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Toyota's Clicks to Bricks with Sean V. Bradley, CSP

  1. Cody Carter #1 Car Salesman in the World from ● Sold & Delivered 1,400+ Units in 2021 on the Showroom Sales Floor. ● Sold and Delivered 154 Units in one month, March 2021 on the Showroom Sales Floor. ● Cover of the Sep/Oct 2021 Dealer Magazine. Watch This: 7ufcya
  2. Toyota of Bowie ● Went from 12 BDC Reps selling 112 units per month to dropping to 8 BDC Reps and selling 130 units per month.
  3. Toyota Dealership in Ohio (Does Not want their Competition to Know...) ● No BDC Department (ONLY 2 people) to having 4 BDC Reps, 3 Point Guards and 2 Managers. ● Went from 40 units per month to 100+ per month!
  4. Toyota of Vineland ● Went from 27 units per month to 75 units per month. ● Now average over 55 units per month (pandemic).
  5. Bob Ruth Ford ● Went from 75 units per month to 320 units per month. ● Cover of the April 2021 Auto Success Magazine Watch This: nz8w8
  6. HOW is this Possible??
  7. *The #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century*
  8. The Top 5 Things Dealers Need to Focus on to Sell More Cars IMMEDIATELY: 1. Their Dealerships are Upside Down 2. 90% of CRMs are Broken or Improperly Set Up 3. The Inventory Crisis 4. Training, Training, Training 5. The Metaverse
  9. Dealers are Upside Down… Section 1
  10. Average Dealership Profile 10 Sales People 2 Sales Managers 1 GSM 1 F&I Manager 15 Total Dealer Employees to Sell 96 Cars per Month…
  11. 400-500 Leads per Month With a Residual Flow Factor of 800 Carry Over Leads! That’s 1,300 Active Leads… …and only 2-4 people handling them. (This is ONLY Internet & Phones)
  12. They do NOT have enough people to handle the Internet Leads And even if they did… ● There is NO WAY POSSIBLE for them to handle ALL of those leads over 90-120 days. ● There is NO WAY that they would still be able to sell cars in ALL 8 ways to sell
  13. Here is YOUR Reality… What are your total sales per month? (200) How many of sales are internet & phones? (100) That means that you have a 50% Internet / Phone Sales percentage. That means that you are Selling 50% of your total sales via ONLY 2 OUT of the 8 Ways to sell cars… MEANING that you are selling the OTHER 50% through the OTHER 6 Ways… How can you sell 50% from ONLY 2 sources but sell the other 50% from the other 6 sources. That means that you are drowning from 2 sources and are massively UNDERUTILIZING the other 6 ways to sell cars!
  14. There is NO Real (Consistent) “Real Time” T.O. Protocol There isn’t a 100% T.O. Policy ● For ALL Leads engaged. ● For ALL Leads deaded.
  15. How Important is the Internet & BDC To You?
  16. You can tell what’s important to people by their spends… Where they spend their time & where they spend their money.
  17. Dealers are DROWNING… The Bottom Line:
  18. 90% of CRMs are Broken or Improperly Set Up Section 2
  19. Let’s Go LIVE in
  20. Inventory Crisis Section 3
  21. Facebook Marketplace Craigslist KBB Instant Cash Offer Online Classified Dealership Website(s) Facebook Ads Instagram Ads YouTube Preroll Google PPC Radio TV Print Billboards Email Marketing Text Message Marketing Network With Local Business Referral Programs Motorcycles Powersport RV Vanderhall TrueCar Trade Drill Down Pages Blog Posts Focus Sites
  22. Vehicle Buying Center Process Engagement & Appointments Final Vehicle Appraisal Customer Intake Titling & Vehicle Payoff Exit Interview w/ Testimonial
  23. Data Mining / Equity Mining
  24. Service Hang Tags
  25. Training, Training, Training! Section 4
  26. Video On-Demand Training, Tracking, Testing & Certification
  27. The Average Dealer Spends $64,000 per Month on Advertising… … but only $1,000 per Month on training! (for their ENTIRE Staff)
  28. And Anyone Who is Training, they… ● Are Using Antiquated Practices. ● Are Utilizing Outdated Information. ● Lacking the Knowledge & Resources of 2022. ● Are NOT training correctly… ○ They are not given the proper place and resources and TIME to train. ○ Training is NOT fun, it sucks, its boring etc.
  29. Training is Like Boxing: It’s More than Product Knowledge ● OEM Training ● The Road to the Sale Training ● Process Training ● Communication Training ● Time Maxumation/ Time Management Training ● Objection and Rebuttals Training ● Marketing Training ● Finance Training ● Budgeting Training ● Social Media Training ● Email/Text Training ● People
  30. The Average Car Salesman Salary: Top Earners ● $75,900/yr | $36/hr 75th Percentile ● $52,500/yr | $25/hr Average ● $22,000/yr | $11/hr Ali Reda Makes $1.5 Million per Year. Cody Carter Makes $1 Million per Year. Crissy Burton Makes Half A Million $ per Year.
  31. A set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you. Section 5
  32. Virtual Reality What is VR? VR is an artificial, computer generated simulation of a real life environment or situation. It immerses the user by stimulating their vision and hearing. Augmented Reality What is AR? AR is an experience where designers enhance parts of users' physical world with computer-generated input.
  33. McDonald's has Filed a Trademark for a Restaurant in the Metaverse that will Actually Deliver Food to Your Home.
  34. Sean’s vision of the Metaverse for the Auto Industry
  35. Three Big Questions: 1. Who will build the Metaverse for Dealers? 2. What will they build? 3. Will Dealers embrace the Metaverse?
  36. Can you Imagine if you & your organization EMBRACED the Internet in 1995?
  37. Recap There are 5 Main things Dealers need to focus on if they want to sell MORE Cars Immediately: 1. Their Dealerships are Upside Down 2. 90% of CRMs are Broken or Improperly Set Up 3. The Inventory Crisis 4. Training, Training, Training! 5. The Metaverse
  38. Strategy Session CRM Audit Mystery Shop We are Offering a FREE… or or
  40. We are Embedding our Videos into this Presentation. If you see value, please email me for a copy of this PowerPoint. ( I will also forward you two HIGH LEVEL Meta Presentations from Bob Lanham Head of Automotive Retail for Meta Charles Ace Top Meta Architect
  41. Any Questions?