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  • Thank you for participating in our first So You Want to Be a CPLP information session!
    We appreciate your interest in the certification.
    Since it is our first webinar, we thank you in advance for your patience in helping us make this a success.
  • I hope you know why you’re here. Just to remind you of the purpose of this webinar, you’re here to
    Seek answer to your questions regarding certification
    You’re also here to learn about what it takes to attain CPLP certification
    Hopefully, by the end of this webinar, you will have enough information to make a decision if you want to pursue your CPLP credential.
  • This is who we are…
    Tom Miller has been a CPLP for ______ years. He is the current Metro DC ASTD CPLP Program Manager and Study Group Leader.
    Tom Coffey was one of the inaugural CPLP credential holders….
    Deadra Welcome has been a CPLP since 2010 and serves as the Metro DC ASTD Director of Professional Development.
  • Now let’s find out a little information about you…Tell us where you are calling from.
    As soon as I grant you permission to draw…
    Use your rectangle box to locate your star. Click on the small triangle in the lower right-hand corner to locate your start. Put a star in the proximity of where you’re calling from.
  • Certification is…a voluntary process by which an organization grants recognition to an individual who has met certain predetermined qualifications or standards.
    A certification program is not the same as a certificate program.
    Certification Programs….
    -Designed to assess knowledge/skills/abilities in respect to pre-determined standards
    -Usually results in a designation
    Certificate Programs….
    Designed to emphasize learning events
    Typically results in a document that acknowledges course completion
  • CPLP certification…
    Creates standards for workplace learning professionals
    Helps elevate and increase the recognition of the learning and development profession
    Means that a certain level of eligibility has been attained
  • Why do I need it; what is the value?
    Some of the most common reasons to pursue certification include:
    Increases opportunities for career advancement and/or increased earnings
    Differentiator in a competitive job market
    Increases/validates skills and knowledge
    Supports continued professional development
    Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the field of practice
    Demonstrates high level of knowledge and skill
    Recognition by a third party
    Enhances professional reputation
    Communicates credibility
    Personal accomplishment
    Let’s take a look at the CPLP website to see how one CPLP explains the value that certification has added
    (Add the link to the weblink…Tnce on the site, scroll to the YouTube video… tell them…) I am going to give you about 3 minutes to watch the video…be sure that your speakers are muted…after 3 minutes, close the browser and you will be brought back to the webinar
  • Let’s talk about the ASTD Competency Model. Receiving the CPLP credential ensures that you have a baseline understanding and knowledge of the nine Areas of Expertise or AOEs is what they are commonly called.
    The bottom tier is the foundational competency set
    The middle tier are the areas of expertise or AOEs
    The top tier are the roles
    In addition to ensuring that you have knowledge of all nine AOEs, you also need to demonstrate that you can apply your knowledge of the designated AOEs.
  • Hopefully, we’ve answered your most important question…what is the CPLP Certification, but I’m sure you have others.
    To help us make this session more relevant to your needs, please take this poll…What are you most interested in learning about CPLP certification?
    What’s required?
    How much does it cost?
    How much time will I have to invest?
    How do I prepare?
    When is the test offered?
    (Debrief the poll by acknowledging those topics with the most interest)
  • Let’s take a few minutes to answer a few questions you have regarding what we’ve covered so far?
  • What do I have to do to get it?
    These are the steps that you need to take to receive your CPLP certification…
  • To determine your eligibility…
    you need to have at least three years industry-related experience in the learning and development field.
    ASTD recommends five years of experience
  • In addition to meeting the minimum eligibility requirements, you need to determine your readiness level.
    Assess your…
    Knowledge—Ask yourself…
    Do I have the appropriate breadth of knowledge in each of the AOEs?
    Do I know enough about what is required to go through the certification process?
    Work Product
    Do I have a work product to submit that meets the requirements?
    Does certification fit with my career goals?
    Am I ready to make the commitment to preparing for the knowledge exam and preparing my work product?
  • After you determine your eligibility and readiness, you will …
    register for the knowledge exam by going to the CPLP website that we navigated to earlier
    Once you’re registered, you then begin to prepare for the exam
    When you receive authorization, you can schedule your test date and location
    Now let’s talk about the test…
    150 multiple choice questions.
