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Sales Kit - Holiday Selling Strategies


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Why should you use this sales kit?

• Systemise your team's holiday selling activities and avoid slack off
• Build pipeline momentum for the new year so you don't come back to an empty diary
• Build confidence in your team with a 99% response rate.

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Sales Kit - Holiday Selling Strategies

  1. 1. Reconnect Before the Holidays Too many sales teams fail to take advantage of the holiday season as a reason to reconnect with every customer in their portfolio and build good will. As a leader you need to ensure that the productivity leading into the holidays and early in January is maximised. SalesITV’s structured and proven approach to this opportunity will enable you and the team to: Credibly connect with every customer your team relationship manages Build momentum coming into December and speed up deals that would otherwise rollover into the New Year Set up meetings for January so that your salespeople return from holidays with a full diary and avoid a “holiday hangover” Build relationships with all of your customers by prompting them to share personal information about what they’re doing for the holidays and capturing this to build greater rapport in the New Year Build value in the relationship with all of your customers by genuinely and credibly thanking them for their business and sharing important contact information for the holiday period Build confidence in your salespeople by giving them a credible reason to connect with every customer through a proactive outbound call that has over a 99% positive response rate Challenge your sales leaders to execute and coach a campaign-based approach to customer engagement Experience the power and value of a disciplined call day
  2. 2. Executing the Holiday Outbound Calling Campaign… Executing the campaign is easy using the SalesITV tools we’ll share with you. Basically, all you need to is follow the simple steps below to achieve amazing results for a little bit of disciplined and planned sales effort… IT’S EASY… SalesITV Support Tools and Strategy Book in two half day outbound calling sessions Decide on a time to view and discuss the SalesITV Holiday Season Sales Strategies Video Communicate the dates and the strategy to your sales team Execute the meeting to view and discuss the video Execute the call campaign sessions Debrief the call campaign sessions Generally we find the morning from 9am – 12pm is a great time to run these sessions and one in the last week of November and another in the first week of December (on Tuesday – Friday) works well. Get these dates in the diary as soon as possible. Ideally you would play this short ? Minute video in your sales meeting in mid November to get the discussion started around how you maintain productivity through this period. Because the video can be accessed online you can also have your team watch it prior to a sales meeting or remotely (on their smart phone/ PC/ tablet) where your sales meeting is over the phone. That’s as easy as an email/ meeting note with the dates and this document as an attachment. Ideally a message from someone senior in the organisation supporting the campaign would be sent to motivate higher levels of participation and action. The video you have access to is full of ideas and don’t be afraid to stop it throughout to discuss how your team plans to use the lead up to the holiday season as an opportunity to strengthen their relationships. You can access the video at LINKS??? There’s a suggested script in this campaign tool that you can use to give the team direction on how to make the calls. Make sure you discuss this the morning of the first session to get everyone on the same page and make sure you use the “thank you strategy” – you’ll be amazed at how effective it is an how customers respond. If you have access to SalesITV’s skill building session on outbound sales call structure this can be a great tool to refresh skills and create clarity on the importance of leveraging the scripting tool / strategy provided. Make sure you use this as an opportunity to celebrate success and share experiences across the team. It’s a fantastic way to remind everyone that focus, intensity and a defined “how to approach” to sales activity can make a big difference to results.
  3. 3. Meeting/Product Benefits to Customer • Relationship confirmation that you care about them! • Reminder to close anything off that needs to be done before the holidays • Awareness of your movements and contact points over the holidays • Just feeling good about being your customer – yes this is corny but it’s true! Holiday Outbound Calling Campaign Call Plan The Reason I’m Calling Is Great. Two main reasons for the call. The first is just to say thank you for your business over the year. We all know its competitive out there and really appreciate it. (Pause for breath and conversation if the customer engages.) Connection Strategy Hi Bill, Just making sure I’m speaking to all of my customers before the holidays. do you have a moment? Outcomes • Reconnect with your entire customer base • Ensure positive brand so they talk about you over the holidays • Capture some personal information you can use to build rapport in the New Year • Create urgency for anything that needs to be completed prior to holidays • Set up a meeting for the New Year to reconnect and start the year with great momentum Next Steps Sure Bill – I’ll diarise to give you a call for the Wednesday after you get back so you can get your feet on the ground. (make sure you diarise so you follow through) Expected Objections customer says… ‘How about we sort out a time when I get back?’ Engagement & Close Strategy The other reason I’m calling is to let you know when I’m away on holidays just in case there’s anything you need done before I go away and to make sure you know who can help you while I’m away. What are you up to for the holidays? (Pause and engage in conversation – capture where they are going and other details you can use when you re-engage in the New Year.) Sounds like a great holiday Bill. I’m keen to catch up in the New Year when you get back so can we put a time in the diary now for the week after you return from holidays?
  4. 4. Need Help? Contact Customer Support +61 83067770 Happy with SalesITV?