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Greenway Dodge Scores Big with Dealer Reviews


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“In our market, potential customers can buy the vehicles on our lot in five other places at about the same price – we all buy them from the same place, after all,” said Ricky Lopez, Internet Director at Greenway Dodge in Orlando, Fla. “The thing that sets us apart the most is our reviews.” Learn how Ricky and his store are turning Dealer Reviews into more business.

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Greenway Dodge Scores Big with Dealer Reviews

  1. 1. Greenway Dodge Chrysler & Jeep Scores with Dealer Reviews Fostering a Review-Driven Culture from the TopDEALERSHIP PROFILE: When Ricky Lopez first came on board as the Internet SalesGreenway Dodge Chrysler & Jeep Director at Greenway Dodge in 2009, General Manager9051 E. Colonial Dr. Conrad Letson asked him what the store needed to do to stepOrlando, FL 32817 up its game. Lopez, a 10-year automotive retail pro, had a listGeneral Manager: Conrad Letson of ideas – and customer reviews were at the top. In his view,Internet Sales Director: Ricky Lopez reviews were fast becoming one of the most effective ways for dealers to differentiate themselves with car shoppers andKey Reputation Management Stats ultimately drive more sales and service business.• 4.7/5 stars on average with 225+ Dealer Reviews on “Potential customers want to know how you’ll treat them• 3x as many shoppers from in service, in the F&I department, on the showroom made purchases since the store’s floor – everywhere,” said Lopez. “Conrad got behind Dealer Reviews rollout me 100%, and that really set the tone.”• Customers have driven 90+ minutes to work with specific Greenway employees Lopez first worked with the service department to include based on reviews that mention their names. reviews in day-to-day staff activities, equipping them with comment cards and talk tracks created to drive traffic to theHow Greenway Does It dealership’s review sites. He also began training sales and• Buy-in from senior management F&I personnel on process and best practices, and he gave• Integrated into recruiting and training the dealership’s reviews more prominence on the homepage programs and on in-store signage.• Tied to performance metrics and compensation Perhaps the most important commitment from Letson,• Process implementation and recognition Lopez says, was his willingness to tie reputation management across all departments to compensation. Putting Money on Dealer Reviews – Literally Pay in the dealership world has long been tied to “hitting your numbers,” whether it’s short-term incentive plans that clear out stagnant inventory or bonuses dependent upon the number of repair orders closed. The role individual metrics and compensation play in achieving dealership-wide goals was precisely why Lopez advocated so strongly for considering reviews during the recruiting and training processes, but more importantly, incorporating review acquisition and ratings into individual pay plans.In order to receive a bonus, each salesperson at Greenway mustobtain three reviews per month – one of which must be on In order to receive a bonus, each salesperson at Greenway must obtain three reviews per month, one of which must be on On the service side, bonuses tied to ROs are released only when the department makes its reviews quota. Lopez also instituted SPIFF programs to get customers engaged in the success of their favorite salespeople and service personnel.
  2. 2. “For one contest we ran, I offered dinner for two at anice restaurant to the associate who got the most reviewsthat month,” Lopez said. “Customers were really excitedthat they were in a position to help someone take theirsignificant other, friend or family member out for aspecial dinner.”How One Negative Review Paid Off BigThe F&I process can take extra time for first-time buyers,so when one customer missed out on a used van he wasinterested in, he took to Greenway’s reviews pages tocommunicate his disappointment.“He was angry that the vehicle was sold, and hewarned other customers in his review not to shop withus because he felt that we lied and sold the car out fromunderneath him,” said Lopez. “It wasn’t true, but we stillreached out to him immediately and offered to put himin a better vehicle to make up for any misunderstandingthe situation may have caused.”The customer’s sister came with him on his returnvisit, and while Lopez wasn’t aware of it at the time,she and her family were in the market for a new vehicle.Greenway’s response to her brother’s complaint andthe store’s obvious commitment to customer servicegave her confidence to make a purchase of her own.“Negative reviews give you the chance to show future customers thatyou’re committed to making things right in the end.“We don’t mind if we get a bad review,” Lopez said.“Nobody’s 100% – if you are, people worry you’re writingthem yourself. Negative reviews give you the chance toshow future customers that you’re committed to makingthings right in the end.”Just Getting StartedAfter just one year of building their Dealer Reviews GREENWAY’S VOLUME-DRIVERSpresence on, everyone at Greenway has gottenon board, Lopez says, and the dealership has set a goal • Reviews landing page at ilovegreenwaydodge.comof acquiring a total of 1,000 reviews by the end of 2012. • Point-of-sale cards • E-mail template with links to review pages“In our market, potential customers can buy the new • Strong social media presencevehicles on our lot in five other places at about the same • Personal follow-up videos, created and distributedprice – we all buy them from the same place, after all,” for free via EyeJot.comLopez said. “Consumers want to know how you’re going totreat them, and most car shoppers are making decisionsbased on what they see online. The thing that sets us apartfrom our competitors the most is our reviews.” ©2012 Classified Ventures, LLC™. All rights reserved.