Buying a Used Car: Important Recommendations to Avoid Lemon (Part 1 and 2)


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A car buying is one of the largest investments that an individual makes in the life, and as a consumer he or she always thinks about car values: reliability and safety of transportation. Unfortunately, a lot of used car buyers’ end up a vehicle purchasing that is not what they expected it to be.

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Buying a Used Car: Important Recommendations to Avoid Lemon (Part 1 and 2)

  1. 1. The Reliability Record Buyer’s Guide as the Window Sticker The Interior of the used car Under the Hood Engine oil of the used car
  3. 3. The Reliability Record The reliability-history is committed to help the auto buyers reducing a risk of the used car: Before to choose a used car, select a car model with reliability record Being an annual subscriber survey for Consumer Reports (CR’s), everyone will be provided by special real-world reliability information This reliability information can help to strict a car model selection Look into the best and the worst used cars for a quick reference etc.
  4. 4. Buyer’s Guide as the Window Sticker The American Federal Trade Commission obligate the auto dealers to find out and post a “Buyer‟s Guide” in every used vehicle. This guide will include: Trade information about the used car if is being sold „as is‟ or with a warranty Information about the repair costs that the auto dealer is obligated to pay If there were any changes in coverage, the Guide will provide you “before the sale” information Information override any different provisions in your sales contract If the Buyer‟s Guide says that the vehicle is covered by a warranty, the dealer must honor that warranty etc.
  5. 5. The Interior of the used car A cabin with impaired dashboard, missing knobs, handles, and buttons Shabby and frayed seat belts Used and worn pedals Very high mileage Discolored and fade carpeting, Electrical problems All these interior elements are signs of flood damage.
  6. 6. Under the Hood The engine, radiator, battery should be relatively grease-free Belts and hoses should be flexible and unworn Wet spots are the signs the leaking oil or fluids etc.
  7. 7. Engine Oil of the Used Car Keep the engine cool and check if all the fluids are clean, The oil level should be between the „full‟ and „add‟ marks Normal engine oil is brown or black, depending on when it was last change Check the transmission fluid dipstick right after the car has been driven for more than 10 minutes Leave the engine running and put it in neutral or park according to the owner‟s manual Inspect the fluid‟s condition and smell
  8. 8. Choice of a right and reliable used car can save you trouble about possible Lemon law issues sooner or later. The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian are designed to assist California consumers with all of their California Lemon Law, Dealer Fraud and related cases. To deal with the negligence and abuse of power towards the consumers, the law firm has vast experience in the automotive industry and has successfully recovered thousands of dollars lost by consumers.