    Assessing knowledge application in 9 Areas of Expertise.
    For scoring purposes some areas are weighted more than others.
    No penalties for guessing.
    Taken via a computer at a one of the designated testing centers
  • Submission of work product in one of five available AOEs.
    Designing Learning
    Create a lesson plan
    Delivering Training
    Videotape a training session
    Measuring and Evaluating
    Create a report
    Improving Human Performance
    Create a report
    Managing the Learning Function
    Create a report
    Work product must be current.
    Provide answers to questions about project.
    Must obtain signed permission from stakeholders and participants.
    Independently rated by experts in the field.
  • You must receive a passing score on the Knowledge Exam in order to move on to the Work Product Submission phase.
    To evaluate the candidate’s ability to demonstrate competence in respect to one particular area of expertise.
    Submission is a sample or segment of work completed within the past three years.
    Work product package consists of a finalized work sample product, prepared responses to essay questions, and various release and permission forms.
    Candidates mail in packages for scoring.
    Scoring is done by trained CPLP professionals.
    You must submit a successful work product in order to earn the CPLP designation
  • It’s time for another poll question…which barriers prevent you from pursuing your CPLP Certification?
    Lack of information
    None—I’m going for it!
  • How much time will I have to invest?
    The key is scheduling.
    You can set aside 2 hours per week for 10 weeks or you can take a boot camp class and immerse yourself for a weekend.
    You’re in control of the time commitment.
    For me (Deadra) I took a prep course, which provided a 10-week schedule. An AOE was covered each week. Then, I took off for two days from work, Thursday and Friday, and reviewed/studied for four days. I completed my work product during my 2-week vacation.
    Tom M., what did you do?
    Tom C., what did you do?
  • How much does it cost?
  • There are only two eligibility requirements…
    Member in good standing with National ASTD and Metro DC ASTD
    Must be registered for the Knowledge Exam
    Application…(Read the slide)
    Once the application period has closed, we will assemble an application review panel.
    The successful applicant will receive 50% of knowledge exam cost once selected.
    The remaining 50% of the exam cost will be issued once the CPLP credential is attained.
    Recipients of the scholarship are required to submit proof of payment or exam scores.
    They are also required to complete 25 hours of service hours to our chapter.
  • Let’s take a few minutes to answer a few questions you have regarding what we’ve covered so far?
  • The method that you choose to prepare depends on your time, budget, and learning style.
    Metro DC ASTD Chapter provides virtual study groups. For those registered for the September Knowledge Exam, the study group will begin _______________. Provides resources and a support network of candidates and current CPLPs.
    Whichever method you choose to prepare for the knowledge exam, follow these three steps:
    Study, Study, Study
    Identify strengths and weaknesses
    Review, Review, Review
  • Testing windows have been established, four times per year.
    One testing window was March.
    Another one opens in May.
    The third testing window opens in September and closes in October.
    The last testing window for this year opens in November and closes in December.
    Each testing window has a registration deadline.
    In addition, there are deadlines for submitting work products.
    One work product deadline was for the March and May testing windows.
    The other deadline is February 22nd for those candidates taking the exam during the September and November testing windows.
  • What do I get as a result of becoming a CPLP™ Designate?
  • After I’m certified then what?
  • Where can I get additional information about the program?
  • How do I apply?
    Visit the link on the screen for instructions on how to apply.
  • If you have additional questions regarding CPLP certification, please contact either Deadra or Tom.
    Thanks for participating in this webinar.
    The information covered during this webinar is also located on the CPLP website.
  • So You Want to be a CPLP

    1. 1. So You Want to Be a CPLP! An Introduction to the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance Program (CPLP™)
    2. 2. Why am I here?    Answer your questions Build your CPLP knowledge base Help you decide if CPLP is right for you
    3. 3. Who are we? Tom Miller, CPLP Metro DC ASTD CPLP Program Manager Tom Coffey, CPLP Metro DC ASTD Moderator Deadra Welcome, CPLP Metro DC ASTD Director of Professional Development
    4. 4. What is does certification mean? Certification Certificate
    5. 5. CPLP™ Defined    A certification program for learning and performance professionals Broad based in scope Addresses nine areas of expertise (AOEs) as defined by the ASTD Competency Model™.
