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Video Search Engine Optimization

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AJ LeBlanc "Video Search Engine Optimization"

  1. 1. Pg. 53Video Search EngineOptimizationAJ LeBlancManaging PartnerCar-Mercial.com
  2. 2. Video Pre-Roll & Video SEO Strategies A Case Study – Rick Case Honda AJ LeBlanc, Managing Partner Car-Mercial.com Boca Raton, Florida Direct: 561-319-3227 AJ@Car-Mercial.com
  3. 3.  Quick Review: Growth & Importance of Online Video WHY? Video Pre-Roll Strategies Video Pre-Roll Case Study: Rick Case Honda Why? Video SEO Strategies Video SEO Case Study: Rick Case Honda Video SEO Best Practices Video SEO ROI: Expectations Questions 3
  4. 4. Reality – Average U.S. Consumer’s Time Yearly Vs. 107 Hours 1,095 Hours (+1,000%) Why?Sources:2012 Veronis Suhler Stevenson&U.S. Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics
  5. 5. 2013 Dealer Full Funnel Brand Engagement case study
  6. 6. FIND ConstantConsideration SELL KEEP
  7. 7. • Too Many Stations• Extremely Expensive Media• Audience Tunes You Out/DVR• Tracking Effectiveness• Production Costs• Not targeted
  8. 8.  Geo target to local car buyers on popular national websites & video platforms. Push your AD message out to build brand awareness & purchase intent within your specific DMA.  Create professionally produced, direct response, targeted- TV style videos with a strong call to action.  Use Advanced behavioral targeting capabilities if available: auto-intenders, retargeting, Geo, search, zip code, …etc.)
  9. 9.  In-stream video ads are displayed in sequence before or during the video content being consumed by the users.  Standard video lengths are 15 & 30 seconds, with CTR rates higher on 30 second spots.  Pricing is based on inventory and demographic factors which vary per market and availability.
  10. 10. REACH Increase engagement of local auto Find a Pre-Roll ad platform that ensures Use an Ad platfrom that targets yourbuyers within an Video AD Network’s your video campaigns run on relevant key performance metrics and adjuststarget audience of 18yrs+ consumers. sites and programming. the campaign for either CTR / Completion Rate or both.Find aggregators of audience data for Get a customized site list to ensure your Review analytics and optimization Online Video, such as Polk Data, ads are delivered in relevant throughout the campaign in an effort to Korrelate, as well as other third party environments for the target audience & maximize reach and achieve key data providers. market area. targeted campaign objectives.
  11. 11.  Videos played on 80+ Websites  Miami market area  90 Days Men & Women 18+ Years Old  Auto-intenders  Non-skippable video ads
  12. 12. Automotive Home & Garden Autoblog DIY AutoTrader.com Movies Cars.com Metacafe Movies Kelley Blue Book Screen Media US Motor Trend Music SIM Automotive Blastro Business & Finance CBS MUSIC Business Insider last.fm Ooyala Premium Publishers News & Information Wall Street Journal Cox Digital Solutions Entertainment Mail Online 33Universal Politico Blinkx Other Blue Wave Mobile Genesis Media Collider Media Portal Sony Crackle AOL Video Network Craveonline Google - Adx Crunchy Roll Microsoft Network Discovery Yahoo E! Online Sports Gorilla Nation Media Network Auditude MLB TV (Live) Mevio.com Passback Bicycling.com Mypod Studios Fuel TV Redux - Online Metacafe Sports Rev New Media Technology Videojug IDG Tech Gaming Women Accedo Gaming CTV Meredith Video Blastro Networks Oprah Facebook App - MindJolt US**Site list subject to change per market or campaign criteria**
  13. 13. PLAN SUMMARY: MIAMI RICK CASE - CASE STUDY SAMPLE REPORT FLIGHT IMPRESSIONS Contracted Start Date: End Date: Elapsed Days: Days Remaining: Delivered Imps Imps 09/15/2012 1/15/2012 120 0 1,300,000 1,300,000 PLAN METRICS Broadband Video Universe: 178,935,896 REACH/FREQUENCY CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES Undup. Reach Avg Frequency CTR Completion % 118,576 11 1.78% 83%CAMPAIGN DELIVERY ANALYSIS AVE UNDUPLICATED IMPS DELIVERED FREQUENCY CTR REACH TARGET: A18+ MIAMI AUTO INTENDERS 1,300,000 118,576 11 1.78% Plan Total: 1,300,000 118,576 11 1.78% CAMPAIGN QUARTILE ANALYSIS TOTAL CLICKS: 23,140 total / 5,785 per month $1.10 per click / $.02 per view 25% 50% 75% COMP COMPLETED % COMPLETES COMPLETION % COMP COMP RICK CASE:18+ MIAMI AUTO INT. 91% 84% 79% 75% 1,079,031 83% Total: 91% 84% 79% 75% 1,079,031 83%
  14. 14. • Extremely Competitive• Constantly Changing Criteria – 500X• 200+ factors affect your ranking• Expansion(reward) VS. contraction(punish)• Your Advantage = everyone’s Standard• Most available Products Brand image• Why do I need to worry about SEO?
