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Dean Wegner Press Release Tips

  1. 1. The RESULTS- DrivenPress Release Formula The 5 essential elements for writing press releases that drive resultsFirst  things  *irst  –  let’s  de*ine  “results.”  Most  people  are  leaving  opportunities  on  the  table  when  writing  press  and  submitting  releases  because  they  don’t  realize  just  what  kind  of  results  are  possible.  You’re  not  going  to  be  one  of  them.  The  modern  day  press  release  can  produce  5  different  critical  results:1. Presence  in  Google  News  and/or  Google  organic  search  results  for  speci*ic   keyword  phrases2. Generate  keyword  rich,  do-­‐follow,  anchor  text  backlinks  to  your  website   (this  is  a  big  factor  in  what  determines  where  your  website  ranks  in  the   search  engines)3. Get  on  the  radar  of  speci*ic  key  individuals  or  companies  through  Google   Alerts4. Drive  up  the  positive  online  presence  and  credibility  of  your  company   (reputation  management  and  brand  development)5. Evoke  ACTION  from  your  target  audienceSome  people  think  that  they  can  publish  a  press  release  and  that  magically  the  media  will  *ind  it,  “get  it,”  just  happen  to  be  writing  a  story  about  what  they  are  
  2. 2. announcing  at  the  exact  time,  and  that  they  will  print  a  story  about   them  and  become  popular,  famous,  and  rich.   “If you want This  is  NOT  how  a  press  release  works.  And  that’s  a  good  thing.   your press release to Because  if  it  worked  like  that,  the  odds  of  a  press  release  “getting   appear in the results”  would  be  as  hit  and  miss  as  winning  in  Vegas.  Getting  results   with  a  press  release  is  not  based  on  “luck.”  There  are  very  speci*ic  search results things  that  you  can  do  to  achieve  results.   for a specifickeyword, your But  7irst  you  have  to  know  what  results  you’re  shooting  for.   press release Because  so  many  people  have  the  impression  that  a  press  release  needs to have will  somehow  make  them  popular,  famous,  and  rich  with  the  push  of  this keywords a  button,  I’m  going  to  take  just  a  minute  to  quickly  delve  into  the   in it, reasons  why  the  above  goals  really  matter  in  our  modern,  internet-­‐ preferably in connected,  always-­‐on,  information  age. the title.” Result  Factor  #1:   Presence  In  Google  News  And/Or  Google   Organic  Search  Results  For  Speci7ic   Keyword  Phrases What  this  means:  When  people  type  in  a  search  term,  they  *ind  your  press  release.   Why  this  matters: I’m  guessing  you  found  this  information  you’re  reading  right  now   through  a  search  engine.  I’m  guessing  that  you  use  search  engines  to   *ind  all  kinds  of  things,  from  locating  a  local  optometrist  for  your   family,  to  *inding  a  trade  show  display  for  your  business,  to  *inding   information  for  your  son’s  4th  grade  school  report. I  personally  don’t  know  anyone  who  doesn’t  use  a  search  engine  to   *ind  information  and  solutions.  And  by  “anyone”  I  mean  people   young  and  old  looking  for  products  and  services  and  journalists  and   bloggers  looking  for  information  to  develop  a  story.  The  way  people   *ind  things  on  the  Internet  is  by  typing  in  a  KEYWORD  or  KEYWORD   PHRASE  that  they  think  will  bring  up  the  solution  they  want.   Bear-­Bones  Logic  Breakdown: • People  (potential  customers,  journalists,  etc)  type  in  keyword   phrases  to  *ind  what  they’re  looking  for