    6. 6. CPLP…A Value Proposition What’s the value in becoming a CPLP?    Individual Team Employer          Credibility Expanded knowledge & skills Roadmap for development Expanded career opportunities Standards for excellence Reference point for performance Increases retention Continuous improvement Enhanced organizational performance
    7. 7. ASTD Competency Model Areas of Expertise © American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). All Rights Reserved. For use by permission only.
    8. 8. Your Turn…
    9. 9. Questions???
    10. 10. CPLP Certification Requirements Step 1: Meet Eligibility and Readiness Requirements Step 2: Pass the Knowledge Exam Step 3: Submit a Successful Work Product
    11. 11. Step 1: Eligibility   Minimum of three years experience in the field Five years is recommended
    12. 12. Step 1: Readiness Do I have the appropriate breadth of knowledge? Is this compatible with my career goals and ambitions? Do I fully understand the program requirements? Do I have the right kind of work product to submit? Am I ready to make the commitment?
    13. 13. Step 2: Knowledge Exam 15% 15% 15% 12% 12% 9% 8% 8% 8%
    14. 14. Step 3: Work Product Five AOEs Designing Learning Delivering Training Measuring & Evaluating Improving Human Performance Managing the Learning Function Current Rated by Experts Answers Questions Permission
    15. 15. + Passing Score on Knowledge Exam = Successful Work Product Submission CPLP Designation
    16. 16. Your Turn…
    17. 17. Time Investment  Program takes approximately 6 – 8 months to complete:  8 -12 weeks for Knowledge Exam preparation  40 + hours for Work Product Preparation
    18. 18. Testing Fees After June 30, 2008 ASTD National Member Non-Member  $799 $999 Fee Includes:      Knowledge Exam Seat Knowledge Exam Score Report Work Product Score Report CPLP Certificate CPLP Lapel Pin  Fee does not include:     Study Materials beyond the test outline Study Group Support Traveling expenses to and from testing center Transfers, retesting fees
    19. 19. Metro DC ASTD Chapter Scholarship  Eligibility    Member in good standing w/National and Metro DC ASTD Registered for Knowledge Exam To Apply (April 30th – May 23rd)      Submit application Proof of exam registration Two letters of recommendation Resume Essay
    20. 20. Questions???
    21. 21. Preparation Resources       Metro DC ASTD Chapter Study Group Create your own materials Find resources on the internet CPLP Practice Test (pCPLP) Work in pairs or in a team ASTD Podcasts     ASTD Learning System ASTD CPLP Prep Workshop (online & ILT) ASTD Learning System Flashcards ASTD Certificate Program Workshops
    22. 22. Testing Schedule 15th through 6th Knowledge Exam Testing 22nd- Work Product Submission Deadline 9th through 8th Knowledge Exam Testing 3rd-RegistrationDeadline for September Exam 2nd-RegistrationDeadline for November Exam
    23. 23. Designate Recognition  CPLP Certificate     Recognized as an elite player in the profession Awarded the right to use the CPLP designation after their name Online CPLP Registry Invitation to participate in CPLP professional development opportunities Can apply for “CPLP Preferred” jobs CPLP Lapel Pin
    24. 24. CPLP Recertification Program     Three-year cycle Cycle begins the first day of the month after notification of CPLP success Designates need to accrue 60 points within the recertification period Points must tie directly to one or more areas of the ASTD Competency Model Categories Points Continuing Education 30 Speaking and Instructing 20 On-the-Job Experience 20 Research and Publishing 20 Leadership and Recognition 15 Professional Membership 15
    25. 25. CPLP Information Center .aspx
    26. 26. How to Apply
    27. 27. Questions???
    28. 28. Deadra Welcome, CPLP Director, Professional Development Tom Miller, CPLP Metro DC ASTD Chapter CPLP Program Manager