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Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association Presentation - Internet Sales / BDC


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Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association Presentation - Internet Sales / BDC

Sean V. Bradley, CEO of Dealer Synergy and Co-Creator of the Internet Sales 20 Group was the General Assembly Speaker for the MSADA's Annual event in Boston June 21st 2013.

Sean's workshop is titled "Keeping What's Yours & Taking What's Theirs!"

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Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association Presentation - Internet Sales / BDC

  1. 1. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comKeeping What’s Yours(And TakingWhat’s Theirs)
  2. 2. Sean V. BradleyFriday, June 21, 2013Cell: 267-319-6776;
  3. 3. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comSean V. Bradley
  4. 4. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comSuccess Stories
  5. 5. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  6. 6. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comWe ONLY have 86,400seconds in a day…(4,500 seconds in thispresentation)
  7. 7. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.com15+ Million Car Sales Projected…Are you taking advantage ofthe tremendous opportunity?
  8. 8. Are You Dipping Your Toe In TheWater… Or, Are You Scuba Diving?Cell: 267-319-6776;
  9. 9. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comIMPORTANT Statistics That You NEED to Know• Over 92-99% of Americans go online before theyStep foot into a dealership• The average Internet prospect is a 45-90Day opportunity• The average prospect is searching 5-8 OTHERDealerships or websites• The average prospect is influenced by18+ mediums before they decide
  10. 10. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  11. 11. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  12. 12. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comLets Take A Closer Look At The Money…
  13. 13. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comThe Average Dealership in the US…• Sells 96 units per month• Has 10 sales people• 4-5 Managers• Average Sales Person sells 9.6 units• Dealerships has 500 “Ups” per month• Average closing ratio is 19%• Average Cost Per Sale = $600 per car!
  14. 14. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comA Successful Internet DEALERSHIP• Can Sell OVER 100 units per monthONLINE• 1 Internet Director & 5 Internet SalesCoordinators (Appointment Setters)• Average Coordinator = 20 units!• Internet Leads = 1,000+• Average closing ratio is 47% (inshowroom)• Average Cost Per Sale (A) = $190 per car!
  15. 15. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comAre you engaging the 92-99% of shoppers?Then what is your:• Strategy ?• Infrastructure ?• Lead count ?• Message ?• Success rate ?
  16. 16. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comAn internet department is made or broken,maximized or underutilized in 4 key areas.The Four P’s
  17. 17. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comProducts (Resources)• CRM/ILM• Website• Call Monitoring Tool• Inventory Pricing Tool• Telephones, Cell Phones, Head Sets• Templates, Scripts, Word Tracks,• Objections/Rebuttals• Hardware– Computes, iPads, Laptops, etc.– Video Production Equipment– Video/Digital Cameras
  18. 18. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comPeople• Assessments of current staff• Profiling, Recruiting, Screening, Interviewing, Hiring• Job Descriptions• Pay Plans: Salary, Commissions, Bonuses, Incentives, etc.• Schedules• Goal Planning, Projecting, Forecasting• Training, Training, Training• Personal Development• Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership• Tracking/Accountability• Coaching, Mentoring• Support
  19. 19. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comProcess• Outbound/Inbound Phone Call Process• Outbound/Inbound Email Process• Follow Up Process• Engagement Process• How To PROPERLY Qualify a Prospect & Identify Wants, Wishes,Expectations• How To EXCEED Expectations With a Value Package Proposition***(Why Buy From Us)***• Objections/Rebuttals• How To Handle PRICE, Availability, Credit, No Phone #,“Email ONLY”, Difficult People, etc… How To Handle ALL “What Ifs”• Reviews/Testimonials• Tracking, Reporting• Management Is a Whole Other Power Point
  20. 20. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comPromotions• How To DOMINATE “Googleopoly”• Onsite/Offsite SEO• Video Search Engine Optimization• Video Pre-Roll• Social Media & Social Search Engine Optimization• Reputation Management & Reputation Optimization• Focus Sites/Micro Sites• Pay Per Click (SEM)• Retargeting• Cross Promotional Marketing• OEM Leads• 3rd Party Leads• Online Classifieds• Mobile!
  21. 21. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comPutting it All Together…
  22. 22. Cell: 267-319-6776;• ONLY .5% of people go past the 1st Page• ONLY 20% Of People Will “Click” Pay Per Click Ads• ORGANIC Optimization is the MOST PowerfulStrategy• Google Prefers VIDEO Content OVER Static Content& Links• Videos show up in 50% of Google SearchesFACTS
  23. 23. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  24. 24. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comUnderstanding thePower of VideoThe average buyer spends 11 hours performing online research withthree hours spent on video on and two hours doing searches.More then 3 Billion Google Searches are completed dailyVideos show up in 50% of Google SearchesVideo is 53 time more likely to be selected over static text linkVideo is off place SEO and is ranked more highly then on site SEO
  25. 25. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  26. 26. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comIf your Dealership is like a Row Boatin the Ocean of The Internet…What do you expect?
  27. 27. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comTactical Strategy
  28. 28. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comCRUSH The Competition!
  29. 29. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  30. 30. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  31. 31. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  32. 32. Cell: 267-319-6776;
  33. 33. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comThings You NEED to Focus on:• That there is TREMENDOUS OpportunityRight Now!• Proper Operational Set up & S.O.P.s• CONQUESTING• Video Search Engine Optimization• Mobile
  34. 34. Cell: 267-319-6776; sean@dealersynergy.comSign up for Automotive Internet!
  35. 35. Cell: 267-319-6776;