  3. 3. • The  results  that  appear  in  the  search  engines  have  these   “You must, keywords  in  them,  usually  in  the  title  tag must, must know which • If  you  want  your  press  release  to  have  a  chance  at  ranking  in   one  of  these  spots,  your  press  release  needs  to  have  these  keywords the keywords  in  it,  preferably  in  the  title.   target audience of Step-­By-­Step:  How  To  Achieve  This  Result your press 1. First,  you  must,  must,  must  know  which  keywords  the  target   release is audience  of  your  press  release  is  searching  for.  There  is  just  searching for FAR  too  much  information  out  there  to  think  that  your  PR  will   and then be  found  randomly.  Even  if  you  send  it  through  “newswire”  optimize your distribution,  the  press  releases  are  still  delivered  to  a   computer  database  that  is release for these 2. “Optimize”  your  press  release  strategically  for  this  term  by   keywords” using  the  keyword: a. In  the  title  of  the  press  release  –  preferably  at  or  very   near  the  beginning  of  the  title.  The  title  of  the  press   release  often  becomes  the  TITLE  TAG  of  the  page,  which   is  an  important  factor  to  search  engines  when   determining  ranking b. In  the  summary  of  the  press  release.  The  summary  of   the  press  release  often  becomes  the  META  DESCRIPTION   of  the  page,  which  is  an  important  factor  to  search   engines  when  determining  ranking c. In  the  7irst  paragraph  of  the  press  release d. Once  or  twice  in  the  body  of  the  press  release e. In  image  captions  below  any  images  that  you’ve   included  your  press  release. Result  Factor  #2:   Generate  Keyword  Rich,  Do-­Follow,   Anchor  Text  Backlinks  To  Your  Website What  this  means:   Building  links  TO  your  site  FROM  other  sites Why  this  matters: I’m  going  to  break  this  down  in  VERY  simplistic  terms.  If  search   engine  optimization  were  this  easy,  then  everyone  would  be  ranking   in  the  top  10  positions  for  their  keywords,  and  that’s  not  statistically  
  4. 4. possible.  However,  understanding  this  fundamental  principal  of  SEO,  “Links to your if  even  simplistically,  will  help  you  tremendously  in  your  efforts  to   site from improve  your  site’s  search  engine  ranking. quality sites First,  some  terminology:“tell” a search • Backlink:  A  link  existing  on  a  site  other  than  yours  pointing  to   engine that your  site,  also  called  an  ‘inbound  link.’ your site hassome valuable • Anchor  Text:  This  is  the  WORD  or  WORDS  that  your  link  is   “anchored”  in.  For  example  this  is  an  anchor  text  link  and  this   information -- is  a  URL  link:  and this helps determine • Keyword:  A  word  or  phrase  that,  when  people  type  it  into  a   your search search  engine,  you  want  your  website  to  appear. engine Search  engines  do  not  have  elves  behind  desks  that  determine  where   visibility” to  categorize  each  and  every  webpage  on  the  Internet.  Instead,  they   have  devised  a  complex  set  of  ‘algorithms’  (around  200  or  so)  that   analyze  various  factors  of  each  page  –  these  factors  help  determine   where  the  page  will  be  positioned  when  people  type  in  various   keywords. One  heavy  hitting  factor  is  the  number  of  links  pointing  to  the  site   from  other  sites.  Lots  of  links  from  lots  of  quality  sites  implies  that   the  site  on  the  other  end  of  that  link  (your  site)  has  some  valuable   information.   And  better  than  just  a  LINK  is  to  give  the  search  engines  some   information  about  what  type  of  content  is  on  the  other  end  of  that   link.  When  a  link  is  EMBEDDED  within  a  keyword,  this  gives  the   search  engines  a  darn  good  clue  about  what  is  on  the  other  end  of   that  link. Case  in  point: Which  link  gives  YOU  a  better  idea  about  the  type  content  you’ll  @ind   on  the  other  end  of  this  link: Example  #1 id=7446018 Example  #2 False  feathered  eyelashes
