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Driving a Winning Online Reputation: Digital Dealer 2012


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Turning satisfied customers into advocates for your dealership brand

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Driving a Winning Online Reputation: Digital Dealer 2012

  1. 1. Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates for your Brand
  2. 2. Jack Simmons • Dealer Training Manager, • Over 35 years of automotive retail experienceConnect with Me:
  3. 3. 1. How reviews have changed the game – completely2. Identifying your fans and getting them talking on your behalf3. Integrating reviews throughout your operations to build volume and differentiate your brand4. Establishing a response process, including how to turn detractors into promoters5. Measuring your success and driving even better performance 3
  4. 4. Q. Was the money they saved on a new guitar worth 16.7M views of this video on YouTube?Source: Dave Carroll, YouTube
  5. 5. “You deserved better – a lot better – fromus last week, and we let you down. Nothing is more important thanregaining your trust.” – David G. Neeleman, founder and chief executive of JetBlue, in response to 2006 flight issues that left some passengers stranded on a runway for as long as 8 hours
  6. 6. Tweet Volume Source: Javelin Strategy & Research
  7. 7. Why: • Power given to the consumer, not the brand • No preferential treatment for bigger brands means a level playing field What they found: • Quality of content correlates with ability to influence Increase in revenue of 5-9% others’ behavior+1 = for independent restaurants Tip: Yelp is a great place to find a restaurant – are you focusing your efforts on where consumers shop for a car?
  8. 8. Visitors to are 5x more likely to contact a5x dealer with reviews. That factor jumps to 7x when that shopper is considering buying a new vehicle. Consumers who read reviews on are2x more engaged: they spend twice as much time on site and view twice as many pages. About Price isn’t everything – about 1 in 3 new-car shoppers believe that dealer reviews are “absolutely essential”1 in 3 on vehicle websites. Source: Internal Reporting, Online New Car Shopper Study, 2010
  9. 9. Tip: Don’t forget service! 91% of new-car shoppers say they want to read service reviews prior to selecting a dealership.Source: Internal Reporting; DriverSide/Kelton Research Study, April 2011
  10. 10. Share feedbackMonitor Listen to feedback across the Internet across the dealership Correct anyRespond Acknowledge and reply to feedback underlying issues at the store Deliver a positive Ask satisfied Ask customer experience customers to write a positive review Share positive Reward sales,Promote reviews with prospects service staff for success
  11. 11. The best way to manage risk is to start with an exceptional experience at your store.• Make a top-down commitment• Create a transparent, service- driven culture• Hire professionals with a record of service excellence• Create customer service experience at every touch point
  12. 12. • Free tools • DealerCenter • Google alerts • • TweetBeep• Paid tools • • Reputation Defender • BrandsEye • Radian6
  13. 13.  Know which sites allow a store response ◦ Dealer Reviews ◦ ◦ Google Places ◦ If it is not you, assign someone to monitor and respond to reviews Ensure you’re alerted to new reviews and can access the review sites
  14. 14. The Number of What to do if you get a Reviews negative review: • Drive review volume to outweigh the negative An The Credible • Take honest feedback toEducated Website Review Reviews Itself heart and improve • Respond in a way that shows other consumers you’re committed to making Balanced: things right Pros and Cons Tip: a few negative reviews make you more credible.
  15. 15. • Directly address concerns I’m sorry you had a bad• Take the conversation experience here at offline Simmons Automotive, and• Discuss “the facts” when I’d like to try to make you speak privately to things right. Please avoid a public debate contact me to discuss at• Remember that how you any time via e-mail at respond influences other, or shoppers call 312-601-5000.
  16. 16. I emailed twice about a It had rained the night car and got no response. before, and apparently they When I called and asked left the windows open in the about the car, he said, rain all night. "oh we sold it," and didnt suggest another car or see how else he could help me.First, the salesman triedto get me to sign a blank loan form... Instead of telling me it was broken, they duct-taped it back on and put the new tire on over it!
  17. 17. Use customer feedbackto adjust process• Take ownership of what went wrong• Correct staff issues• Improve service quality• Address policy issues
  18. 18. You’ll get caught, and it onlymakes it harder to recover. Don’t “buy” reviews Be wary of companies who promise to “clean up” your reputation Avoid having staff, friends and family contribute reviews 19
  19. 19. Question:How do you get customers to review your dealership?
  20. 20.  Mine your CRM database for review prospects ◦ Repeat buyers ◦ Loyal service customers Target happy customers at the point of sale Create collateral ◦ Website banners and buttons ◦ E-mail templates ◦ QR codes on in-store signage Tip: Some sites that have reviews, including, have electronic and printed materials available to you at no cost. 2 1
  21. 21. Greenway Dodge Chrysler & Jeep
  22. 22. Reviews Metrics  4.7 stars/225+ (since February 2011)  DealerRater: 4.7 stars/ 550+ reviews  Google Places: 4.6 stars/180+Greenway Dodge Chrysler & Jeep9051 E. Colonial Dr.Orlando, FL 32817 23
  23. 23.  Buy-in from top management Integrated into recruiting and training programs Tied to performance metrics and compensation Process implementation in every department
  24. 24. How GreenwayRewards: Bonus pay dependent upon review acquisition Spiff programs Recognition internally and externally Show staff how reviews help them build their personal brand 25
  25. 25. Campaign materials:▸ Reviews landing page at▸ Dealer Reviews form framed up on dealer website for a more consistent experience▸ Point-of-sale cards▸ E-mail template with links to review pages▸ Strong social media presence 26
  26. 26. In his videos, Ricky includes: ▸ Thank-you for recent purchase ▸ Reminder to leave feedback ▸ Directions for accessing his review pages ▸ His contact information Ricky also records reminders for upcoming sales and service appointments, all for free via Lopez, Internet Sales Director 27
  27. 27. How one negative review paid off: “We dont mind if we get a ▸ Vehicle sold during F&I delay bad review. Nobodys 100% – if they are, people worry ▸ Greenway reached out to try to youre writing them make things right; put him in a yourself." better model at a discount for his trouble ▸ Customer’s sister was so"We call the customer to see if impressed that she bought awe can make it right – they may new vehicle from Greenwayeither take it off or amend their herself!review." 28
  28. 28. Service RO bonuses dependent upon review acquisition. Service Managers see it as building their own personal brand.Greenway prevents bad online reviews bychecking in with customers while they’re in F&I –before they leave the store. F&I Bottom line: “If a dealer doesn’t think reviews are part of their business, they’d better save their money. They’re going to need it when they go bankrupt.” – Ricky Lopez, ISD, Greenway Dodge 29
  29. 29. Internet vehicle sales have increased 1,000% over the10x past three years. The dealership attributes much of this success to its reputation management efforts. Since incorporating Dealer Reviews into their sales3x and service processes early last year, Greenway now closes 3x as many leads. 90 Some customers drive as far as 90 minutes to work with specific Greenway sales and service professionalsMinutes based on reviews in which they’re mentioned by name. Source: Greenway Dodge
  30. 30. Thank You!