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Industry Statistics, Data, & Analytics

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Ken Potter "Industry Statistics, Data, & Analytics"

  1. 1. Pg. 48Industry Statistics,Data, & AnalyticsKen PotterVP Dealer DevelopmentTrueCar
  2. 2. The Other 90%• Ken Potter Mar 21, 2013
  3. 3. Why 10%??? Let’s examine further All sites are geared towards lead generation  Dealership website  Manufacturer website  3rd party lead providers  Wholesale providers Leads are based on Make to maximize distribution  3PP’s, manufacturer, and wholesale all need a make in order to route lead “Get a Price” is main driver  Customers are looking for price guidance  In market buyers and recently bought are looking for validation
  4. 4. Customer Experience
  5. 5. What are consumers doing online• Pure and simple – they are looking for information• Each consumer starts in a unique manner with unique goals• They start with “Needs”• Finding the Need is key to understanding how to sell to the customer• Creating a unique experience for each consumer is key to closing without focus solely on price
  6. 6. Examples of “Needs”
  7. 7. Start with where consumer came from?• Third Party – Online, ask the two questions• Trade In Tool – Which site, set appointment, seek more information on car• Credit App – What are their goals, finance review• Member Network – transfer of trust• Total Loss – get in
  8. 8. Bucketing
  9. 9. Start with where consumer came from?• Moment of Truth – buying now, will tell you, heavy price emphasis• Next Step – need to take a step prior to making buying decision
  10. 10. Best Practices
  11. 11. Best of the Best do these• Invest in your people, constant training, support, and some time off• Let them be themselves on the phone, chat, or email, let them build rapport and be a friend• Invest in Technology that your people can use• Encourage them to be a part of a long term plan, help them see the career
  12. 12. Real World• Facebook intro• Trade in tool – service aisle, TO• Used intro – service pack, more photos, video• Used Certification – Demo / Website / Email intro• Lost Lead – GM/DP email, service offer• Ask the manager/expert
  13. 13. More Real World• Manager card• Accessory in service aisle
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  15. 15. Thank You!