  15. 15. 2 hrs 20+ sources <2 dealers 11 Hours 3 hrs 7 Hours Research on LotSources:2012 Google Automotive Buyer study2012 Google Zero Moment of Truth2011 Polk Automotive Influence study
  16. 16. Search Engine OptimizationOn-page SEO Off-page SEO 25 75% %
  17. 17.  Consumer using search 15+ yearshonda accord miami 2012 accord miami  24/7 easy access to search on numerous devices  Over 60% of search is done on mobile  20/100 search terms are new = more descriptive  Long tail search = 3 or more words > 20% yearly  Short tail search = 2 or less words < 10% yearly Result ? Car buyers choose PG 1 = “Universal Search”
  18. 18. • News• Websites • Paid listings • Micro-sites • Social Media• Maps • Blogs • Images • Remarketing• Reviews • Video 50% of the time • Local Places Videos show up in search?
  19. 19. La Car GuyVW La Car Guy VW PPCWebsites  95% of paid search impressions do “NOT” get clicked  90% of all click traffic comes from Organic Search  70% of search is done on GoogleLa Car Guy  97% mobile search is done on GoogleVW Videos  Less than 10% of buyers click on PG 2 search results  65%+ of website traffic comes from Google searches Website + Video + PPC = Max Market Share
  20. 20. Brand Conquest MONTHLY TRADE INCREASE • 9/4/2012-1/31/2012 • Average trades before: 9Rick Case HondaCR-V Videos • Average trades after: 19 • Toyota trades +41% average monthlyRick Case HondaCR-V Video
  21. 21. Brand Conquest • Videos should be informational and focus on getting prospects to your website. • Highlight your brand’s Rick Case Honda model feature Pilot Video advantages in video. • Average buyer looks2 Local Toyota Dealers at 3 different makeswebsites & in bottom funnel.Video listing • Generate new real estate that your website doesn’t.
  22. 22. 31
  23. 23. Properly Tag VideosTitle & TagsDescription Category
  24. 24. 33
  25. 25. 34
  26. 26.  Video content must be unique, no duplicates as this is SPAM. Videos must be unique to each video site, as engines no longer rank duplicates on multiple video sites into page-one results. Video length < two minutes - target is B.F.C. looking for three Ps – get them to your website! Videos in search are NOT final destination as they are just a gateway to your website. Upload frequency is monthly, as search engines prefer new content, video = time relevant. Upload to numerous video sites, so don’t put eggs in one basket/network. Manage each account per video site by using a spreadsheet to track. Make lots of videos (VIN-specific walk-arounds, service, how to, sales, branding, testimonials, community, financing, special programs, awards, amenities, location…etc.) In addition, put testimonial videos on Facebook and website tab, but get signed releases! Quality video content is king! No shaky videos, and get a tri-pod if necessary. No white noise, be specific and get creative. Title, tags, categories, descriptions, comments, and ratings are all important. Hyperlink URLs, phone numbers, store address, and maps are all important. Proper keyword optimization should be followed, so use variety. Update keywords – do not SPAM! Build an efficient process and be committed! It’s SEO, and takes dedicated time. 35
  27. 27. 36
  28. 28.  Video SEO is only five years old, and is NOT completely measurable, just like TV. Use as competitive product – Be Omnipresent & dominate your online market share. Every % = sales and service dollars. Reduce your competition’s market share and get buyers to YOUR store! The average car shopper looks at five different dealer websites before they go to the first lot. They visit only two now (don’t be one of the other three they NEVER visit!). Manage your page-one reputation in search and push out customers’ unfavorable comments about your dealership. Don’t sell cars for your competition! Toot your own horn and be proactive with PR! View counts: 60 % of search is on mobile/tablet – views not always counted on shared FREE Wi-Fi IPs. View counts: not counted if not full view on most engines or if embedded on other sites. Tracking clicks: 90 percent of video sites don’t allow hyperlinks – they’re online TV networks. Reality of search example: people manage the research process and open new tabs and browsers. Tracking phone numbers: Google panda SPAM rules and limited due to reality of search – Example. Go after competing brands: average car buyer looks at three different makes in bottom of the funnel! Don’t let competing dealers employ this strategy and reduce your online market share! 37
  29. 29. AJ LeBlanc, Managing Partner Car-Mercial.com Boca Raton, Florida Direct: 561-319-3227 AJ@Car-Mercial.com 38