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Seventy-eight percent of people looking to buy a new car in the next year will use a mobile device in their process. Jack Simmons, dealer training manager at, is sharing with you new data on the growth of mobile commerce and how today’s car shoppers are using the mobile web to drive their shopping process both on and off the lot.

Dealers and managers need to be able to implement marketing campaigns and sales processes to effectively reach and convert mobile shoppers. Do you know how to establish your store’s mobile presence? Learn to develop a mobile marketing plan to be able to apply best practices for using mobile as part of the sales process.

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  1. 1. Winning With MobileSelling to the Smartphone Generation
  2. 2. About MeJack Simmons • Dealer Training Manager, • Over 30 years of automotive retail experienceConnect with Me:  email:
  3. 3. Our Objectives • Understand the mobile audience Who? and learn how shoppers are using mobile devices • Build a mobile game plan for How? your store to reach and connect with the mobile shopper • Engage mobile shoppers and Wow! build process to drive more sales
  4. 4. Who is Generation Smartphone?
  5. 5. A Large and Growing MarketeMarketer, February 2011
  6. 6. Car Shoppers Plan to Use Mobile 78% of people looking to buy a new car in the next year indicated that mobile will have a role in their car purchase process.Greystripe 2011
  7. 7. Survey In May 2011, partnered with Nielsen to conduct an online survey of mobile car shoppers. • The study involved more than 1,600 respondents who either purchased a car in the past 6 months or are planning to purchase one in the next 6 months • Respondents used their smartphone, advanced feature phone and/or tablet in the vehicle shopping process
  8. 8. Mobile Shoppers Are… Household Income Age 62% 25-34 14% 17% 35-44 30% 24% <$50K $50K-$150K >$150K18-24 9% 45-54 18% Nearly half have 55+ 20% kids under 18 …Younger, More Affluent and Building a Mobile Web and App Usage for Automotive Shoppers (Source: Nielsen)
  9. 9. A Valuable Audience Key Decision Makers • All Mobile Car Shoppers play some role in the purchase decision, with the majority making the final decision • 63% will make the final decision Ready to Buy • Most shoppers who intend to purchase a vehicle will do so within 4-6 months – 55% • 33% will purchase within 3 months New Car Intenders • Most Mobile Car Shoppers are in the market for a new vehicle rather than used or certified pre-owned • 43% plan to purchase a new Mobile Web and App Usage for Automotive Shoppers (Source: Nielsen)
  10. 10. Smartphones Dominate Shopping 83% of mobile car shoppers have a 28% use a tablet smartphone Types of Devices Owned Base: All Respondents (n=1647) Note: device ownership 97% is not mutually exclusive 83% 73% 44% 28% 32% 28% 15% Smartphone Mobile Phone Tablet PCs Desktop or MP3/portable Handheld E-book Basic Mobile with advanced Laptop media player gaming device readers Phone features Mobile Web and App Usage for Automotive Shoppers (Source: Nielsen)
  11. 11. Where Do Shoppers Go Mobile? 92% at home 66% at the office 38% in the bathroom 60% of recent purchasers used On the go: their device on the • 64% outside dealership lot! • 59% at a restaurant, café or bar • 54% waiting in Mobile Web and App Usage for Automotive Shoppers (Source: Nielsen)
  12. 12. Building Your Mobile Game Plan
  13. 13. Mobile Shoppers Likely to Use Dealer SiteseMarketer, October 2010
  14. 14. Yet Only Small Percent DelivereMarketer, October 2010
  15. 15. Win the Sale by Going Mobile• Develop Mobile Websites and Apps  Create a mobile-ready version of your dealership website  Gain a competitive advantage by giving your customers the option of searching your website via their mobile phone.  Allow customers to view your inventory, see detailed vehicle listings, complete lead generation forms, or click-to-call your dealership.
