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Reach In-market Auto Shoppers by Geo Fencing

The Account Manager at DealerStrong, Anna Hildebrandt, gives expert advice on how to draw in more customers, especially those shopping your competitors lots. She shows the best form of mobile advertising, how to use it, and what you'll need to get started bringing in traffic.

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Reach In-market Auto Shoppers by Geo Fencing

  1. 1. DEALERSTRONG Anna Hildebrandt Nation’s Premier Account Manager Reach In-Market Auto Shoppers
  2. 2. What is a GeoFence?  Invisible Fence  Receiver  Ad ID Capturing It’s a Virtual Barrier that uses GPS to define geographical boundaries.
  3. 3. GeoFence Barriers Competitors Lots Event Centers Parking Lots Zip codes
  4. 4. How and Where the Ads are Served • Ad serving initiation • Browser and In app display • Ad serving frequency • Ad serving completion
  5. 5. Styles and Types of Banner Ads
  6. 6. Tracking and Reporting Impressions Click-Thrus Actual lot visits
  7. 7. Registered Showroom Visits We track store walk-ins specifically generated from your Geo-Fence Campaign *One or more locations can be specified for tracking
  8. 8. Estimate Your ROI GeoFence cost is a $14 CPM. Click-Thru Rate = .6 - .8% $4,000 spend = 285,714 impressions = 2,000 estimated click-thrus.
  9. 9. Estimate Your ROI What is your current advertising cost per car sold? What percentage of web site visitors turn into leads? What percentage of these leads turn into store visits? What is your dealership’s closing percentage for total store visits?
  10. 10. Does This Make Sense? The Math: • 2,000 x % of your site visits that turn into leads = leads • Number of leads x % of site leads that turn into store visits = visits • Visits x your store’s closing % = cars sold • $4,000/ number of cars sold = advertising cost per car Is the cost per car sold at or lower than your current cost per car?
  11. 11. Getting Started is EASY! 1. Decide on your budget 2. No long term commitments 3. Create your competitor list 4. Provide banners 5. Two business-day activation
  12. 12. Thank You.  For More Information:  Visit  Call our office @ 877-811-8107