  5. 5. Bare-­Bones  Logic  Breakdown: “You might be surprised at • Search  engines  need  to  provide  their  customers  (people  who   how many search  for  things)  with  content  that  is  RELEVANT  to  their   search  term  and  USEFUL. people want their site or • There  are  billions  of  web  pages  full  of  content  on  the  World   their press Wide  Web.release to rank • Search  engines  don’t  hire  human  beings  to  pass  value   for a certain judgment  on  every  single  webpage  out  there  –  and  even  if  a   keyword single  person  did  judge  every  page,  that  wouldn’t  be  objective  term... but that judgment. term never • They  need  some  real  and  automated  way  to  determine   actually whether  or  not  a  page  of  content  is  RELEVANT  and  USEFUL  to   appears on other  people. their page.” • One  of  the  primary  ways  that  a  search  engine  “decides”  if  a   page  is  VALUABLE  is  if  there  are  links  pointing  TO  the  site   FROM  other  sites.  This  is  viewed  kind  of  like  a  “vote”  for  the   site  because  some  other  person  (webmaster,  publisher,   blogger,)  has  made  a  human  judgment  and  decided  the  site   was  worthy  of  linking  to. • One  of  the  primary  ways  that  a  search  engine  “decides”   whether  or  not  a  page  is  RELEVANT  to  the  search  term  is  by   assessing  if  that  search  term  is  a  dominant  term  that  exists  in   critical  parts  of  the  page  (this  is  explained  in  Results  Factor   #1)  AND  if  there  are  LINKS  POINTING  TO  THE  PAGE   EMBEDDED  WITHIN  THAT  RELEVANT  TERM. Step-­By-­Step:  How  To  Achieve  This  Result 1. Make  a  list  of  the  keywords  that  each  page  of  your  website  is   optimized  for  with  the  link  to  that  page  next  to  it.  This  will  be   something  you’ll  want  to  keep  around  for  ALL  of  your  content   marketing  link  building  efforts. 2. Choose  3  of  these  keywords  to  use  within  the  body  of  your   press  release. 3. Apply  the  anchor  text  link  within  the  editor  of  the  press   release  distribution  site  that  you’re  using  (every  press  release   distribution  site  has  a  different  process  for  embedding  links).  
  6. 6. Below  is  an  image  showing  how  to  do  this  in  an   “If there is a  press  release: specific person or company inmind that youwant to notice your press release, you can have a link to your press release deliveredSTRAIGHT TOTHEIR INBOX by choosing your words Result  Factor  #3:   correctly...” Get  On  The  Radar  Of  Speci7ic  Key   Individuals  Or  Companies  Through   Google  Alerts What  this  means:   Have  a  link  to  your  press  release  delivered  directly  into  the  inbox  of   someone  who  is  monitoring  Google  Alerts. Google  Alerts  is  like  the  modern  day  “clipping  service,”  or  media   monitoring  service  –  only  in  nearly  REAL  TIME.  You  can  create  a   Google  Alert  for  a  keyword  phrase  (such  as  your  company  name,   your  name,  competitor’s  names,  buzz  words,  etc),  and  Google  will   send  an  email  with  a  link  to  the  content  with  the  keyword  mention.   When  setting  up  Google  Alerts,  you  can  choose  to  be  emailed  as  soon   as  the  content  is  discovered,  once  a  day,  or  once  a  week. People  and  businesses  rely  on  Google  Alerts  and  similar  services  to   monitor  what  is  being  said  about  their  brand,  and  sometimes  about   their  competitors,  and  hot  topics  in  their  niche.  Not  every  person  or   every  company  uses  Google  Alerts,  however  many  savvy   professionals  and  businesses  do.   Therefore,  if  you  know  WHO  you  want  to  get  in  front  of  (a  big   in*luencer  in  your  industry,  a  company  that  you  want  to  form  a  
