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  • Did you know that the three letter word "run" has over 645 meanings in the English Language? Astounding! A clock runs, but so does a jogger, yet the meaning is very different. You can run a fever, run amok, get a run in your hose, run your mouth, run for office, get the run around, run someone down verbally, or with your car for that matter, and have your nose run all in a single day and not repeat the meaning of the word run while doing it, sorry for the run-on sentence.
  • DealerRater ATAE presentation July 22

    1. 1. Ryan Leslie Director of Dealer Reputation Strategy-DealerRater The Proof is in the Numbers Reviews Drive Business
    2. 2. Can you give a definition of the word RUN?
    3. 3. Agenda Where we’ve been… Where we are… Where we are going
    4. 4. A quick story from NADA 2013… …”do you do reputation management?”
    5. 5. Reputation: : the common opinion that people have about someone or something : the way in which people think of someone or something
    6. 6. Reputation Management: : the act or process of controlling and dealing with the common opinion that people have about you
    7. 7. What is the “common opinion” of car salespeople…
    8. 8. “Car salespeople have been at the bottom of the list every year except 2011, when they tied members of Congress with a 7% honesty rating. Car salespeople's perceived honesty has never climbed out of the single-digit range in the history of the list.” -Gallup
    9. 9. Today’s Consumer... 75% of all in-market consumers conduct research on the internet before walking into a dealership (JD Power) 89% of car buyers go online to verify recommendations before purchasing a vehicle (Cone Study 2011) 4 out of 5 consumers do not move ahead with a purchase based on negative online reviews (Cone Study 2011) 59% of auto shoppers said they feel more positive about dealers who respond to negative comments (2013 Ford Direct study)
    10. 10. Why Promote 3rd Party Reputation? Online Consumer Reviews 2nd Most Trusted Form of Advertising
    11. 11. How are dealers using DealerRater Certification to help sales and service professionals overcome this negative perception?
    12. 12. Jeff King General Manager Bozard Ford, St Augustine FL Creating a Strong but Simple Reputation Strategy Starts with Training
    13. 13. Jeff King General Manager Bozard Ford, St Augustine FL Creating a Strong but Simple Reputation Strategy Establishes Process
    14. 14. Creating a Strong but Simple Reputation Strategy Monitors for Mentions
    15. 15. Creating a Strong but Simple Reputation Strategy Leverages the Positive
    16. 16. Concentrate on SERP 1 What review sites are consumers finding on Page 1?
    17. 17. Decide and Conquer  Vast majority of Search Traffic comes from Dealer Name- based Search. ◦ 65% of search traffic is Directory Search (Georgetown Kia) vs. ◦ 35% of search traffic is Keyword Search (Kia Dealers, Toronto) ***2013 reported at JDPower March 2013 Conf. Keyword Versus Directory Searches
    18. 18. Promote 3rd Party Reputation Everywhere! • 3rd Party Breaks Down Barriers of Mistrust •Differentiate from Competition
    19. 19. Promote 3rd Party Reputation Everywhere! Print & Online Ads Service Lounge Monitors
    20. 20. Promote 3rd Party Reputation Everywhere Because Reviews Drives Business! •Radio •Television •Online Advertising •Print •Billboard Online Print
    21. 21. Drive Individual & Dealership Awareness on Social Networks •Socialize Reputation •Be Top of Mind
    22. 22. • The meet and greet happens online, NOT in the store • Personal/Professional Bio • Links to 3rd Party Content Create employee buy-in
    23. 23. Create Employee Buy In •Engage entire staff •Recognize Top Rated Employees Weekly •Drive Competition and Recognition
    24. 24. Promote 3rd Party Reputation Everywhere! •Website Staff Pages •Employee Email Signatures
    25. 25. Follow Up Email Templates/Email Signatures •Engage Every Unsold Prospect •Powerful 3rd Party 1st Impression
    26. 26. Building Today’s On/Offline Evidence Manual Print Out and Promote 3rd Party Reviews Break down the barriers of mistrust!
    27. 27. Competition + Recognition = More Quality Appointments “Google Me”
    28. 28. The video I showed in the meeting was a conglomeration of the following: How important is an online greeting? How do you leverage reviews for competitive gain? How do reviews support the Evidence Manual? How do reviews help book more sales appointments? How are reviews integrated into your dealer culture and sales process? Do reviews really work? Jim McGinn Germain BMW Naples, FL Kurt Lytle Universal Kia Franklin, TN Booking More Appointments & Breaking Down Barriers Megan Barto Ciocca Honda Harrisburg, PA
    29. 29. 2012 Polk Study Background  Polk was requested by DealerRater to conduct a study evaluating: 1. How franchised dealership star ratings affect sales performance 2. How various levels of participation in DealerRater’s Certified Dealer Program affect sales performance  Goal was to investigate assumptions about star ratings and the Certified Dealer Program
    30. 30. Study Methodology  DealerRater provided Polk with industry database file (including DealerRater certified dealers and other dealerships)  7,784 dealers in the sample set ◦ DealerRater data elements included:  Dealer ratings  Certified dealer date & certification type  Reviews  Usage of DealerRater tools  Jan-Sept 2012 vs. Jan-Sept 2011 & historical new vehicle registrations to 2009
    31. 31. 12.2% 14.8% 0.0% 2.0% 4.0% 6.0% 8.0% 10.0% 12.0% 14.0% 16.0% Dealers Rated 2 or Less Dealers Rated 4 or More % Growth Jan-Sep 2012 vs. 2011 Dealers with an average star rating of 4.0 or higher had a 21% greater increase in sales compared to dealerships with an average star rating of 2.0 or less Reviews Drive Business
    32. 32.  Certified dealers averaged a 5% increase after six months and an 8% increase after 12 months  360Certified dealers averaged an 11% increase after six months / 19% increase after 12 months Certified Dealer Program Impacts Dealer Growth * 360Certified dealers using all DealerRater tools 5% 8% 11% 19% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% % Growth After Certification Certified Dealers *360Certified Dealers
    33. 33. In other words, on average certified dealers sold 6 more cars per month in the 12 months after joining the program A Measurable ROI
    34. 34.  Certified dealers experienced on average a 23% greater increase in new car sales compared to non-certified dealers.  360Certified dealers who were fully utilizing the program tools had a 50% greater increase in sales compared to non-certified dealers. 23% 49% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% % Greater Increase in Sales % Growth vs. Non-Certified Dealers Certified Dealers *360Certified Dealers Outpace the Average Dealer *360CertifieddealersusingallDealerRatertools
    35. 35. Eley Duke Duke Automotive Suffolk, VA Jeff King General Manager Bozard Ford, St Augustine FL Note: Please click on either of these gentlemen to see the videos I referenced during the meeting.
    36. 36. Questions? For additional questions or information: Ryan Leslie Director of Dealer Reputation Strategy 800-266-9455 x 3562