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Beyond Listings- Drive Sales with a Comprehensive Online Presence


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Because every used car is unique, shoppers want to know what makes the vehicle special before they contact you about an appointment. This webinar examines the sales and merchandising tactics – beyond listings – that create additional branding and exposure for your store and set you apart from competitors. For the full audiovisual presentation, visit

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Beyond Listings- Drive Sales with a Comprehensive Online Presence

  1. 1. Welcome: We’ll Begin at Noon ET • To hear the audio portion for today’s webinar: • Turn up your computer speakers • Use a pair of headphones • Having audio problems? • Request a toll-free dial-in number for the WebEx teleconference1
  2. 2. Beyond ListingsDrive Sales with a ComprehensiveOnline Presence
  3. 3. Welcome • Have a question? Need our attention? • Enter your question or comment by clicking on the question mark in the lower right corner of the WebEx browser • Tweeting today’s call? Use #dalive. • Want a recording of today’s presentation? • Visit on Monday3
  4. 4. Webinar Audio • To hear the audio portion for today’s webinar: • Turn up your computer speakers • Use a pair of headphones • Having audio problems? • Request a toll-free dial-in number for the WebEx teleconference4
  5. 5. Today’s Moderator Jack Simmons • Dealer training manager, • 25 years automotive industry experience • Connect with Jack:
  6. 6. Today’s Panelist Andrew DiFeo • General manager • Hyundai of St. Augustine • St. Augustine, Fla.6
  7. 7. Today’s Panelist Shaun Kniffin • Director, Internet sales and e-business development • Germain Motor Co. • Columbus, Ohio7
  8. 8. Today’s Objectives In today’s workshop, we’ll discuss how: • Banner advertising raises your dealership’s profile and the visibility of your Internet listings. • Chat, mobile and video provide deeper engagement with online shoppers. • Inventory specials open your inventory and increase the likelihood of a sale.8
  9. 9. Listings Start the Conversation • Fully merchandise your inventory with • Multiple photos • Descriptive sell copy • Competitive price • Connect with online car buyers • Email • Telephone • Walk-in visits9
  10. 10. Influencing Consideration Differentiating your store may require new strategies • More than 2 million listings competing for shoppers attention • 16,000 dealers • Specific search criteria helps buyers filter results faster and more effectively than ever10
  11. 11. Beyond Listings: Build Your Brand Banner advertising: • Allows dealerships to brand the store and promote specific make/model, inventory options • Raises top-of-mind brand, store awareness as car buyers scan search results pages • Drives click-throughs to your listings, store website11
  12. 12. Beyond Listings: Promote Specials • Specials help minimize aged inventory • Viewed by 68 percent of walk-in visitors using Cars.com1 • 41 percent of third-party site users viewed videos before visiting a store1 • Open your new-, used-vehicle listings • 72 percent of walk-in visitors using view full inventory112 1 Value of Third-Party Sites to Dealer Walk-In Traffic, Synovate 2008
  13. 13. What Works: Germain Inventory specials • Drive listings visibility on group websites and third- party sites • Increases awareness on search results pages and boosts vehicle details page views13
  14. 14. What Works: St. Augustine Inventory specials • New since March 2010 • Used since May 2008 • Feature specials on own site and third-party sites • Specials drive 10% to 15% additional click-throughs • Featured vehicles turn 20% to 30% faster • Boosts listings visibility on search results pages14
  15. 15. Beyond Listings: Connect with Chat Chat creates a fifth contact channel with your third-party listings • Clicks to your website • Email • Telephone • Walk-in visits • Chat15
  16. 16. Reach New Buyers With Chat Some shoppers prefer chat • Provides quick access to the information they want (e.g., availability, condition, price) • Protects their anonymity • One in four adults sends more instant messages than email1 • 90 percent of people use IM at home; 20 percent from work216 1 AP/AOL Instant Messaging Survey, 2007 2 AOL/Opinion Research, 2007