  7. 7. strategic  relationship  with,  etc),  you  can  have  a  link  to  your  press   “Many release  delivered  STRAIGHT  TO  THEIR  INBOX  if  you  choose  your   companies words  correctly  and  if  they  are  using  Google  Alerts  or  some  other   and tool  to  track  mentions.  Most  are  monitoring  their  name  or  brand   name,  so  to  increase  your  odds,  choose  an  in*luencer’s  name  or  a   influencers company  name. have given tools like When  the  alert  is  delivered,  the  recipient  receives  an  email  with:   • The  title  of  the  page  on  which  the  mention  appears  (i.e.,  the  Google Alerts title  of  the  press  release). expresspermission to • A  small  snippet  of  the  text  AROUND  the  keyword  they  are   email them tracking  with  the  keyword  highlighted  in  bold.when content • A  link  to  read  the  full  content. with a keyword of interest is published” Bare-­Bones  Logic  Breakdown: • Many  companies  and  in*luencers  have  given  tools  like  Google   Alerts  express  permission  to  email  them  when  content  with   a  keyword  of  interest  is  published • You  want  to  get  you  content  in  front  of  these  in*luencers • If  you  include  a  keyword  phrase  in  a  press  release  that   someone  has  a  Google  Alert  set  up  for,  then  a  link  to  your  press   release  will  be  delivered  right  into  their  inbox.   Step-­By-­Step:  How  To  Achieve  This  Result • Decide  which  person  or  company  you  would  like  to  catch  wind   of  your  press  release. • Include  this  name  in  the  body  of  your  press  release  –  ideally   within  a  catchy  sentence.  
  8. 8. • Ensure  that  the  title  of  your  press  release  has  relevance  to  the   “When a person  for  which  you  are  hoping  to  capture  their  attention.potential clientis considering Result  Factor  #4:   working with Drive  Up  The  Positive  Online  Presence  And  you, many will Credibility  of  Your  Company do their due What  this  means: diligence to When  people  search  for  your  company  or  your  name,  they  *ind  lots   get a feel for of  positive  information  about  you yourreputation and Most  of  the  time,  new  potential  customers  searching  for  solutions   aren’t  going  to  be  searching  FOR  your  company  name  –  because  they   credibility by don’t  know  who  you  are  yet.  However,  once  they’ve  found  you  and   Googleing are  considering  working  with  you,  many  will  do  their  due  diligence  your company to  get  a  feel  for  your  reputation  and  credibility.   name... what • If  they  *ind  nothing  other  than  your  website,  this  implies  that   will they that  you’re  not  all  that  established.   find?” • If  they  *ind  negative  things,  this  plants  a  seed  of  doubt.   • If  they  *ind  lots  of  neutral  things  (such  as  business  listings)   this  implies  that  you’re  established  and  that  you  aren’t   engaged  in  any  foul  play,  but  that  you’re  not  really  doing   anything  above  and  beyond  either. • If  they  *ind  a  lot  of  positive  and  exciting  things,  this  implies   that  you’re  a  solid  company,  a  thought  leader,  and  a  dominant   force  in  your  industry. You  can’t  control  what  people  write  about  you  –  but  that  doesn’t   mean  that  you’re  online  reputation  is  completely  out  of  your  control.   You  have  the  ability  to  publish  content  about  your  company  that   people  can  *ind  when  they  search  for  your  company  name.   Press  releases  are  one  of  the  best  ways  to  do  this,  because  press   releases  are  one  of  the  ONLY  types  of  authority  site  content  that   allows  you  to  speci7ically  talk  about  yourself  throughout  the   content.  That’s  the  nature  of  the  press  release.  Therefore,  its  very   easy  to  optimize  a  press  release  for  your  company  name  because  it  is   absolutely  appropriate,  if  not  common,  to  include  your  company   name  in  the  title  of  the  press  release  (and  we’ve  already  talked  about  
