloon for the Beobalon company. Belgrade, Serbia.Photography .Joy of Europe, founded and sponsored by the City of Belgrade.
  6. 6. The oldest and biggest international manifestation of children’s creations. Belgrade, Serbia. Photography. Promotional magazine Belguest, whose purpose is to present the city, culture, characteristic celebrations, tradition, events, both foreign and domestic, primarily for the visitors. Belgrade, Serbia. Theater photography. Bitef festival ,organized by City Assembly of Belgrade and the Serbian Ministry of Culture. Festival has continually followed and supported the latest theatre trends, thus becoming one of the biggest and the most important European festivals. Bitef initiates and promotes a different approach to theater and pushes the boundaries of cultural identities. Belgrade, Serbia. www.bitef.rsSoftwareskill: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Encore, Adobe Flash, Softimage XSI, Stop Motion Pro, Mirage, Apple Motion, Sound Forge, Dreamweaver, TMPGEnc, Final Cut, Boujou, ArKaos, Quark, Microsoft Office...LanguageSkill: English: Understanding- Proficient, Writing- Proficient, Speeking- Conversant German: Understanding- Basic, Writing- Basic, Speeking- Basic (A1 certified) Russian: Understanding- Basic, Writing- Basic, Speeking- BasicEducationalReferences: Marko Suvajdzic, MFA Associate Professor, Department head Academy of Arts Nemanjina 28, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia Department for Advertising and Design telephone: +381113618715 private: +38162400600 Aleksandra Jovanic, MA B.Sc Associate Professor Academy of Arts Nemanjina 28, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia Department for Advertising and Design
  7. 7. telephone: +381113618715 private: +381638431819ProfessionalReferences: David Dereta Second Floor Studio for animation and postproduction. Gospodar Jovanova 47, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia. private: +38163451987 Ivan Pesukic, MA Docent professor Academy of Arts Nemanjina 28, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia Department for TV directing, email: private: +381638305030