  16. 16. Mobile Web Dominates Apps Frequency of Using Automotive Apps and Websites All Mobile Car Shoppers (n=1647), Males (n=832), Females (n=815) Automotive Apps on 5% 18% 14% 20% 43% Mobile Device All Mobile Car Shoppers Automotive Websites 8% 31% 27% 31% 2% on Mobile Device Male (Apps) 6% 19% 16% 20% 39% Automotive Apps of Mobile Device Female (Apps) 4% 17% 12% 20% 47% Male (Web) 9% 32% 27% 30% 3% Automotive Websites of Mobile Device Female (Web) 8% 30% 28% 33% 2% Every Day At Least Once a Week At Least Once a Month Less than Once a Month Mobile Web and App Usage for Automotive Shoppers (Source: Nielsen) Q. How often did you use/have you used the following on your mobile device to find information or research for your most recent/in your current vehicle shopping process?
  17. 17. Those who use both prefer apps Preference: Automotive App Vs. Website Used Both Mobile Apps and Mobile Web on Phone (n=62), Used Both Mobile Apps and Mobile Web on Tablet (n=39) Automotive App vs. Web Usage on Mobile Device for Vehicle Shopping All Mobile Shoppers (n=1647) 23% 26% 23% 41% Web App 55% 98% 57% 55% 33% On Mobile Phone On Tablet Prefer using downloadable automotive apps Prefer using automotive websites No Mobile Web and App Usage for Automotive Shoppers (Source: Nielsen) Q. You mentioned that you have used both Automotive apps and Automotive websites on your mobile phone/tablet PC in the past 3 months. Do you prefer using downloadable Automotive apps or Automotive websites on your mobile phone/tablet PC? Q: How often did/do you use the following on your mobile device to find information or research for your most recent/current vehicle shopping process?
  18. 18. What Mobile Features Are Most Important? Mobile Activities All Mobile Car Shoppers (n=1647) Mobile Activities View photos 77% Find dealership info 76% Compare vehicle prices 71% Search new/used listings 67% Read expert/ consumer vehicle reviews 63% Evaluate how much car is worth/trade-in 60% values Read dealer reviews 51% Contact dealer via email 41%Q. In your most recent vehicle shopping process, which of the following did you do on your mobile device within the automotive apps or websites you visited?
  19. 19. Opportunities for Dealer Sites and Apps Additional Desired Features on Automotive Apps/Mobile Websites All Respondents (n=1647) •“Specific info including options available and their costs” 8% •“Price comparisons for similar types of cars” 6% 6% 6% 4% 3% 1% 1% 1% Easier to Faster Speed View/ Compare Price Info/ Better Easier to Discount Info Loan Info More Reviews Use/Navigate Specifications Comparisons Pictures/Videos Compare Cars •“I would like better layouts and more options” •“A greater emphasis on comparative shopping” •“They currently lack good mobile web interfaces that are easy to read •“Easier way to compare vehicles” and navigate”Q32. What types of features are currently missing from current automotive apps/mobile websites? Which additional features would make your shopping experience better?
  20. 20. Wow: Engage Mobile Shoppes
  21. 21. Mobile Coupons
  22. 22. Connect with Text Calls vs. SMS 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 male female 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ # of calls made/received # of SMS sent/receivedSource: The Nielsen Company, Mobile Media Insights, Q4 2010
  23. 23. Send to Phone• Alert buyers to your inventory options that meet their needs
  24. 24. Build Confidence on the Lot • Use QR codes to make it easy for mobile shoppers to connect with information that prepares them for purchase
  25. 25. Fuel Decision Making With InstantAccess to Reviews25
  26. 26. “Smart” Customer Service • Use mobile services to enhance customer service by allowing customers to:  Check in for service on a smartphone  Approve service quotes and pay bill directly from a mobile device  Sign up for alerts for maintenance, recalls, warranty expiration and notifications  Your Vehicle is Ready”  “Your Special Order Part is in”  Receive service special alerts
  27. 27. Arm Your Staff for Sales Success • Provide your sales staff with mobile tools:  Boost productivity  Connect with customers  Be transparent with the process
  28. 28. Top Mobile Apps for Dealers • Variety of dealer focused mobile tools to manage every aspect of your business on the lot and away from the store:  Inventory management  Lead response  Mobile chat  Appraisals  Vehicle history reports  CRM
  29. 29. QUESTIONS?
  30. 30. THANK YOU!