  9. 9. how  the  title  is  one  the  most  in@luential  parts  of  the  page  in  terms  of   “You can’t search  engine  ranking).   control what people write Imagine  a  potential  client  is  doing  their  due  diligence  on  your   company  and  on  one  of  your  competitors.  When  they  type  your   about you – company  name  into  the  search  engine,  they  *ind  your  website  and  a   but that few  directory  listings.  When  they  type  your  competitor’s  name  in,   doesn’t mean they  *ind  their  website,  a  bunch  of  press  releases  announcing   that you’re exciting  things  happening  within  the  company,  some  blog  posts  that   mention  the  company,  a  how-­‐to  type  slideshow,  and  a  YouTube   online video.  Which  company  do  you  think  that  potential  customer  will  feel  is   reputation is the  dominant  leader  in  your  niche?completely out of your Bare-­Bones  Logic  Breakdown: control” • Many  potential  customers  will  search  your  company  name  to   decide  whether  they  want  to  do  business  with  you. • If  they  *ind  lots  of  positive  results  that  prove  you  are  a  leading   force  in  your  niche,  they  feel  more  con*ident  about  working   with  you. • If  they  *ind  little,  nothing,  or  negative  sentiment,  they  doubt   your  ability  to  deliver. • Publishing  press  releases  is  a  fast,  cost  effective,  powerful  way   to  quickly  build  up  the  positive  sentiment  about  your  company   and  to  prove  that  you’re  a  thought  leader  in  your  industry. Step-­By-­Step:  How  To  Achieve  This  Result • Include  your  company  name  in  the  title  of  your  press  release,   preferably  at  the  beginning  of  the  title • Include  your  company  name  in  the  summary  of  your  press   release • Include  your  company  name  in  the  body  of  your  press  release   and  then  create  anchor  text  links  IN  your  company  name  that   point  TO  other  pro*ile  sites,  review  sites,  press  releases  or   other  pieces  of  positive  content  (we  covered  the  logic  of   anchor  text  backlinks  earlier  –  the  same  logic  applies  here).  
  10. 10. “Creating a Result  Factor  #5:   powerful Evoke  ACTION  from  Your  Target   press release Audience that compels What  this  means:people to take Create  a  press  release  in  such  a  way  that  when  you  target  audience   action is (customer,  potential  joint  venture  partner,  reporter,  in*luential   MORE than blogger)  *inds  it,  they  are  compelled  to  take  action. just a great Creating  a  powerful  press  release  that  compels  people  to  take  action   headline and is  MORE  than  just  a  great  headline  and  great  content.  A  great  great content” headline  gets  them  there.  Great  content  keeps  them  reading.  But   what  you  really  want  them  to  do  is  TAKE  ACTION.  That  “action”  is  up   to  you.   Of  course  the  end  goal  ACTION  is  that  you  want  them  to  “buy,”   but  be  frank  with  yourself.  Many  people  are  not  ready  to  BUY   right  this  second  –  and  if  that’s  the  only  action  you’re  trying  to   get  people  to  take,  then  you  could  be  severely  missing  out  on   opportunities  to  build  relationships  with  customers  through   mailing  lists  or  to  be  a  quotable  source  for  the  media  or  bloggers. Some  types  of  actions  you  might  want  people  to  take  immediately   after  reading  your  press  release  are:   • Download  a  free  e-­‐book/whitepaper/special  report  from  your   site  in  order  to  build  your  mailing  list • Check  out  a  new  product • Watch  a  video • Subscribe  to  your  Facebook  page/Twitter  feed/blog • Call  a  number  for  additional  recorded  information • Have  them  visit  your  online  pressroom  where  you  showcase   your  credentials  as  a  valuable,  quotable,  source. • Take  a  survey • Enter  a  contest HOW  you  accomplish  this  is  very  much  dependent  on  WHERE  you   submit  your  press  release.  If  the  press  release  is  just  a  big  blob  of   black  and  white  text  with  no  intuitive  ways  for  people  to  take  action,   then  chances  are  people  won’t  even  read  it  let  alone  take  action.     However,  if  you’re  submitting  to  a  site  like   with  lots  of  multimedia  capabilities,  it  is  in  your  best  interest  to  use   these  for  the  purpose  of  increasing  conversions.