  17. 17. Win the Sale With Chat • Be available, respond in your own words • Build excitement • Answer shoppers’ questions, get their Car buyer chat requests are most common between noon and contact information 4 p.m. during the week, when shoppers are at work and can’t use the company phone or email system. • Qualify shoppers to open your inventory • Take the conversation offline to win the deal Source: Contact At Once! LLC, February 200717
  18. 18. What Works: Germain Launched chat in May 2010 on Germain sites and with listings • Sales and service requests managed through the group’s 14-person BDC • Initial results: • 70% appointment-kept* • 54% of kept appointments bought a car* • 3% of Internet business* * As of June 2, 201018
  19. 19. What Works: St. Augustine Launched chat in May 2010 with a services provider • 90% of chat requests come from new prospects* • 22.6% closing rate* • Agents obtain the shopper’s name, email address and phone number and set the appointment • Dealership salesperson confirms the appointment * As of June 2, 201019
  20. 20. Beyond Listings: Mobile Mobile technology: • Connects you with on-the-go buyers • 1 in 3 people in the U.S. use the mobile internet1 • 1 in 4 people in the U.S. use the mobile internet regularly1 • Up 92 percent from 2006 • The mobile internet user base is increasing • 400,000 people per month. 1 • Allows car buyers to contact you, locate your store, search your listings20 1 Critical Mass: The Worldwide State of the Mobile Web, Nielsen Mobile, July 2008
  21. 21. Connect with Texting “Send to Phone” text messaging • Text options that may be a better match • Allows you to take the initiative in contacting in- market shoppers • Consumers will use texting when shopping21
  22. 22. What Works: Germain Corporate mobile site: • Provides car buyers with 24/7 access to the dealer group’s complete inventory • Allows shoppers to locate stores with the car they want, obtain contact information • Connects customers with search tools to quickly identify vehicles that meet their needs22
  23. 23. Beyond Listings: Video Fully demonstrate your cars, showcase your store • 63 percent of shoppers who viewed video said it influenced their decision to visit the dealership* • 59 percent of dealers were estimated to be using video in 2009** • 41 percent of car buyers searched YouTube***23 * Value of Third-Party Sites to Dealer Walk-In Traffic, Synovate 2008 **Source: The Kelsey Group, 2008 *** Google, 2008
  24. 24. Video Sells the Car • Walk-around videos should demonstrate: • Condition • Standard equipment • Unique features • Personalizing the video builds rapport View this video at • Make a call to action, invite the customer to contact you24
  25. 25. Video Sells the Store • Provide reasons to buy from your dealership: • Extensive inventory • Convenient location • Financing opportunities • State-of-the-art facilities View this video at • Business philosophy • Community reputation • Ask happy buyers for video testimonials25
  26. 26. What Works: Germain • Developed videos that showcase • Inventory • New-model introductions • Sales, service • Specials • Used-car pricing • Use videos on dealership sites, third-party listings sites, YouTube channel • Average 20 views/video26
  27. 27. What Works: St. Augustine • Added video in May 2010 • Demonstrate the vehicle • Brand the dealership • Increase listings visibility on search results pages and drive more vehicle details page views • Boost average time on the dealership website • 50% increase from 1 minute to 1.5 minutes27
  28. 28. Review • Banner advertising builds your store’s brand and helps you create top-of-mind awareness. • Inventory specials minimize aged listings and encourage car buyers your other stock. • Chat connects you with buyers who might not contact you through email, phone or a visit. • Mobile puts your cars in front of on-the-go shoppers. • Video lets you fully merchandise your store, listings.28
  29. 29. Save the Date July DealerADvantage Live • Small Screen, Big Sales • July 9 • Noon EDT • Host: Kathy Kimmel, director of training29
  30. 30. Resources for Online Success DealerADvantage • DealerADvantage blog: Read and discuss articles, videos and news that drive your success • DealerADvantage Live: Free monthly webinar offers advice on internet sales, marketing • Facebook: Share, discuss internet sales, merchandising • Twitter: Get a daily online sales, merchandising tip
  31. 31. Questions & AnswersThank You & Good Luck