The Importance of the Command Center (CRM) & How To Gather "Field Intel"


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The CRM is by far the MOST important tool in the Internet Sales Department, BDC or the dealership for that matter but MOST dealerships do not use it the right way, have it set up the right way and even the dealers that do... most of those dealers don't know how to take the data... AKA "Field Intelligence" from the CRM and identify the current situation in their dealerships and what they can do to get things moving in the right direction...
The Importance of the Command Center (CRM) & How To Gather "Field Intel"

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The Importance of the Command Center (CRM) & How To Gather "Field Intel"

  1. 1. The Importance of the Command Center (Your C.R.M.)And How to Gather “Field Intel” Presented By Sean V. Bradley CEO and Founder Dealer Synergy
  2. 2. Quick Background• Has been immersed in Automotive Internet Sales, BDC, CRM & Digital Marketing for 14+ years• Spoken to over 80 NADA & NCM 20 Groups• NADA Convention Speaker 3 Years in a Row• Writes for over 13 national magazines• Founder of• Creator of the first and ONLY Internet Sales 20 Group –• Has personally trained over 2,000 Dealer Principals & GMs• Certified FranklinCovey Trainer / Facilitator
  3. 3. We Will Be Focusing On The Internet Department Operations &Internet Lead Management (ILM)
  4. 4. Overview• Basics…• Understand What Are The MOST Important Details (Numbers) To Track And How…• Receive the Dealer Synergy Operational Formula for Internet Sales Coordinators (Appointment Setters)…• We Are Going To Go Live!• Q&A
  5. 5. Basics• Have You Set Up The ILM / CRM Fully?• Have You And Everyone Been Thoroughly Trained?• Have You Set Up Integration & Automation Capabilities?• Have You Created ALL Action Plans?• Have you created contingency plans?• Have created a POWERFUL library of email templates, voice mail templates, scripts, objection/rebuttals etc…?
  6. 6. Most Important Things To Track… Make sure lead count is handled the right way… Do you have enough leads? Not too many, not too little based on the appointment setters…• Track “Oldest” leads• Track last contact / or actions• Check Prospect history for proper process protocol• Check Dead leads… have they been TOed 100%? - Are there dead leads that are still prime opportunities?• Lost productivity time… by knowing employee schedules and cross checking… for example if they work 9-5 but their first time stamp is at 9:23 and they “left a voice mail” but… their NEXT time stamp was at 10:00 WTH?
  7. 7. Most Important Things To Track…• Response Times (Should Be Immediate)• If there is NO Phone Number… what actions where taken to try to engage the prospect…? (Reverse Look Up, Social etc…)• TROLLING through “Active Leads” as a GSM / or Desk Manager… looking for deals to put together…• TO protocol… How many TOs & what is the status?• Lost Opportunity Coordinator… Protocol
  8. 8. 3 Minute Book (Score Card)• 120 Make or Take Phone Calls Per Day…• 11 – 14% connection ratio (14 -17 bodies)• 25 – 33% converted into appointments (4-6)• 62 - 65% appointments show• 40 - 42% sold units (Varies)Projection• 120 calls X 5 working days = 600 per week• 600 calls X 4.3 weeks = 2,580 in a month• 2,580 X 14% C = 361.2• 361 X 33% A = 119.1• 119 X 62% S = 73.9• 73.9 X 42 D = 31 UNITS!
  9. 9. Pop QuizDo You Think This is Realistic?
  10. 10. Lets Go LIVE!
  11. 11. Thank You!You Can Download This Presentation At Presented By Sean V. Bradley CEO and Founder Dealer Synergy