  11. 11. Bare-­Bones  Logic  Breakdown: “If you wantpeople to take • You  spend  time  and  money  writing  and  submitting  a  press   a specific release  because  it’s  part  of  your  marketing  efforts. ACTION after • Every  piece  of  marketing  content  MUST  include  a  call  to  action   reading your or  encourage  the  target  audience  to  take  action  in  some  way….  press release, Because  that’s  the  point. you must Step-­By-­Step:  How  To  Achieve  This  Result make it veryeasy for them • DECIDE  what  action  you  want  people  to  take  after  they  read   to do so” your  press  release  (CRITICAL) • Ensure  that  people  are  able  to  take  this  action  (for  example,  if   you  want  them  to  download  an  e-­‐book,  is  the  e-­‐book  available   on  some  webpage  with  a  contact  form?) • USE  THE  EXACT  page  where  the  reader  can  take  action  in  the   iFrame  that  exists  below  the  press  release.  (If  you’re   announcing  a  new  product,  link  to  the  product  page  where   they  can  TAKE  ACTION  and  buy  it) • Embed  a  video  or  slideshow  in  the  press  release  that  further   drives  home  the  bene*its  of  taking  the  desired  action  (for   example,  if  you  want  them  to  download  a  special  report,  create   a  video  or  slideshow  that  talks  about  the  meaty  content  in  the   special  report  and  exactly  how  having  this  information  will   bene*it  the  reader). • Include  high  quality  interesting  photos  in  your  press  that   GRAB  attention.  Like  it  or  not,  humans  are  visual  creatures   and  gravitate  toward  things  that  are  attractive.  If  the  PR  is  a   big  uninteresting  blog  of  text,  you  likely  won’t  get  a  chance  to   entice  them  to  take  action  because  they’ve  already  left. • Clearly  state  in  the  press  release  exactly  what  action  you  want   readers  to  take  who  want  more  information  or  who  want  to   participate  in  the  offer  you  are  announcing.   You’re  Ready  To  Rock! By  making  use  of  these  5  essential  elements  of  a  results-­‐driven  press   release,  you’ll  be  light  years  ahead  of  99.7%  of  every  company  and   competitor  out  there.  
  12. 12. “Congrats for For  one  thing,  many  businesses  don’t  even  think  they  have  a  reason  to   learning how write  a  press  release  –  but  that’s  ridiculous!  No  doubt  you’re  doing  to set yourself many  interesting  things  in  your  business  that  are  press  release   worthy,  and  if  you  don’t  tell  the  world  about  them,  did  it  really  apart from the happen?  If  a  tree  falls  in  the  woods,  and  no  one  hears  it…  did  it  make  crowd when it a  noise?  Press  releases  allow  you  to  make  noise  about  all  the   comes in interesting  things  you’re  doing  in  your  business  –  because  people   press release like  interesting  people  and  businesses.  And  you  know  that  or  you   wouldn’t  be  reading  this  right  now. marketing! Now it’s time Among  those  that  are  writing  a  press  release,  the  majority  are  not   to take making  use  of  these  5  essential  elements  –  and  that  gives  you  a   action!” major  advantage. Congratulations  for  learning  how  to  set  yourself  apart  from  the   crowd  when  it  comes  in  press  release  marketing!  Now  it’s  time  to   take  action  and  submit  a  press  release! Wishing  you  the  very  best  in  all  of  your  ventures! Christine,  Tara,  and  the  Online  PR  Media  Editorial  Team Additional Resources: 10 Powerful Press Release News Angles - Great if youʼre short on ideas! 3 Ways to Get Massive Coverage & Link Value From Your Press Releases Learn more about Authority Sites and how to leverage them for ranking Big list of sites to post a business or personal profile to improve search visibility The Busy Personʼs Content Marketing Plan -- Get lots of visibility with little time Your competitors will be baffled by why YOU seem to be mentioned everywhere they look... Download this free ebook now to learn exactly how to avoid amateur mistakes and create killer PRs